What Are Some Cool but Luxury Clothing Brands?

We love cool things; we appreciate them, even more when there’s a little touch of luxury. There are dozens of luxury fashion labels in the industry, but not all offer styles we can consider “cool”.

We’ve got some for you if you’re venturing into luxury fashion and need ideas on which ones to try. These brands offer luxury clothing that is also cool and that the Gen Z fashion enthusiast will gush over.

Designer brands, new and old, are starting to embrace and delve into the world of streetwear-inspired clothing. These changes are part of why luxury is no longer what it was, which can either be a good or bad thing.

Only a few brands can incorporate classy and cool styles without losing the products’ luxury status and high quality.

What Are Some Cool Brands That Are Also Luxury?

It is hard to find brands that offer cool street-style vibes and can also be considered a luxury.

However, cool but luxury brands do exist, and here are some of them;


Gen Z, Millennials, and teens are bringing some coolness into the Gucci rand, which resulted in double sales in 2018. The brand made double the sales in 2018, with 55% of its buyers being fashion enthusiasts under 35.

The brand’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, led Gucci in a teen- and millennial-friendly direction through pop culture references and fresh designs.

Thanks to the resurgence of 90s fashion trends, logos like Gucci’s are popular among younger customers who now see them as wearable.


Versace is among the world’s most popular brands, with over 200 stores in principal cities and 1,000 wholesalers.

The luxury but cool brand features on nearly every film premiere, red carpet event, and award show.

The brand never misses an opportunity to get publicity, and its exposure to media has set it in front of young people.


Burberry has always been a cool brand, although it lost it for a few years. However, the brand’s creative director, Christopher Bailey, has completely taken Burberry away from obscurity into a global, cool fashion powerhouse.

The brand’s “coolness” is backed up by impressive growth globally as it thrives in the same market its competitors are struggling in.


F is for Fendi launches millennial-friendly Art Basel Miami Project

Fendi’s over 90 years of expertise is one of the reasons it is among the most successful luxury fashion labels.

The brand is known for its luxurious fur creations and cool, exquisite leather goods that offer timeless glamor.

What Are the Most Coveted Luxury Brands for Millenials?

Luxury pieces from high-end fashion brands are now being passed down to generations in amazing condition thanks to the high tide of designer clothing.

So if you want to invest and shop vintage for Gen Z, here are some popular fashion brands on demand.

Louis Vuitton

LVMH's Louis Vuitton Is Rising to the Top of the Gen Z Market

The Louis Vuitton emblem is a recognizable signet worldwide, and Gen Z loves it because it is classic and instantly recognizable.

However, the brand has also taken on the ability to be new and edgy with the help of celebrities representing the brand.


Prada looking to dress Millennials

Prada is a high-end brand known for classy, sleek, functional, and straightforward styles.

The brand’s innovative and creative styles have drawn the interest of Gen Z and the endorsement of celebrities.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Jean Paul Gaultier brand recently increased 70% in its sales, making it one of the top niche choices for Gen Z.

The brand’s mesh, printed, body con attire, and its rock and roll sensibilities resonate so deeply with the Millennial needs.


How Millennials have become couture's biggest client | Vogue France

Chanel is another highly-coveted luxury brand for Gen Z and Millenials and has been consistently so.

The brand is one of the biggest players in the resale game, with its clothing gaining value over time.

What Are Some Cool and Affordable Luxury Clothing Brands?

Everyone loves a little bit of luxury, and we all deserve it every now and then. The top luxury brands are churning out classy styles with eye-gouging prices, but you’re getting something worth the money.

Meanwhile, if you still want luxury but not the price, you can get affordable luxury clothing brands that are still cool. Understand that “affordable” doesn’t necessarily mean low quality; they also offer exclusivity at a reasonable price.

It’s a great thing if you can get fashion, luxury, and affordability simultaneously. So here are some cool, luxury, but affordable clothing brands to try today.

Ted Baker

Womens Utilty - Utility Pocket Barrel Jean Mid-Pink |

Ted Baker is all about quality, with its stylish, durable, and affordable clothing.

The brand offers more than just elegant clothing, going to the ends of the earth to offer its customers the best of fashion.


How millennials and Gen Zers shape today's sportswear fashion

Founded in 2015, the Staud is known for its retro west-coast-inspired design aesthetics; it has grown its media presence recently. The brand has become a favorite among young people in the fashion industry, producing Instagram-worthy clothes.

The brand offers affordable, chic, trendy, and beautiful pieces with vibrant designs and retro styles.

Kate Spade

Coach's Growing Millennial Focus Makes Kate Spade the Better M&A Play

Kate Spade is a world-renowned brand known for its luxury handbags and shoes, but it has equally excellent clothing collections.

Perhaps its clothing line is so affordable because the brand isn’t well known for its clothing.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is known for its handbags, but it also offers dresses; it uses a minimalist approach in its designs.

The Tory Burch Brand develops high-end and chic designs and is one of the most affordable luxury designer brands.

Are Luxury Clothing Brands Durable?

One of the characteristics of a luxury brand is durability; high quality is the core of any luxury brand. If a brand lacks quality, even if its prices are over the roof, it cannot be considered a luxury brand.

These brands cost as much as they do because of the high-quality products they offer. In addition, they use top-rated exotic materials in making their pieces, which ensures their durability – that is, you can wear them until you’re tired.


All the brands listed in this article are cool, millennial-friendly luxury brands that offer great value to fashion consumers. So if you need high-end fashion products with cool, street-style vibes, you can try these brands out. Thankfully, many brands are looking beyond wealth and status and offering exactly what their consumers need.

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