Tory Burch VS Coach

If you have Tory Burch and Coach bags in your collection, you understand the power of a high-quality, timeless bag. True fashion enthusiasts don’t underestimate the importance of a well-made handbag, especially because they rely on it daily. Tory Burch and Coach are two popular, affordable luxury brands in the world today; their items are some of the best. Both brands are known for their variety of quality tote bags, wallets, small accessories, luggage, and other unique items.

Both Tori and Coach brands offer pieces of top quality, so buying from either brand would be a smart investment choice. However, if you can’t possibly patronize both brands, understanding the differences between them can help you make a choice. If you’re unsure which brand to spend your next paycheck on, this guide should make that decision easy.

Tory Burch vs. Coach: Comparing History

Compared to Coach’s over-six-decades fashion history, Tory Burch is a new luxury handbag brand. New or not, Tory Burch is one of the popular brands – and one of the good ones. Tory Burch founded the brand in February 2004 and named it after herself. Amidst several oppositions and questions, Tory Burch didn’t budge; she knew what she was getting into.

Although the market was already oversaturated with high-quality luxury designer handbags, she still went in that direction. She understood that creating something outstanding would require focusing on designing and manufacturing bags that embody personal style and sensibility. Thus, she went head-on with fashion giants and launched her brand, featuring eccentric handbag designs. Her brand stands out with its bold colors and prints, which you can see on the accessories, lifestyle collections, and ready-to-wear pieces.

On the other hand, Coach has been around since the 1940s – 1941, to be precise, initially named Manhattan Leather Bags by Miles and Lillian Cahn. The baseball glove design inspired Coach’s handbag designs; it created twelve handbags with similar attributes. The bags were high-quality, made from tan and high-quality leather, and boasting of the best craftsmanship level. However, Coach made its first bold move in 1962 through Bonnie Cashin; this move set the brand on a success pinnacle.

Coach creates a debut collection of simplistic and classic designs in brilliant, bright, and popping colors like pastel pinks and brick red. The brand hired Lew Frankfort in 1979, who remains its present CEO and is credited with transforming Coach. Before Frankfort came in, Coach only created high-end designer bags; Lew Frankfort expanded and brought the brand to fame.

Tory Burch vs. Coach: What Are They Famous For?

Tory Burch is known for its iconic T-logo medallion, which is more like a permanent fixture on her collections. The brand is synonymous with SS18, defined as the best preppy-bohemian luxe worldwide. However, a notable thing about Tory Burch is its mastered art of using bold colors and prints in its designs. While these colors make the brand stand out, they are also meant to pay homage to the 60s and 70s fashion styles.

The Tory Burch brand designs feature multi-textured stripes, a logo, and a heavy pattern giving off an elegant styling. The designs give off a well-stylized nod to the overarching retro trends that have successfully passed the test of time. Tory Burch is more like a fashion line, with shoes, ready-to-wear outfits, watches, accessories, and beauty collections.

Meanwhile, Coach is world-renowned for its premium-quality handbags, duffle bags, and purses that provide luxury at an affordable cost. Coach has competed with bigger luxury brands like Steve Madden and Kate Spade by offering affordable luxury. Coach’s products are made from high-quality leather, from the first handbags to their newest accessories.

Tory Burch vs. Coach: Which One Should You Buy?

Tory Burch has feminine designs at reasonable prices, not to mention its founder is a role model to women worldwide. However, Coach is probably the better choice for many fashionistas, especially those that care for quality and affordability, than modernity. If you prefer Tory Burch’s newer and trendier bags, then you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from. However, try Coach if you’re looking for sophisticated and high-quality bags in mature colors and affordable pricing.

Meanwhile, Tory Burch is unequivocally your brand if you’re into preppy, feminine designs and colors – with extra cash to spend. You may want to stock up on a few timeless designs in neutral colors before going into the bolder colors. You will need to check your current collection and decide what it lacks to get what you need. You won’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a pink Coach handbag and find out it doesn’t match your wardrobe.

Coach uses monogrammed fabrics and real leather in making its handbags and wallets. It mostly plays around with designs and colors and carries sophisticated styles that stay cool every season. Tory Burch is often associated with handbags and small leather goods, but it also offers many high-quality clothes. Burch brand is great if you have a few extra bucks to spare.

Tory Burch vs. Coach: What Are the Major Differences?

Tory Burch and Coach are both brands known for timeless designs, but they have significant differences. The first is their style; where Tory Burch makes classic and slightly-romantic handbags, Coach makes structured and even equestrian bags. If you’re conservative with your style and don’t appreciate hyper-feminine clothing, you may find Coach to your liking. Coach is the best brand for young professionals looking for a reliable but stylish and trendy bag for the workplace.

Their prices are also different, although not too much; Tory Burch is more expensive than Coach. Nevertheless, although Tory Burch’s pieces are more expensive than Coach’s, they are still within a reasonable price range. However, the brand has a sale collection that sells affordable stunning bags.


Tory Burch and Coach have flourishing online boutiques and department stores where you can find high-quality, trendy designs at affordable prices. However, their styles differ; TB is great if you want bold-colored, flashy, feminine designs. Meanwhile, Coach is excellent if you need functional, sophisticated bags fitting for casual and formal gatherings. We suggest Coach if you’re looking for a top-quality chic leather bag at an affordable price.

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