YSL vs. Chanel: Which brand is better?

Choosing between the best brands in the fashion industry worldwide is not easy; comparing them is even harder. YSL and Chanel are two of the world’s top-rated fashion brands with different levels of class and aesthetics. One thing they have in common is that they are luxury brands known for high-quality items catering to a particular audience. If you are considering choosing either of these two brands for your next shopping spree, you may want to read this first.

YSL and Chanel are both French brands and originated in Paris, and they have a similar style in their bags. Both have a rich heritage and reputable names in the industry, but choosing the best brand goes beyond the name. In this article, we will see what makes these two brands iconic, including their history and how they are different. By the end of this article, choosing between the two brands will be easier for you – considerably.

YSL vs. Chanel: History

YSL was founded in 1961 by Yves Saint Laurent; it originated in Paris, France. Before forming the fashion company, Yves Saint Laurent worked as a head designer in another high-class brand, Christian Dior. He formed his own fashion company after he was fired from Dior and began dazing the world with his boldness. YSL created bold designs like safari jackets, graphic dresses, and women’s tuxedos, which were unusual for that time.

YSL’s fashion creativity was inspired by the old-fashioned 20s, 30s, and 40s silhouettes; he revolutionized and modernized their looks. The brand aimed to produce luxury fashion for as many people as possible, making affordable yet high-quality items. In 1990, however, Gucci purchased the brand, and the radical fashion choices stopped bringing profits. Laurent died in 2008, resulting in a downward plunge for the brand – until Kering, its new owner, announced a massive rebranding.

Conversely, Chanel was founded in 1909, sixty years before YSL, by Gabrielle (nicknamed “Coco”) Chanel. Coco was an exceptional designer then and used this exceptionality to introduce her style and fashion to the world. She was all about elegance and comfort, style and functionality; she defied the fashion rules in her era. She created items that set trends, including tight corsets, purses you can only hand-carry, and impractical skirt layers.

Through her connection with wealthy clientele and her rich lovers, Coco established herself as an outstanding fashion figure. Women craved her designs because they combined style with convenience and stood out among other fashion items. Despite being the brand’s owner, she was hardly ever in control; nevertheless, the owner respected her natural taste. Even after Karl Lagerfeld took over as the brand’s head designer, Chanel’s legendary patterns remained unaltered.

YSL vs. Chanel: Which Has Better Style?

Chanel has designed many iconic styles; the brand has always been an initiator of new, liberating, and modern designs. The brand’s style has evolved, but the simplicity and charm have not been taken away. Coco Chanel is credited for bringing modernity to the fashion world, mixing functionality with elegance, and substituting flamboyance with simplicity. Furthermore, in Coco’s time, she used colors that were considered masculine, like navy blue and gray.

YSL, on the other hand, is a brand that proposes freedom rather than new style and fashion rules. YSL, the brilliant designer, is credited for pioneering cross-design in fashion, incorporating street fashion into modern haute couture. He blurred gender-specific designs and created a scissor-sharp fashion aesthetic, thus empowering individual styles of beauty and sensual ease. Saint Laurent would crossdress men and women, giving them similar chic pantsuits, urban safari gear, and luxurious tuxedos.

Black was rarely worn at the time, but YSL turned it into one people spotted daily. Furthermore, the brand’s bags came out when the world’s view of handbags was still being reshaped. YSL, among other fashion houses, translated the normal elegance in handbags into a much cooler aesthetic, giving fashion a darker-twisted sexiness.

Is YSL More Expensive than Chanel?

Chanel is way more expensive than Yves Saint Laurent; the former is one of the most expensive luxury brands ever. Chanel is not known to be gentle on its clients’ purses, and the brand keeps increasing its prices twice annually. For instance, Chanel handbags are twice more expensive as YSL’s; you could get two YSL bags if you sell one Chanel bag. Thus, if you cannot imagine spending up to $5,000 on a purse, even a designer, YSL is better.

YSL offers a more affordable range of items featuring quite democratic prices, which is why most people prefer it. However, Chanel’s higher price also gives it a higher resale value; you will have more luck profiting from selling a Chanel bag. Thus, if a higher resale value is one of your chosen criteria, Chanel might fit in best. Furthermore, there is an air of exclusivity around Chanel items, with its prices constantly rising.

What Are the Main Differences between YSL and Chanel?

YSL and Chanel differ in price ranges, materials used, exclusivity, and resale value. Starting with the price, YSL bags are priced between $1,000 and $4,690, while Chanel items retail between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the item. The similarity between them is that they both increase their prices regularly, but Chanel’s are way steeper. Chanel increases its prices twice a year, with some of its most desirable bags witnessing up to a 40% increase.

Furthermore, the materials used by these two brands are different, giving them different levels of quality. For instance, YSL uses calfskin leather with a durable grained finish and matelassé quilting in some. It also uses suede, denim, woven straw, and coated canvas, which is perfect if you are looking for varieties.

Conversely, Chanel bags are made from lambskin or calfskin leather with a smooth or caviar finish. The brand also uses goatskin, deerskin, denim, and tweed; the caviar finish texture makes Chanel’s bags highly durable. Also, if you want exclusivity, Chanel offers more than YSL; YSL bags go out of stock but are soon restocked.


Now that you understand the difference between these two brands, you can make an informed choice. If you want more affordable items with bolder, more daring designs, YSL is the best brand for you. However, think Chanel if you prefer items that not everyone has access to, giving you optimal exclusivity (and high price).

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