Where is Kenzo Made?

Kenzo, a French brand founded by a Japanese designer, manufactures most of its products in Portugal and China. Although its name suggests otherwise, Kenzo barely produces anything in France and nothing in Japan. Kenzo was created by a Japanese designer who used his Japanese influence on the French’s way of dressing.

Is Kenzo Manufactured in Italy?

Yes, Italy is one of the many places where Kenzo established its brand. Kenzo manufactures some of its products, including scarves, knitwear, and some sweatshirts and shoes in Italy. 

Is Kenzo Made in France?

France is a country preferred by many luxury brands. A kind of confidence is instilled in a customer’s heart when they see ‘made in France’ or ‘made in Italy.’ There’s generally a good impression that is created when the brand is of French origin. You’d think the brand would major in its country of origin. But, except for its perfumes, Kenzo does not produce any other thing in France.

Does Japan Produce Kenzo?

No, Kenzo does not produce any of its products in Japan. This is surprising considering its founder is Japanese. It’s a common notion that a brand majors in either its or its founder’s country of origin. However, no Kenzo product is manufactured in Japan.

What Does ‘Kenzo’ Mean?

Kenzo is a Japanese word synonym for ‘healthy and wise.’ The fashion brand seems to live by its name because, since its inception, it has been nothing short of excellent and unique. Over 50 years in existence, and it maintains its spot as one of the world’s most patronized luxury fashion brands.

Who is the Owner of Kenzo?

Kenzo fashion brand was founded in Paris by Kenzo Takada, a popular Japanese designer, back in 1970. The brand is popular for its iconic tiger logo and Asia-influenced European styles. Its tiger logo stands out and is popularly seen on celebrities’ outfits around the world. Kenzo is currently run by a parent company, LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

What Products Does Kenzo Manufacture and Where?

Kenzo manufactures several things and in different countries. Its major production location is in Portugal and China, where it produces most of its products. Below is a list of some of Kenzo’s products and where they are produced:

  • Wears for men, women, and children are produced in China. Along with sunglasses, hats, caps, bags, backpacks, gloves, and belts.
  • In Portugal, Kenzo manufactures footwear, womenswear, and menswear.
  • T-shirts, dresses, scarves, and a few children’s clothes are produced in Turkey.
  • Sweatshirts, knitwear, one shoe, and most of its scarves are produced in Italy.
  • The brand produces backpacks, bags, wallets, caps, footwear, and belts in Vietnam.
  • Dresses, trousers and shirts, and a few of the children’s clothes are produced in Tunisia.
  • Kenzo footwear is produced in Spain.
  • Its fragrances are produced in France.
  • It produces one type of scarf in Belgium.
  • Kenzo also produces trousers, shirts, and dresses in Bulgaria and Romania.
  • It produces jackets and dresses in Madagascar and Hungary and only jackets in Slovakia.


Although the brand has its origin in France and its owners in Japan, Kenzo only produces fragrances in France and nothing in Japan. Rather, its products are manufactured mainly in Portugal and China. It also manufactures some of its products in Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Vietnam, Tunisia, and Madagascar.

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