What Happened To Fendi Perfume?

LVMH pulled the plug on its perfume franchise back in 2009. According to the Italian fashion group, the reason for that was because sales weren’t meeting expectations. Fendi perfume was famous for its richness and depth. However, in 2009, the group announced that the perfumes would no longer be produced.

Was Fendi Perfume Discontinued and Why?

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Previously, Fendi fragrances were discontinued in 2006. Later in 2007, the LVMH group launched another line of perfume, Fendi Palazzo. However, in 2009, the group announced that Fendi Palazzo, Fendi’s only surviving fragrance line, would be discontinued. 

A perfume line can be discontinued for many reasons, one of which could be for commercial purposes. In Fendi’s case, the group said it was because the line, though making encouraging profits, was no longer meeting expectations. As a result, Fendi stopped making perfumes altogether.

What Does Fendi Perfume Smell Like?

The first Fendi fragrance was launched in 1985 – the perfume was classified as a floral aldehydic chypre with a warm, dreamy feel of an oriental.

Other fragrances known with Fendi perfumes include bergamot, lily of the valley, the heart of rose, aldehydes and rosewood, geranium, tuberose, jasmine, orris, and carnation.

Fendi perfumes also had fragrances such as patchouli, sandalwood, a base of cedarwood, moss, amber, vanilla, and benzoin, and musk.

Fendi perfume is reported to have the smell of a beautiful blend of a mink coat, ripe red roses, and limousine leather. This is what made it unique and sought-after.

Does Fendi Still Sell Perfume?

Yes. Fendi still sells perfumes. All of Fendi’s fragrances are produced in conjunction with LVMH, the luxury conglomerate. The first edition of Fendi perfume was produced in 1985, while the newest edition of Fendi fragrance is from 2021. Fendi is currently said to have 29 perfumes in the fragrance base of the fashion group. Some Fendi fragrances still in the market include:

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What Fragrance Oils Smell Like Fendi Perfume?

Fendi perfume was loved by all who used it, and many were devastated when their favorite perfume line was discontinued. As such, consumers have been seeking replacements or something close to it but haven’t been met with much luck.

It is hard to get another perfume that smells like the original Fendi perfume. There are, however, fragrance oils that mimic the scents of this spectacular fragrance. Some of these fragrance oils are said to be inspired by famous designer scents like Fendi.

Some fragrance oils that smell like Fendi perfume include:

Although these scents are very similar to the Fendi perfumes, their fragrance remains unmatched in uniqueness and alluring essence.


Fendi perfume was discontinued back in 2009 by the luxury group LVMH. The fragrance line, Fan di Fendi, was re-launched in 2010 and then discontinued once again in 2015.

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