Your Guide About the Kate Spade Inside Bag Tag

Kate spade bags come with retail tags which are labeled on them. Tags are an easy way to tell real Kate Spade apart from fake. The tag has ‘Kate Spade New York’ inscribed on it. It could also be the bag’s country of origin tag; it is located in the interior pocket.

Do All Kate Spade Bags Have a Tag Inside?

All new Kate Spade bags have tags with different inscriptions on them. One of the easy ways to tell that a Kate Spade bag is real is by looking at the tag. The tag is sewn onto the Kate Spade bag’s interior with the brand’s country of origin.

Kate Spade bags made from 2000 upwards come with the inscription “Kate Spade New York.” If the Kate Spade bag is a part of a special collection, it should say something like “Maira Kalman” or “Decade” below the name. 

How Can You Authenticate a Kate Spade Purse?

Luxury brands being counterfeited is not a new thing; the consumers are usually at the receiving end. If you don’t want to be cheated from getting your beloved original Kate Spade bag, then you want to be sure it is the original. Below are ways you can tell a real Kate Spade purse apart from a counterfeit:

  • Kate Spade bags come with either an embossed label found mostly on leather purses or a fabric label. Embossed labels are found at the front of the purse under the handle or top center area. The fabric label on Kate Spade purses is directly stitched on them. Pull gently at the sides of the fabric; if it comes off or the bag’s sides peel, it’s not a real Kate Spade purse.
  • The label’s font and lettering should appear in lowercase letters, be evenly spaced, and be the same everywhere.
  • Check the material and stitching of the bag; the material should be high-quality leather with impeccable stitching.

Are Kate Spade Handbags Worth It?

Kate Spade bags are said to be worth their price, despite having been through a rough patch in recent years. Kate Spade bags are timeless-fashion and gorgeous pieces that accentuate any outfit or look. Kate Spade bags are known for their splurge of colors.

If you are a fan of colorful fashion, then you would fall in love with Kate Spade bags at first sight. Kate Spade bags come in highly secure and safe card, tissue, and plastic bag-style packaging. To get the full package of Kate Spade bags, it is recommended you get the bag directly from the brand.

Are Kate Spade Bags Made Out of Leather?

Yes, they are; Kate Spade bags are made with an exterior material called saffiano leather. Saffiano leather is an unmatched-quality leather that is hard to break.

Also, the leather doesn’t get dirty so fast because of its water-resistant and scratch-proof features. These features of the saffiano leather make the bags highly durable.


Kate Spade bags, made in 2000, come with tags with the inscription “Kate Spade New York” in lowercase letters. The tag also features the brand’s country of origin and is sewn onto the bag’s interior pockets.

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