Where Is Fendi Made?

Among the things, Fendi boasts of is the fact that all its products are Italian-made. Fendi produces everything, bags, shoes, belts, and so many other fashion products in Italy. One easy way to know if the Fendi product you have is authentic is the label. It is most definitely fake if it says anything other than ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘Fendi Roma.

Where is Fendi Manufactured?

Fendi manufactures all its products in Rome, Italy – there is no other known place where Fendi has a manufacturing base. In 2015, the Fendi luxury brand moved its headquarters to Rome’s Paazzo Della Caviltà Italiana, also referred to as the Square Colosseum.

The building was commissioned by Benito Mussolini, a dictator, in 1943 but later abandoned because of his involvement in World War II. Before the abandonment, the six-story building was meant to be a centerpiece. However, Fendi later had an 18-month renovation which reportedly cost millions.

Fendi fashion house recently invested in a new industry in Tuscany to expand the label’s leather category. The Tuscany factory is proposed to be a training center and is slated to open in 2022.

Where in China Are Fendi Products Manufactured?

The Fendi fashion brand does not have a manufacturing base in China. As such, none of Fendi’s products are made in any part of China – even if China has a great manufacturing capacity. So, if you purchase a Fendi belt or sneakers, and you find ‘Made in China,’ you are dealing with a fake here.

Who Owns Fendi?

Fendi fashion house was founded by Eduardo Fendi and his wife, Adele. The house was initially a small fur and leather workshop located in the heart of Rome. The brand has since evolved from then until now into a reputable luxury brand. For instance, the iconic double F logo wasn’t always the Fendi logo.

Fendi founders initially chose a squirrel standing on a branch and holding a nut. According to Eduardo, this was to symbolize Adele’s industriousness.

Eduardo’s whole family was deeply invested in the fashion house. With their five daughters’ youthful energy and creativity, the couple led Fendi to a successful and flourishing state. The brand was a huge success not only in Italy but all over Europe.

The founding family ran the Fendi brand until it was acquired in 1999 by the French luxury conglomerate LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

Does Versace own Fendi?

Versace and Fendi earlier collaborated and named this collaboration – ‘Fendace.’ The outcome of this collaboration, Fendace, was a magnificent joint collection that was presented during a fashion show in Milan. This was said to be a first for both fashion houses and was born out of respect and friendship.

Fashion houses often do collaborations like this from time to time. This does not, however, mean Versace owns the Fendi brand. Fendi is owned by LVMH, while Capri Holdings own Versace.


Fendi makes its products in Rome, Italy, with its headquarters located in the heart of Rome. The easiest way to tell if a Fendi product is fake is if the label says anything but ‘Made in Italy.’

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