Tom Ford vs Gucci: Which one to choose?

When placed side-by-side with Gucci, Tom Ford is still a baby brand, having only been around less than two decades.

Still, the Tom Ford brand has made a name in the fashion industry, with fashion products synonymous with quality and status. Meanwhile, Gucci is a 101-year old Italian luxury brand known worldwide for high-quality and exquisite products, including timepieces and handbags. The decision between which brand to go for ultimately depends on style and personal preference.

As far as price tags go, Gucci products constitute some of the highest-priced items in the fashion industry. Tom Ford is also a luxury brand that produces exclusively for a select market but is still “affordable” compared with Gucci.

Is Tom Ford More Popular Than Gucci?

Tom Ford is definitely not as popular as Gucci; the Gucci brand was ranked the most popular fashion brand in 2021. Gucci has been a popular brand for years, and it maintained that spot in 2021. Tom Ford doesn’t make the list of the top fifteen most popular fashion brands globally, although it is also popular.

That Gucci maintained a top spot among the most popular brands isn’t of much of a surprise to many, although the brand’s popularity seems to be declining. In 2021, online searches for the Gucci brand dropped by 13%; this decline can even be noticed in its latest sales figure. However, while offline sales were dropping, online sales kept moving at a fast pace of up to 70%.

Despite the decline in Gucci’s popularity and sales, the brand remains the fashion industry’s best as far as digital marketing goes. Gucci records an average of over ten million engagement actions monthly; it comes a little behind Dior and Louis Vuitton.

On the other hand, Tom Ford is still relatively new to the industry but has made a considerable impact nonetheless. It is an American fashion brand founded in 2005 by the infamous fashion designer, Tom Ford, the same man responsible for reviving Gucci. Tom Ford used his expertise and experience as Gucci’s one-time creative director to make Tom Ford the kind of brand it is today.

Is Gucci More Luxurious Than Tom Ford?

Gucci is more luxurious than Tom Ford when comparing the price tags on Gucci products. But, Tom Ford is a pretty costly brand also for a brand that has only been around for less than twenty years. Perhaps, the cost of Tom Ford items is because they are made exclusively in Italy and provide the quality associated with luxury brands.

The Tom Ford brand is a unique luxury brand and hybrid of a bespoke tailor, but the items aren’t really trendy.

Gucci is among the most successful and luxurious fashion brands globally, making high-quality items for men and women. The brand provides some of the best eclectic and modern creations of the industry, including sunglasses, clothes, perfumes, and handbags.

Gucci products are incredibly expensive, perhaps the most expensive in the industry – or at least some of the most expensive. The luxurious brand is not really interested in serving the masses; it focuses on using the best materials and sells to those willing to pay.

Why Are Tom Ford Items So Expensive?

Tom Ford’s products are expensive for many reasons, including the fact that it is a luxury brand providing exclusivity and status. Moreover, the brand is owned by one of the most prominent fashion designers globally – Tom Ford.

When you pay for a Tom Ford item, you also pay for a wonderful shopping experience. Tom Ford makes its items with raw materials of the highest quality, which is why people love them so much.

Tom Ford items are expensive because they offer all the things customers look for in a luxury brand: status, exclusivity, and an awesome shopping experience. The luxury goods this brand produces are undeniable; they make you feel special, improving your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of belonging.

If people see a Tom Ford suit on you, they know you’re one of the wealthy and cool people. That’s what the brand aims to achieve with its products – and essentially what you pay for.

The Tom Ford brand name is a household name in the fashion industry and worldwide. Purchasing a Tom Ford product means buying time and effort the brand puts into creating the iconic products you so covet.

What Makes Gucci So Special?

Gucci has been around for over a century; it isn’t the oldest in the industry, but it is older than most. It is fascinating to find a brand that old still maintaining the prestige and honor it had from the start. Although things haven’t always been up for Gucci, there was a time the brand struggled to keep up with fast-evolving trends, among other things. Tom Ford holds the credit for being the creative director that helped Gucci rise from the ashes to become great again.

Gucci makes extraordinary fashion items that cover men’s and women’s wear and accessories. The products have a distinctive logo, are made with high-quality materials, and are incredibly durable. All of these, among others, contribute to the specialness of Gucci – and why its items are so expensive, of course.

 Gucci has a rich heritage that it has passed from wealthy to wealthier people and from one celebrity to another. The Gucci brand has been associated with high status and value for over one hundred years.

Gucci items aren’t just fashion products in the name; they are indeed. Gucci items provide exclusivity, status, class, prestige, and more to whoever wears them. Gucci customers don’t mind paying over a thousand dollars for a jacket because they know what they are buying goes beyond the material.


Tom Ford and Gucci brands are iconic fashion labels in the industry, known for high-quality and prestigious fashion products. Gucci is more popular than Tom Ford, although the latter’s popularity increases as the years roll by. 

Although new, the Tom Ford brand has the makings of a brand that will transcend fashion and overtake long-standing iconic brands. Gucci items are significantly more expensive than Tom Ford items; both brands have their peculiar target markets.

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