The Fendi Hologram Tag – Is it the future?

The Fendi luxury brand began putting holographic squares almost two decades ago. However, around 2010, Fendi upped its authenticity practice by replacing hologram with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The hologram square includes a serial number made of a series of numbers and letters, and the hologram is placed just below the sticker on Fendi bags.

Do All Fendi Bags Have Holograms?

Between the years 2004 and 2010, holograms were a thing with Fendi handbags. It was a cool feature that lovers of the brand appreciated. One of the ways you could tell an authentic Fendi bag was through the hologram. The holograms were square-shaped and contained numbers and letters and were placed just below the stickers of the handbags.

In 2010, however, Fendi changed its style of authenticity; instead of holograms, the luxury brand started using RFID. The RFID on Fendi handbags has a scannable chip embedded in it and contains information on the origin and production of the handbag. 

When did Fendi Start Using Holograms?

Fendi started using holograms sometime around 2004; they were considered one of Fendi’s best ideas. The presence of the hologram assisted seasoned authenticators in determining if the bag was a real Fendi product or not. While the hologram didn’t deter luxury brand pirates, it made it easier for the brand and die-hard fans to catch them. Counterfeit brands make counterfeit holograms to go with their counterfeit bags – you know, to keep up appearance.

Nevertheless, if you have a Fendi bag with holograms, the real Fendi hologram is not that difficult to spot, especially to the trained eye. If you’re not too familiar with Fendi holograms, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. However, a trained eye can easily spot if the hologram is really Fendi’s or just an imitation.

How Can You Know an Authentic Fendi Hologram Tag?

Fake hologram tags tend to peel off the fake handbag. Counterfeiters may have mastered how to replicate most of Fendi’s things. However, it seems they are yet to master the Fendi hologram. Below are ways to authenticate a hologram tag:

  1. Post the bag or item to authenticate this Fendi thread with the name of the site you purchased the item from.
  2. Look closely at the hologram tag on the bag and compare it to the one on the official website. However, you should know that it may be hard to tell the difference if you are a newbie. Telling the difference takes practice and some knowledge of what exactly to look for.
  3. Look at the serial number on the hologram tag; it should match that of the leather tag inside the bag. The hologram tag should be inside the pocket of the bag, not outside.

Are Fendi Hologram Tags all the Same?

Fendi hologram tags are designed much the same way, so they look the same. But they are not the same as the serial numbers are different.


Fendi started using holograms in 2004 but replaced them with RFID in 2010. The holograms were one of the things that singled out Fendi products from others, especially counterfeits.

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