What Materials Does Gucci Use

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Exactly 100 years ago, Guccio Gucci founded a leather-goods company in Florence, Italy, catering to local equestrians with a range of saddles, bags, and elevated horseback-riding accessories. Over the next few decades, the family business expanded – opening shops in Rome, Milan and New York, adding ready-to-wear, handbags and shoes to its library of luxury offerings. The fashion house is now instantly recognizable with its double G logo as being one of the most desirable brands worldwide. 

Gucci is renowned for their retro and romantic inspired designs, always impeccably crafted. 

One of the main reasons why so many Gucci advocates buy into the brand is because they use some of the most high-quality materials available. Gucci products are known to be durable and tend to have a long lifespan. Using high-quality materials ensures lower maintenance over the years, benefiting the consumer. 

Here are some of the most high-quality materials in Gucci’s library:


Gucci is committed to a more sustainable future in fashion and is making it easier for conscious consumers to shop responsibly.

 Whilst browsing through the Gucci website, it’s noted that they have interactive buttons on their product pages, identifying if the product has been responsibly sourced or made with eco features – Some of their environmental responsibilities include using recycled, organic or bio-based materials. 

Italian Leather

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Italian leather is known in the fashion industry as being the very best. Synonymous with quality and tradition, Gucci manufactures a majority of their belts, bags and shoes from Italian leather.

To put it simply, Italian leather is produced in Italy. Most Importantly, the process is natural and devoid of toxic chemicals that can then enter the waterways.  Only all-natural vegetable and plant-based extracts are used by craftsmen to manufacture Italian leather. Because it isn’t mass-produced it takes much longer to make than the cheaper factory made alternatives. 

Italian leather was made to withstand daily use; It’s a great choice in order to make products that are durable and easy to care for. Most scratches or marks on the leather can be easily wiped away with leather balm and a soft cloth.


sheep wool

Renowned for its comfort and warmth, Gucci uses wool to craft a lot of their products. Some of the products that are manufactured using wool include Gucci’s scarves, jumpers, hats and even some of their suits. 

The reason why so many luxe brands opt for wool over synthetic alternatives is that wool is actually more sustainable. It’s naturally grown, is an insulator, and is biodegradable. An added bonus to its natural origins is that wool is odor resistant – You don’t need to wash wool often at all, treating it with a woolen fabric spray is good enough to keep it fresh.


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Silk is the epitome of luxury when it comes to material choice. Gucci opts for this soft and floaty fabric for their esteemed silk shirts. Derived from the silkworm, this material is known for its thermal conductivity and its thermal conductivity and sturdiness. It’s also easily dyed and is smooth against the skin, causing no irritation.

Many lavish fashion brands choose silk over its synthetic counterparts as no other material can match the incredibly soft to touch feel and the notorious sheen that makes the fabric so desirable.


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Gucci uses 100% organic cotton to manufacture their shirts and t-shirts. The difference between regular and organic cotton is that the production time often takes a little longer – This is due to the fact that a lot less water is used in production, along with no harsh chemicals and pesticides being used. Organic cotton is also much more environmentally friendly. 

Organic cotton often has a much more luxe feel – It’s typically softer, hypoallergenic and can last a lot longer than fast produced regular cotton.

The great thing about 100% cotton items is that they’re sustainable. When your cotton garment has served its purpose it can be recycled into something new. 


Gucci’s material library goes further than this. These are just a handful of the most noteworthy and luxe materials that make the brand so synonymous with high-quality fashion.

When you buy a product from Gucci, you’re able to identify if it qualifies as being manufactured from responsibly sourced materials and if the material has eco features. This is something we’re sure to see a lot more of from the brand and others alike as conscious consumers demand to know more in-depth about how their clothes are made and what exactly they’re made from.

Gucci only sources the very best materials, that are easy to care for and will be sure to last many seasons to come. If you’re ever browsing their site and want to know the materials that go into the product, make sure to read the product description. 

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