Where Is Balmain Made?

Balmain products are manufactured majorly in France. However, the brand has manufacturing sites in other countries such as Portugal, Bulgaria, and Italy. Each of the countries produces different categories of Balmain products. Portugal and Italy, for example, produce the majority of the ready-to-wear collection. Nevertheless, most of the accessories and products are manufactured in France.

Is Balmain Made in China?

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Yes, most of the footwear collections of Balmain are manufactured in China. As it happens, Balmain is one of the many luxury fashion brands that have taken advantage of the business potentials of China.

Is Balmain Cheap in Dubai?

A Dubai-based French company called ‘Paris Group’ purchased the Balmain designer brand. The group also sells many other brands like Ted Lapidus and Pierre Cardin. Balmain products are incredibly cheap in Dubai, perhaps the cheapest. Balmain products are cheap in Dubai due to a licensing agreement the group signed many years ago. The agreement lets it sell Balmain clothes at a 75% discount year-round.

Is Balmain a Luxury Brand: Why is it so Expensive?

The materials with which Balmain manufactures its products are of unique quality. The brand diligently protects its French legacy by using rich decorative fabrics and luxe trims for its products. Balmain’s statements are luxury in the purest form. The brand is classy but not exaggerative. It also has some of the most expensive products in the fashion industry. For an A-lister appearing on the red carpet, Balmain is the go-to fashion house.

Balmain belongs to the highest tier a fashion house can belong to, the haute couture house. Hiking up the price of a brand is a marketing technique used by the Haute fashion house to improve the brand’s prestige.

Who Runs Balmain?

The Balmain brand was founded by Pierre Balmain, a French fashion designer, in 1945. Olivier Rousteing is currently the creative director of the Balmain brand. In Pierre’s time, the brand was known for more minimalistic and subtle designs. Rousteing has taken the brand to a whole new level with his louder, intricate, and more flashy designs.

How to Detect a Fake Balmain T-Shirt

The most apparent distinction between a fake Balmain T-shirt and the real one is the price. Balmain products are known for their exorbitantly high prices.

Another way to spot a fake Balmain t-shirt is by checking the wash tag of the Balmain logo on the tee. Fake Balmain t-shirts don’t get the inscriptions right, and you would see some inconsistencies. For instance, a fake Balmain t-shirt will typically have a scratch on its inscriptions or an utterly wrong inscription. Something you would never find on an authentic Balmain t-shirt.

In addition, check the neck tag of the tee. The text on the neck tag of a fake Balmain t-shirt is usually too thick. Finally, look at the front text, “BALMAIN PARIS.” On a fake Balmain t-shirt, the letters are placed very close to one another, too bold, and the font is different from the real one.


Balmain’s ready-to-wear collections are mostly made in Italy, Bulgaria, and Portugal. But, most of its footwear products are made in China and Italy. Its production headquarters is in France, where most of the accessories are manufactured.

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