Why Are Goyard Bags So Expensive?

The Goyard brand is one of the oldest in the fashion industry; it is a 200-year-old mysterious Parisian brand. The mystery around Goyard is intentional, and it is one of the reasons its items are as expensive as they are. The brand’s elusiveness contributes to its status symbolism, especially since mystery drives desire and desire drives curiosity and demand.

Goyard’s fashion items range in prices from $300 to $59,315; celebrities such as the Kardashians and Meghan Markle have been spotted with Goyard items. Goyard has maintained status and prestige in 200 years without running advertisements as luxury brands do.

Is the Goyard Brand High-End?

Goyard is one of the industry’s most mysterious luxury brands; it is a trunk-and-bag maker that has maintained status over the years. Goyard’s mysterious and impressive status is mainly based on its high quality and prestige, among other things. The brand is one of the most coveted in the fashion industry, particularly for how they’ve managed to stay relevant without publicity.

The Goyard brand started in the Mid-19th century as a family-owned business. The brand was renowned in Europe for its hand-painted Chevron patterns and custom-made trunks, which are instantly recognizable among fashion items. The brand now trains apprentices in France in hand-paint initials and images, which it applies onto fashion bags at a high price.

The Goyard focuses on more than heritage and legacy; it also focuses on functionality, making it an iconic fashion label. Goyard bags are lightweight, well-made, and easy to maintain; they are like an heirloom, which is why they hold resale value. The bags are an insider luxury bag, but one that doesn’t scream luxury.

The brand’s exclusivity and secrecy are contributing factors to the appeal their items hold for fashion lovers. Customers tend to gravitate towards timeless brands that are not focused on trends.

Is the Goyard Brand Better than Louis Vuitton?

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Louis Vuitton may be an iconic brand with a well-established prestige, but it has nothing on Goyard in the elite world. Even though Goyard isn’t as popular as Louis Vuitton, that’s exactly why it has more value. Goyard’s elusiveness and secrecy make it an ultimate symbol of status and elegance among the wealthiest people globally.

Goyard uses the silence strategy to gain and retain relevance in its over two centuries of existence in the world. It doesn’t do any advertising, celebrity endorsement, or e-commerce – and it rarely grants interviews; the brand thrives on secrecy. Furthermore, Goyard’s items aren’t as available to the mass market as LV is; in fact, it rarely makes products available to the mass market.

The brand believes true luxury thrives on secrecy and revealing too much of what goes on spoils the magic. The Goyard brand believes that whispering in someone’s ears is more elegant and efficient than screaming from the rooftop. Besides, everyone loves exclusivity – we want to have something only a few selected people have; that’s exactly what Goyard gives.

Moreover, high-end brands risk jeopardizing their exclusivity and losing their luster if they become easily accessible to the masses. Goyard operates under the radar, and this reputation poses as the pinnacle of indulgence for its customers.

How Much Do Goyard Bags Cost

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You can’t find the current prices of Goyard bags online, at least not on the label’s official website. The brand neither does online sales nor does it disclose the prices of its items on its website, via email, or over the phone. You can only get the price of Goyard items when you purchase them at the Paris boutique.

The least we can get is the price range of Goyard bags, which we’ve mentioned already, but for clarification purposes – between $300 and $59,315. Meanwhile, if you want to purchase a Goyard bag, you will need to go to high-end boutiques or select department stores. You can also get a Goyard bag from wholesalers or retailers.

You can find stores selling Goyard items in the US in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, and Beverly Hills. However, the prices for the totes will differ across all these locations and from store to store. Goyard bags come in different styles, and their prices differ significantly.

Saint Louis, Anjou, and Artois bags are the three most popular Goyard bags available, with significantly different prices all over. The bags feature two main sizes: the PM and GM; the GM is larger and more expensive than the PM. Goyard bags come in different colors, but they all feature the brand’s iconic chevron canvas design.

How to Authenticate an Original Goyard Bag

Goyard knockoffs are more available than the real bags themselves, which is not surprising considering the brand’s love for secrecy. Goyard bags are hard to find and very expensive, hence, the prevalence of knockoffs; these are even more online. We should give it to some Goyard knockoff makers, though; they make them look pretty close to the original at affordable prices.

However, there are counterfeits that also mimic the high price of real Goyard bags. Thus, if you are interested in the real Goyard bag, you can tell the differences through:

  • The bag texture – authentic Goyard bags are hand-painted, leaving a slightly bumpy texture on the painted surface area.
  • The bag linen – real Goyard bags are lined with expensive cotton or linen fabric, making them lightweight. If the bag is heavy, it may mean the lining isn’t cotton or linen and, therefore, not really Goyard.
  • The bag’s packaging – authentic Goyard bags don’t have plastic on their handles, and the handles do not have leather tags attached.


Goyard is a mysterious luxury brand that thrives on secrecy, confidentiality, and exclusivity. The brand doesn’t advertise its products; it believes exposing too much will create a stain on the luxury status. It is safe to say that Goyard isn’t accessible, which is one of the reasons it is so expensive.

The Goyard brand’s interest lies beyond blowing up and making massive amounts of money. It is more interested in creating the absolute best possible product the fashion industry has ever known. The brand’s products are high-quality, something it hasn’t compromised on even once in its 200-year-old history.

Goyard speaks timeless elegance, high-end craftsmanship, graceful silhouette, and exclusivity it isn’t ready to compromise on.

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