Why Are Brioni Suits So Expensive?

Brioni suits are bespoke products. That is, they are not products you find on the rack in just any clothing store. They are quality, meticulously crafted, and stylish suits. Brioni is practically a brand for the rich. CEOs, movie stars, business moguls, and sophisticated world leaders are passionate followers of the brand.

Where are Brioni Suits Primarily Made?

Brioni’s headquarters are based in Rome, Italy. Brioni suits are primarily manufactured in Italy. The brand specializes in the ready-to-wear apparel, leather goods, fragrances, shoes, and eyewear. In addition, the Brioni brand provides quality tailor-made services, also known as ‘bespoke.’

What is the Brioni Brand About?

Portoroz, marina. Predstavitev in splavitev motorne jahte Brioni 44. Predsednik vlade Borut Pahor. Foto: Daniel Novakovic/STA

Brioni brand is an infamous Italian menswear maker. It was among the top famous fashion brands in the first decades of the 20th century. Today, centuries later, it is still a brand much respected and valued by lovers of good fashion. The quality of Brioni wears is undeniable.

Although Brioni also sells off-the-rack wear, the soul of the brand is bespoke wear. The brand’s tailors, who are top-notch professionals themselves, usually travel around the world for three months yearly. They do that primarily to take measurements of prestigious personalities. Bespoke wears are an integral part of the enterprise. It is what it lives for, and its new owner ensures that focus is not shifted.

Who Owns Brioni?

The venerable Italian brand is owned by the French group, Kering, who also owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Bottega. It was, however, founded by the master tailor, Nazareno Fonticoli, and businessman Gaetano Savini.

Kering was rumored to have bought Brioni for $413 million. The group is somewhat responsible for the brand retaining its prestige. With tireless efforts, Kering is ensuring that Brioni is known in Asia, North America, and Europe – and succeeding.

Thanks to its new owner, Brioni is expanding its collection of leisurewear and accessories. It produces its material with sturdy, quality materials. The brand has had to go through a pretty rough patch. However, under the leadership of its new owner, it is steadily making a comeback. While it has come a long way already, Brioni is still a work in progress. But the group is confident that Brioni’s future is bright.

Is a Brioni Suit Worth the Price?

A Brioni suit is said to cost at least $6,000 and as much as $17,000. But are Brioni suits really worth the price? Considering the measure of effort put into making one Brioni suit, it is no wonder the suit is expensive. With what the brand’s tailors do to produce such impressive results on the suits, it makes sense that the suit costs that high.

Besides that, the Brioni brand is not known to make anything outside quality -. Its suits are incredibly stylish and classy. World-renown tailors design them. The suits never run out of style. While it certainly does not make sense to spend this much on a suit, the Brioni suit does give you a run for your money.


Brioni brand is popularly known for its bespoke – that is, custom-made suits. They are professionally made and of high quality. This kind of service has got to come at a cost.

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