Why is Balenciaga so popular?

Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house and is one of the worlds most well-known names. Right now, they’re the talk of the world. In the past few years, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity, and have taken a spot on the list of the 15 most popular luxury brands worldwide.

The brand seems to draw in as much fascination and admiration as criticism, thanks to its bold marketing strategy and brand identity. 

But, what makes the brand so universally popular? From their strong affiliation with the worlds most well-known celebrities, their Avante Garde designs, to their collaborations with coveted brands like – the list goes on! 

Here, we talk about some of the main reasons why the brand draws in consumers and so much press. 

Their Avante Garde Designs

Balenciaga’s designs can only be described as truly Avante Garde. They’re most known for revolutionizing women’s fashion with never seen before silhouettes in the mid 20th Century – such as ‘the sack dress’.

person in black and white nike sneakers standing on brown sand during daytime

Even now, the brand is constantly shaking up the fashion world by curating new trends. The brand practically invented the ‘Dad Sneaker’ trend, with the release of their Triple S trainers, and the ‘Sock Shoe’ trend with their Speed Sock trainer. 

These styles were pretty much overnight sensations, and have been seen on the soles of every socialite worldwide.

Affiliation with celebrities

Even if you might think you’ve never heard of Balenciaga, you’ve definitely spotted their clothes and accessories being worn by your favourite celeb or influencer – and instantly craved to own that product too.

It seems like a plethora of celebrities swear only by Balenciaga. The brands biggest fans are the Kardashian clan – they also happen to be the most influential names in the world. If Kim Kardashian is seen in something, we too must have it!

Kim Kardashian has already been promoting the brand’s 2022 Spring collection over on her Instagram page.  In a post she captioned, ‘Balenci-baby’, she modelled the 5th look in the collection – which is actually the perfect choice for upcoming festivities.

The gown is drenched in black sequins. Worn with sleek black ski-like sunglasses, Spandex leggings, pointed boots and a sizeable ring, Kim’s dress racked up millions of likes in a matter of hours. 

The brand also has strong ties to Hailey Bieber, Rhianna and a long list of Instagram influencers – No matter who you’re following, you probably can’t get away from seeing the brand being modelled.

Luxury brand collaborations

November 2021 saw Balenciaga’s collaboration with luxury fashion house Gucci and is one of the most popular collabs the fashion world has ever seen.

The collaboration is known as Gucci’s ‘Hacking” of Balenciaga in “The Hacker Project”. The collection features traditional Gucci items such as the Marmon Bag, and the Double G belt contaminated with Balenciaga’s logo. 

Gucci is instantly recognisable, and the worlds most popular fashion brand. The affiliation of the two brands will automatically see the rise in popularity for Balenciaga.

Collaborations with Games

Until recently, fashion brands have only ever collaborated with other fashion brands. Balenciaga was one of the first to delve into a different dimension. They spiked in popularity when they announced their collaboration with the widely appreciated video-game, Fortnite.

The collaboration allowed players to virtually attain popular Balenciaga outfits and accessories – This introduced the brand to a whole new demographic and sparked major interest!

But, let’s be real – how long are you able to enjoy a virtual outfit? Balenciaga went one step further and launched the collaboration IRL too. Fortnite fanatics are able to buy merchandise from the collab in the form of the brands most popular items, such as the Fortnite jacket and the staple hoodie. 


Balenciaga is continuously reaching new heights of popularity. The brand represents modern streetwear haute-couture and is a massive hit with Gen Z and Millenials. 

Their strong affiliation to celebrities, like the Kardashians, make the brand instantly desirable.

Their collaborations with other leading names in the fashion industry give the brand a sense of exclusivity – limited-edition drops often bring along a spike in popularity for bands, and those who can’t get their hands on items often crave the brand even more than they did before.

Furthermore, the band are doing things that could be considered pretty unconventional. Their collaboration with Fortnite introduced the brand to a brand new consumer – one that may have never considered buying into luxury fashion before. 

To find out more about Balenciaga’s statement-making designs, check out their website.

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