What is Asket – The Review

The Swedish label, which has a global presence through its online shop and social media channels, was founded by two friends who wanted to make clothes that were simple but well-fitting. The name Asket is the Swedish term for ‘Ascetic’, someone who lives without material excess or indulgence.

And it couldn’t be more appropriate because this brand’s founder August Bringéus focuses on inner values in his work–which he says are “essential.”

After seeing how many high street stores are filled with ever new collections they felt there weren’t any honestly priced T-shirts so the company got started in 2015 as an answer for this frustration of not being able or finding what you’re looking for when shopping on main streets around Europe or North America.

Asket has been making waves in the fashion industry with its forward-thinking, yet traditional collections. The Swedish company challenges some of today’s most popular brands to think differently about sustainability and ethics – but can it make a difference?

The Review

Asket is one of the new niche brands I really like. They don’t have everything figured out, but they’re way better than most fashion companies in terms of ethical practices and sustainability efforts for workers’ rights. Their packaging can be minimalist at times too – with traceability being a big plus side.

I like their care guides. They have a whole garment shop which is not something you see with most brands, and they’re trying to move away from leather. The clothes themselves look really nice-quality stuff without any of the bells or whistles attached – just pure fashion with no frills. So far everything about them has been genuine in my eyes since nothing seems too false marketing-like.

I have 2 t-shirts, a cotton sweater and merino sweaters. For me there aren’t many options in my wardrobe for tees with ideal fabric, the cotton sweater is a light and airy piece, with the off white color making it perfect for those cool fall days.

The chinos are a little slimmer than what the size chart called for, so I had to get them in regular. The fabric is great; it’s got just enough shine and makes these jeans more dressy-ish than your average pair of blue jean material trousers.

The navy color seems darker on camera because they’re not actually as dark once you see ’em up close (I think this might be why people tend to wear black socks with their lighter-coloured shoes sometimes). But other than those minor details which aren’t really bothersome at all–the length options for shorts + light cotton pants.

Overall, I think this is a great place to get basic luxury clothes. There are many different styles and sizes in their offerings but sometimes they can be out of stock which makes it difficult if there’s something specific you wanted to like for instance when wool coats were an option before only available as one colour or low on stocks usually not enough people buy them so that decision made sense from those days anyway.

I don’t know about anyone else but no matter how much time passes by nothing beats finding something unique right?

The one thing that seems a miss is their denim jacket. It’s weirdly expensive for regular selvedge denim (no unique texture) and I see no reason to get this over another Japanese brand unless you want something with sizing options or if you’re going through all the trouble of recycling cashmere from an old sweater, which according to reviews isn’t very itch-free anymore.

Their idea of using recycled material like before-they used actual sweaters instead was quite good but now it has been changed back into virgin wool so we’ll see how people react again.

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