Why Is Tory Burch So Popular?

Tory Burch is an affordable luxury brand known for producing exceptional quality handbags, among other things. The brand is regarded as a force of fashion and feminism, providing Millenials with what they look for in a luxury brand.

Where many brands are promoting their brands with varying levels of honesty, authenticity is something Tory Burch has never had a problem with. The brand’s owner, Tory Burch, has been ahead of the fashion curve since she started the brand.

Considering the tough competition in the fashion industry, many brands have fought tooth and nail to stay relevant. However, Tory Burch is one of the few on its luxury level to have achieved that feat effortlessly. In this article, we will consider why Tory Burch is so popular and what its large fanbase sees in it.

Is Tory Burch Good Quality?

While the quality of Tory Burch goods cannot match that of the top luxury brands like Gucci, it has excellent quality. Of course, Tory Burch wouldn’t be considered an “affordable” luxury if its quality matched Louis Vuitton’s because it’ll also be expensive.

However, as far as quality goes, Tory Burch puts its all into its products to give its customers the best. So whether you’re buying a Tory Burch cloth or dress, you’re getting exceptional quality at an affordable rate.

The blend of quality and affordability of Tory Burch goods is one of the reasons the brand is so popular.

Think about it; how often do you get your dream designer fashion product at an affordable price?

For example, the Tory Burch brand makes its bags with genuine, beautiful soft leather and top-quality craftsmanship. Tory Burch’s quality measures up to that of Chanel and Saint Laurent but at a much lower price.

Tory Burch has made a name for itself in the quality department for a fashion brand that only started about eight years ago. The products are made with quality materials intended to keep them going for a long time without losing form.

Is the Tory Burch Brand Good?

Tory Burch is popular among the masses because it offers the best luxury at half the original price. The brand started in 2004 with a mission to combine luxury with affordability, which is the goal of every new brand.

However, while other brands fell off the wagon, Burch remained on it, understanding the direction the brand was headed.

Five years after the brand started operation, Tory built the Tory Burch Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting women entrepreneurs’ empowerment.

The TBF (Tory Burch Foundation) is also known for its stand and advocacy of gender equality. However, understand that this foundation came into existence even before Burch became this popular, which reinforces the brand’s ingenuity.

Burch wasn’t only after the potential benefit of being the face of feminism; she was sincere, and everyone could see it. As a result, the profile and business of the Tory Burch brand grew and multiplied, with the foundation growing alongside it.

Tory Burch has a large following on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram; ambition keeps it going. While Burch may be considered “too common” by high-end fashion enthusiasts, its focus has always been on those at the lower end of the spectrum.

Tory Burch has excellence in the bag as far as this fashion group, and genuine fashion enthusiasts are concerned.

Getting to Know Tory Burch

Tory Burch founded the Burch brand in 2004 in New York City with a mission to empower female entrepreneurs. As far as style and design go, Tory Burch draws inspiration from her love for bright colors, travel, and the American style.

Fashion enthusiasts looking to spice their current handbag collection with color will find various options on the brand’s website. Tory Burch handbags and accessories are known for their bright colors; the handbags have the much-desired neutral staples.

Like every designer fashion brand, Tory Burch also embosses its logo on its products. When Tory first launched the brand, she created an emblem intended to be an element of graphic design.

The iconic double T logo was inspired by Moroccan architecture and bold graphics of the 60s and 70s. The Tory Burch Foundation, launched in 2009, provides female entrepreneurs with support, including financial, mentorship, and networking.

Many Tory Burch’s fans consider the brand preppy-bohemian because everything is easy to wear, effortless, and feminine. Although the brand is mostly known for its handbags and small leather goods, it also makes high-quality clothing.

Tory Burch deals in a wide selection of bags, accessories, and clothing, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Are Tory Burch Bags Expensive?

Tory Burch bags are generally inexpensive, but the brand offers handbags at varying prices. The style and materials used in making the bag determine and influence its price.

The most expensive Tory Burch handbag, the Lee Radziwill, is around $1,600; it is a woven leather double bag. Meanwhile, other bags in this collection retail at about $1,000; this style is the most expensive Burch offers.

Most of the brand’s classic handbag styles are priced around $500, including the popular Kira bag. However, Tory Burch’s affordable bags, including the Miller clutch, are priced below $400, with the cheapest being the Ella Mini nylon tote.

The Ella Mini nylon tote retails for around $180 full price. Meanwhile, you can purchase current season Tory Burch bags using discount codes and offers and save up to 20%.

You can buy Tory Burch bags at lower prices at outlet stores and during the brand’s semi-annual sales online and in-store. Most of the seasonal Tory Burch bags drop in price by 50%.


Tory Burch is a good, affordable luxury brand popularly known for its endorsement of feminism and women empowerment. Although the brand is still less than ten years old, it has grown in impressive popularity in that short time.

The brand is known to offer top-quality luxury at half and sometimes even less than half, the price with a style for everyone. Tory Burch is an excellent brand to invest in if you want the best of fashion at an affordable price.

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