What to Wear with Gucci Shoes

So, you’ve recently invested in the latest lust after style of Gucci shoes, but you’re not sure how to style them? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

According to Fashion United, Gucci is Europe’s most popular shoe brand and other continents are soon following suit. The brand is renowned for some of the most classic styles such as the loafer, sneaker and coveted sling-back. If you’ve invested, or are looking to invest in one of these styles, here are some tips of what to wear with Gucci shoes:

Styling Gucci Loafers 

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As of late, loafers were predominantly worn by corporate employees for their dress down Friday look – until now. When Alessandro Michele took over as creative director at Gucci, the brand reimagined the classic loafer, and now it’s the It-girl must-have. Whether you’re into chunky soles, heels, or a playful print, Gucci has all loafer varieties covered.

Surprisingly enough, although the loafer styles on offer nowadays differ so much from the traditional styles we’re used to seeing, the styling is not. Loafers paired with socks are one of the biggest fall trends this year. While the thought of styling shoes this way might transport you back to preppy school days, there’s no denying that a cute pair of socks instantly elevate a look. 

What better than to pair Gucci’s loafers with their very own branded socks. The ‘Pink Cotton Lamé GG Socks’ are a chic choice to pair with the shoes. The socks are calf length adding much needed additional warmth as the months get colder, meaning you can get away with a shorter hemline. The GG motif pattern runs throughout as well as intricate sparkle detailing. 

Socks are becoming an important part of the luxury brand’s narrative and they have an array of colourways and lengths to choose from.  The average cost is $195, they’re a great way to polish the loafer look. 

Styling Gucci Sneakers

Gucci sneakers are always going to be an iconic piece of footwear. The brand is most well known for their Ace Sneakers with Bee – Pretty much every celebrity and socialite has been snapped up in this pair of coveted sneakers. The brand has since branched out and now offer a variety of styles that include high-tops and chunky soles. 

Gucci trainers are easy to style and can be paired with pretty much anything – We’re even entering an age where it’s acceptable to wear sneakers with suits to the office.  

Giving a sporty twist to your favourite outfits, the dresses and trainers combo is here to stay. Midi and maxi dresses are the most sought after when styling trainers. They’re relaxed, easy to wear and always look good.

The Gucci Poppy Flowers Print Silk dress is a perfect pairing, and even if you don’t have $4180 to spend on this dress, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available.

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Mid-market brand Cos have a great selection of simple yet chic styles for a fraction of the price. Their $135  Printed Midi Shirt Dress is a great choice to pair with your Gucci sneakers.

Styling the Gucci Slingbacks

90’s trends are making a strong comeback, and with that comes the reintroduction of the classic slingback. The Gucci slingbacks are synonymous with glamour and affluence. This vintage style heel is a perfect choice to take you from day to night – Not to mention being a great choice if you want a comfortable shoe but want to dress an outfit up in heels. The slingbacks are available in a variety of colourways and motif prints, as well as different heel heights. 

Interlocking G cotton blend socks

The slingbacks are preppy and elegant, and they can be styled with pretty much anything. One trend that has been circling the internet is matching the slingbacks with the Gucci tights for a sophisticated look.

To finish the look, the two look great when paired with a mini dress – Gucci’s Wool and Cashmere dress  ($2,235) with a ruffle detail collar fits the vintage aesthetic well and would pair perfectly with the slingbacks and tights. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, mid-market brand Stories has a similar Off-the-shoulder Tulle Midi dress available for $236.


Gucci has been named Europe’s favourite go-to for shoes. The brand’s reputation for glamour, style and quality has other continents soon following suit. If you’re looking for an investment pair of shoes, Gucci is a great introduction to the luxury market as the brand offers timeless styles to last you years to come.

If you’ve been unsure of how to style your latest luxe purchase, hopefully, you’ve gathered some inspiration from our guide. If you’re interested in discovering the vast array of shoes that Gucci has to offer, check out their shoe section.

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