What To Wear With Gucci Tights

First unveiled in a Pre-Fall 2018 show, the Gucci GG embossed tights have been a hit ever since. If you’re looking at investing in a pair of luxe tights, Gucci currently stocks two pairs in Black ($350) and Beige ($330). Tights are becoming a staple for many people, especially as they allow us to enjoy shorter hemlines in the winter – Whilst adding visual appeal to any outfit with minimal effort.

Any piece of clothing with a Gucci logo instantly makes an outfit exude affluence. The monogram tights can pretty much be paired with any outfit. However, we understand that picking the right outfit can be difficult, if you’re not exactly sure what to wear with Gucci tights, here are some tips:

Gucci tights sizing

When you’re spending a good chunk of money on any item of clothing you want to ensure you order the right size.

Tights, in particular, can be very difficult to get right, and the Gucci tights are known for being thicker and less elasticated than a regular store-bought pair. Luckily, Gucci is partnered with Fit Finder to make sure you get it right. Simply input a brand that you’ve purchased from before that is a perfect fit and Fit Finder will calculate your correct size. It’s super quick and easy and means we don’t have to return our lavish new buy. 

Oversized blazer dress

A menswear classic with a flirtatious twist. Blazers are the ultimate wardrobe heroes, providing the answer to every ‘what should I wear’ dilemma. Opt for an oversized blazer buttoned up as a dress for an instant chic outfit. The style appeals to every kind of woman and can easily be taken from a day at the office, to a night at a cocktail bar. 

Many influencers have snapped themselves pairing their beloved double G tights with a blazer dress. If you’re a loyal Gucci patron, cinch in the blazer at the waist with a Gucci Marmont belt for an instant hourglass figure. Whether you’re dressing the blazer up with a pair of strappy heels and a 90’s mini bag, or choosing a pair of chunky boots and a roll neck for a more laid-back look  – The blazer dress is a perfect associate to the Gucci tights. 

Pair Gucci Tights With a Leather Dress

If you’re looking for an outfit that screams glamour, whilst being utterly effortless, layering with leather is a great styling choice. A perennial favorite in terms of stylish outfits and hero pieces in our wardrobe, leather has become a year-round staple in recent seasons despite once being associated with the cold weather months alone. 

Leather dresses are a perfect pairing to the double G tights. Mixing leather with other luxe materials such as mohair or silk oozes sophistication. They’re easily styled with a pair of tall boots or flat loafers, this outfit is a great one to try if you choose just one.

If you’re not a fan of real leather, designers such as Stella McCartney offer vegetarian-friendly alternatives that are just as polished. 

Under a pair of mom ripped jeans

Whilst adding a much needed extra layer of warmth in the colder seasons, Gucci tights actually look great under a pair of ripped mom jeans.  

A wardrobe staple for 2021, that isn’t going out of style anytime soon; Unlike some denim trends that come and go, ripped mom jeans have been popular for years now and we’re spoilt for choice. The style is an oversized straight leg cut that is comfortable and practical whilst also being stylish. Whether you’re a Levi’s advocate or prefer to shop from cheaper brands, mom jeans are available pretty much everywhere.

This is an outfit choice that can easily be adapted to suit your own personal style – Better yet, this is also a style that can transition from day to night. Pair this look with a relaxed t-shirt, chunky gold jewellery and sneakers for a sporty edge, or your favourite chunky boots and cozy sweater for an alternative aesthetic.


If you’re looking to experiment with a new look and to add an element of luxury, swapping out your black tights for a statement pattern is an easy introduction. 

The double G monogram is instantly recognizable and, if you can afford it, the Gucci tights are the perfect investment to add a chic layer to your look. You can add them to any outfit to attend a special event and exude sophistication and style – Whilst also opting for them for an added layer of warmth for a day at the mall.

The Gucci tights often sell out pretty quickly, especially when new colourways are launched. We’ve previously seen this style in white, which we’re eager to come back in stock. To shop this quintessential fall trend, check the Gucci accessory page.

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