Why Is Jimmy Choo So Expensive?

The Jimmy Choo brand is known for making cool fashion pieces, including bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. But, the products are also some of the most expensive; a simple striped t-shirt can retail for close to $1,000.

A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes with a few extraordinary features can retail for as high as 5,500 dollars. So, the question is, why does Jimmy Choos cost so much; is it because they can, or there’s a good reason?

Why should anyone spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on products they can get for much less somewhere else? Well, anyone will do this if they think they’re making the right choice.

However, several factors influence the high price of Jimmy Choo products, including the materials used, craftsmanship, and brand name.

The Reson Why Jimmy Choo Products Are So Expensive?

Jimmy Choo products are not as expensive as some higher-end brands in the industry, but they’re also quite expensive.

The question is even more warranted when you don’t see much difference between the same product retailing for far less. Below are some of the reasons we could gather that explain why Jimmy Choo products are so expensive:

Item Quality

While non-designer products may cost less than designers, they don’t feature the same quality – even if they look the same. The fact remains that designer brands have to maintain the integrity of their heritage, and producing high-quality products does that. The battle of which has the highest quality is a tough one in the fashion industry. So, the high quality of the materials used in making Jimmy Choo products is one reason they are so expensive.


 In addition to quality, designer brands like Jimmy Choo hike the prices of their items to make them exclusive. The prices are that high because they ensure the products aren’t accessible to too many people. Thus, to maintain its exclusivity and curtail the interest of the wealthy, Jimmy Choo raises its products’ prices.

Brand Name and Identity

The Jimmy Choo brand name is a household name in the fashion industry – one you pay to wear. It would naturally cost you to wear that bold luxury brand logo emblazoned on your t-shirt.

Because They Can

Sometimes, there’s no satisfactory reason why designer products are expensive other than that they can. Brands like Jimmy Choo are high-end; they have the power to sell their entirely ordinary tees for $1,000. Their customers will buy it because they prefer exclusivity in designer items over any other minor detail.


The production process of the items is another reason they cost so much; Jimmy Choo’s shoes are specially handmade. The manufacturing procedures of Jimmy Choo products are rigorous and time-consuming, and making them expensive makes up for that.

What Materials are Used in Jimmy Choo Shoes?

Hailey Bieber Stars in Glam Campaign with Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo shoes feature a wide range of high-quality and unique materials, including furs, feathers, and snakeskin. The brand’s founder, Jimmy Choo, has always been known to have unparalleled artistry where shoemaking is concerned.

In the beginning, he quietly went about the business of hand-producing shoes with the small company he founded. He was patronized by many stars that left reviews of the shoes saying they were comfortable and sexy. 

One thing that makes the Jimmy Choo brand so different is the materials it uses in manufacturing. The brand doesn’t use ordinary materials; it uses unusual materials for its footwear to produce the “wow” factor.

The choice of materials also has to do with the fact that they are easier to work with. Plus, the materials tend to dye better than others, which enhances the durability of the products.

One of the brand’s most preferred materials is snakeskin, mainly python and fish scales, besides the fur and feathers. The brand has even created shoes with real diamonds, like some of those featured in a one-million-dollar-worth Vogue photoshoot. The Jimmy Choo brand also uses luxury fabrics like suede, shantung, and satin in making its products.

How Did the Jimmy Choo Brand Start?

The Jimmy Choo brand founder, Jimmy “Chow” Choo (it turns out his name was misspelled on his birth certificate), started in 1988. The brand started when Choo built his first workshop in an old hospital building in Hackney, London.

Then, he began making delicate, handmade shoes in-house, which caught the attention of Vogue Magazine – a stroke of luck.

The high fashion magazine ran an eight-page story featuring Jimmy Choo’s shoes, which turned him into a sensation.

One of Jimmy Choo’s most notable customers is the late Princess Diana, who owned several pairs of shoes specifically made for her. She owned several pairs in the same design, although in different colors to match her wardrobe.

The report states that she was supposed to receive a pair of shoes the day she was tragically murdered. Jimmy Choo didn’t sell the shoes or give them away; he instead kept them in remembrance of her.

In 1996, Jimmy Choo partnered with Tamara Yeardye Mellon and started Jimmy Choo Shoes Ltd. Tamara Mellon was a fashion accessories editor at British Vogue Magazine and daughter to the creator of Vidal Sasson’s hair care line. 

They both ran the brand, with Jimmy Choo doing what he does best and Tamara running the operations. Soon enough, Jimmy Choo became world-renowned as a luxurious, beautiful, high-end shoe designer brand.

Are Jimmy Choo Shoes Really Worth It?

It is pretty ironic how Jimmy Choo can make stilettos and high heels so comfortable. That’s not something you experience every day – not with a designer brand, anyway. 

If you want comfort and style, you will find both in Jimmy Choo heels; they give you the best of both worlds. They may be more expensive than non-designer heels, but they feature better quality and detail. Jimmy Choo shoes maintain their integrity regardless of how many years you’ve worn them; their design is timeless.


Many people ask why designer products are more expensive than their non-designer counterparts, particularly when there isn’t much difference. However, designer products like Jimmy Choo’s feature better quality and are made with more exotic materials than non-designers. Jimmy Choos are expensive because of their high quality, superior craftsmanship, and unique, exotic materials used in making them.

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