Why is SSENSE so Cheap?

SSENSE is so cheap because the company is more of an online marketplace rather than a company that only sells products. The marketplace allows retailers to sell their content to SSENSE’s millions of visitors, but also allows the retailer to set the price. This has historically led to increasing competition and lowered prices on luxury goods.

SSENSE is not famous for being cheap, but it’s rather a perfect example of a website that is offering affordable luxury to anyone that is looking for it.

What Is SSENSE? Is SSENSE Legit?

Yes, SSENSE is legit, you don’t have to worry about it. In fact, the company has been online since 2003 and has been focusing on luxury brands, streetwear and extravagant brands from all over the world. It was started to challenge the status quo that was currently present in the luxury industry.

Today, SSENSE is shipping to over 40 countries and is still based in Montreal, Canada. They’re offering a wide selection of goods within the sports accessories, home equipment, men and women’s fashion and, most recently, launched a kid selection as well.

All items that are sold are real, however, these prices are, as we are looking for on this website, more affordable than many other places online!

If you still don’t believe me, check their Instagram, with 1 million followers. At this point, they’re having more than 13 million visitors each month.

SSENSE’s Luxury Pricing

SSENSE is a luxury platform and it can be pricy, however, you can find some deals that are awesome. Just a couple of weeks ago (in late summer), they had an 80% + 10% extra sale on everything on the website. They even hosted a private sale for all members.

Thereby, it’s recommended to sign up for their membership program, it’s free, to keep up with all promotions that are coming up throughout the year.

The best thing? If you find another retailer with a lower price, SSENSE will price match that item. If the item you bought a couple of days ago goes on sale, you can ask for a price adjustment.

What Customers Think About SSENSE

I had a look at different review sites to get a feeling of what customers really experience when they interact with SSENSE. I’m, in my biased view, have had great experiences every time I buy something. But I seldom return anything.

Out of the 35,810 reviews that SSENSE has on Trustpilot, 80% (!) are of excellent rating. 8% are bad, but the general average score is 4.5 out of 5. That is something. Customers are reporting that they got the items within 2 days of the purchase, that the customer service is helpful and that the products are of good quality.

The bad reviews mention that the items were delivered damaged and that an international transfer made the user lose money. A few reviews also mention that there were some errors in the items delivered and that they’ve had some issues with refunds. Customer service seems to be very active on Trustpilot to make sure that the unhappy gets the attention they deserve.  

There are a few companies that actually rank this good on Trustpilot, I’m happy to read that people, generally, are happy with their shopping experience. I’m also sharing that opinion.


All in all, SSENSE is a platform that offers customers affordable luxury clothing at great prices. It’s a different kind of player in the luxury industry, as it set its aspirations when the company started in 2003, to challenge the status quo in the luxury industry. We can see that on their website and whole branding. It’s loved by a lot of people, including myself, and hated by a few. Have a try!

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