Why is Louis Vuitton So Expensive?

Louis Vuitton has been named the world’s most valuable luxury brand. Those of us desperate to get hold of an iconic LV monogram bag, know that along with it comes a heavy price tag. The reason why Louis Vuitton products are so expensive can be down to the exclusivity of the item and the fact you’re investing in a handcrafted product made to last you forever.

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that has built a commendable reputation over the past 150 years. The brand initially began selling handmade luggage and is now one of the leading names in luxury fashion. The LV monogram is one of the main attributes to the success of the brand, a floral-like design that features an L interlocking a V, and is featured on their most in-demand products. The brand has a strong image to uphold and their prices must match.  

Louis Vuitton is manufactured to last 

Louis Vuitton goods are made in workshops located in Europe and the United States. The brand refuses to outsource their manufacturing to countries with low labour costs and poor working environments. 

When you buy a Louis Vuitton product, you’re investing in a piece that has been handmade by highly-skilled craftsmen. The skilled workers undergo a full year of intense training in Italy, before they are able to compose products without supervision.

The in-depth programme allows apprentice’s to further their skills in jewellery and watchmaking, atelier sewing and manufacturing of leather goods.

The price tag doesn’t cover the cost of the item alone. When you buy into Louis Vuitton, you’re paying for the time and expertise of the individuals that have pieced together each element by hand. 

The finest quality materials

Louis Vuitton maintains high standards from the get-go. The brand’s material library features an array of exotic skins, from Crocodile to Python, each material is hand-selected for the particular purpose and durability of the product. Their 

reputation for material choice and quality continues to grow stronger with each collection.

The brand is most well known for their luxury cowhide leather, which is initially pale in colour. This leather darkens over time adapting to the environment it’s in. This is not described as a defect of a product, but rather a unique feature that enables consumers to tell a real Louis Vuitton leather from a fake.

Strict Quality control

The relentless focus on Louis Vuitton’s quality doesn’t stop when a product’s last seam is sewn together. To ensure durability, the products must endure a strict quality control process that is carried out across four days. 

Louis Vuitton’s bags are filled with 3.5kg weights and must withstand being dropped repeatedly on the floor from a height of half a metre. Ouch. To pass the test, there must not be a single scratch or snag on the fabric – This is a true test of time. 

It’s not just the bags that have to encounter days of never-ending torture. The jewellery must undergo a rigorous test too. The on-the-surface delicate charm bracelets are placed on the wrists of mannequins, and repeatedly tugged and shaken forcefully again and again. 

A symbol of status

Louis Vuitton is profound for its exclusive allure and affluence. The fashion house has been a staple in the world’s most influential celebrity wardrobes. From Audrey Hepburn’s essential monogram carry-on bag to Khloe Kardashian eating pizza enclosed by iconic Louis Vuitton leather goods. 

Along with the brand’s elaborate marketing campaigns that are designed to emit an aura of exclusivity, many consumers buy into the brand as it signifies their status in society. 

Items gain value over time

 As one of the most prestigious luxury brands, Louis Vuitton is known for never discounting their products, this is to retain their value and exclusivity. 

A large number of the brand’s consumers are avid collectors of the products – In particular, the monogram bags. Typically, these items see a price increase of  3% each year meaning that bag you bought for £3,000 is worth £90 more every year. 

While most Louis Vuitton products will retain value and fetch great resale prices, it’s the limited edition collaborations that are most sought after. 2017 saw the brand’s most successful and unexpected collaboration with skateboarding brand Supreme. Four years later, this history-making collection is still coveted by collectors and reselling for premium mark-ups. 


Louis Vuitton is a brand that continues to evoke magnetism with each collection. The brand capitalizes on their desire and exclusivity. To own a Louis Vuitton product is to own something that is well made and highly sought after. Their products are so expensive as the fashion house aims to preserve their status for high-quality items that are designed to be capsule items in your wardrobe. 

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