Why Is Free City So Expensive?

Several reasons can cause a piece of designer clothing to be more expensive than normal, like the fact that it is a designer’s, for instance. Free City items are expensive because of the cost of production, their logo, and the exclusivity of their products. Furthermore, acquiring raw materials and processing them is many times more expensive for a designer brand.

Is Free City Expensive?

There are those who believe Free City is too expensive and not worth it. After all, you can get similar products from a lower-end store at a lower price. The quality of designer items like Free City’s is unparalleled.

Although those products cost lower, they likely won’t be as high-quality as Free City. Moreover, while it may seem like Free City uses ‘cheap’ materials, it is not that simple.

The materials and fabrication of Free City items are much more expensive than for lower-end items. The materials FC uses are nicer and, therefore, cost more. Also, because it is a designer, it makes items in relatively small quantities, producing about a hundred or less.

As such, the scale and economies are working against them. More so, the prices of designer items like those offered by Free City have been on the rise for years now.

Are Free City Sweatpants Worth the Money?

The comfort and fit of Free City’s sweatpants are two of their selling points. The sweatpants are especially loved for how they can be oversized without being baggy.

The sweatpants are beautiful, have a nice feel, with lightweight fabric and multiple pockets. They’re those pairs of clothing you can wear that gives you confidence. Free City sweatpants live up to their prices and the hype on them.

The sweats are reviewed as “amazing,” although they tend to appear larger than expected. Still, Free City sweatpants are designed with intentionality and attention to detail.

If you need cool, classy, and elegant items lining your cupboard or gracing your busy life, Free City sweatpants are it.

How Did Free City Come About?

Nina Garduno launched Free City about twenty years ago with a simple T-shirt. Today, the small brand has blossomed into a three-thousand-square-foot supermarket with a workshop more than twice the size. The idea for Free City came about on one of Nina’s trips to Copenhagen.

While she was there, someone suggested she visit Free City, which is also called Christiana; she did. While there, she discovered a spirit and life she always wanted to experience.

So, she launched a brand and named it Free City – because, she said, she wanted to always be Free City.

What Is So Special About Free City?

Although Free City is known for its comfortable sweats, the brand is much more than that. Customers can purchase sweatpants and other products online, but the brand is more about creating the super shop experience.

FC’s store becomes an entirely different show each October, based on different themes, from artwork to merchandise and sounds. Free City offers a different experience for everyone; what matters is what you take from it.

The items are a fine work of art – and very much worth their prices.


Free City is expensive for several reasons, including the cost of procuring and processing raw materials. Also, being a designer brand is enough reason for the high price; designer brands have been hiking their prices in recent years.

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