Versace vs Gucci

Gucci is a famous Italian brand with over five hundred stores worldwide that brought total revenue of about six trillion euros in 2017. Versace is Gucci’s main competitor; it has also made huge profits in the industry, including selling dresses for almost $10,000 each. When it comes to popularity and appeal, Versace and Gucci are at loggerheads – that is until you compare the stats and numbers.

For example, where Gucci products attract oohs and ahs on Facebook, Versace’s products push people to take action and share. Both brands are two of the most coveted fashion houses globally, but we are more interested in knowing which one takes the cake.

Versace vs. Gucci: Which Is More Valuable?

Gucci has a more popular position in the industry, so it naturally has more value than Versace. After running some comparisons on both brands’ popular products to determine the most expensive, Gucci takes the vote in most cases. For example, Gucci’s men’s jackets sell as high as 12,000 dollars; the brand is more expensive on a price-per-product sale than Versace. The most expensive product on Versace’s men’s jacket collections is just above 4,000 dollars.

Comparing extremely high fashion products like women’s tote bags, an average bag on Gucci’s website is valued at about $3,000 on average. On the other hand, one Versace women’s tote bag doesn’t crack the 2,000-dollar mark. Also, the most expensive women’s fashionable jewelry on Gucci’s website is valued at about $2,000. Versace’s most expensive piece of jewelry is just a few dollars short of $1,800.

Gucci claims the top spot in overall value, with Versace having many cheap products on sale on its website. Gucci’s annual revenue is over ten times more than Versace’s, with the former having a stronger presence in the industry. 

Nevertheless, Versace has enjoyed some iconic moments in all its years of existence, including designing suits and dresses for high figures. Versace was able to accomplish this feat in its early years, but Gucci could only achieve it after decades.

Gucci vs. Versace: Which Has Impacted the Fashion Industry More?

Gucci and Versace are popular, but, Gucci wins out when we compare the facts and figures. When measuring impact between brands, we consider experience, product range, ranking, staff volume, and the number of quality collaborations. So let’s start.

For one, Gucci is decades older than Gucci; that gave the brand a more popular footing in the industry. Gucci trumps Versace in many areas, including having more employees, a richer history, and a bigger product range. When Gucci first started, it focused on leather goods like luggage and bags; Versace focused on fashion collections almost immediately.

Gucci takes the vote when we talk about which brand has more experience; it overshadows Versace by nearly sixty years. Gucci ranks among the top five most popular and valuable fashion houses globally, and it is never number 5. 

The Italian brand boasts of a top position among the most powerful conglomerates worldwide. Meanwhile, Versace is a subsidiary of a conglomerate just like Gucci; Versace sits underneath Michael Kors, while Gucci underneath Kering.

Versace was the hottest fashion brand in 2018 because it had collaborated with many celebrities and companies, which increased its popularity. The brand collaborated with Lamborghini, the Italian car manufacturer, to create the Lamborghini Versace supercar – with an interior designed by Versace. Versace takes the vote when it comes down to which brand has made the most impressive and longer collaborations.

Gucci vs. Versace: Which Has More Social Media Mentions?

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Gucci has a considerably higher amount of social media mentions than Versace; that may be because it is older. Social media gurus and businessmen once carried out a study between Gucci and Versace to decide which is more popular on social media. They tracked the social media mentions of both brands for fourteen days and concluded that Gucci had more mentions. More precisely, Gucci had about 450,000 social media mentions, while Versace had about 187,000.

In the two weeks of study, they discovered that these figures were consistent daily, suggesting that people talked more about Gucci online than Versace.

Both brands had considerable engagement on Facebook, but their likes and shares differ. For example, while Gucci had more likes on Facebook, Versace had more shares. 

Both Gucci and Versace have similar scores when it comes to a general feel and preference. For example, an online survey showed that Versace was more appreciated than Gucci, but only slightly. Conversely, Gucci received more criticism than Versace. So, it’s a tie between both brands when it comes to deciding how people feel about them.

Meanwhile, metrics and trends are constantly changing as brands release new accessories and items, so the tide may change in the future.

Gucci or Versace: Which Is a Popular Favorite?

Deciding the clear winner between Gucci and Versace is not that easy – plus, there is the personal preference factor to consider. The general public greatly appreciates both brands, and they are both dedicated to making a lasting impression on social media. Celebrities, singers, movie stars, and media sensations wear Gucci and Versace items. 

These celebrity endorsements have brought the brand’s attention and publicity from paparazzi and photographers while showcasing their good fashion taste.

Gucci products have been worn by celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Rihanna, while Elton John and Michael Jackson have worn Versace items. Gucci is a commercial brand that makes many fashion products for magazines and fashion stores. Meanwhile, some fashion experts say Gucci items are more inclined towards the younger generation. 

On the other hand, Versace items are iconic, and they appeal to celebrities that are top of the food chain.


New interests in designer products are caught in the fashion war between Versace and Gucci. We cannot decide which brand will be perfect for you, but we can tell you that both are great brands to invest in.

Gucci is renowned for its flexible and highly-adaptable fashion products – that is, you can wear them to a dinner date and work. Versace makes iconic wears that defy time and transcend fashion; their styles are trendy and iconic.

Although Versace is considerably smaller than Gucci, it does have a substantial fashion legacy with which it retains a respectable position in the industry.

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