The Best Brands Like Reiss

Reiss is a popular, affordable luxury brand known for stylish, high-quality office clothing. The brand provides impeccable wear that shows you that your office wear doesn’t have to be boring; it can be flattering.

Reiss is the go-to brand for official clothing that maintains style and sophistication with suited accessories, well-tailored garments, and exquisitely-cut fits. Additionally, the Reiss brand provides premium-quality pieces for contemporary men and women, inspiring and empowering them to take the lead.

However, although they are worth it, Reiss items are a bit pricier than other brands in the same category. Thus, if you are looking for alternatives to Reiss, with similar quality but lower price points, you are in the right place.

We have compiled a list of brands like Reiss that you can invest in for cool designs and more affordable prices. Meanwhile, if you can afford Reiss, it is undoubtedly a great brand to invest in; you get your money’s worth.

What Are Five Brands Like Reiss?

These five brands are a great alternative to Reiss if you need classy, stylish, and high-quality clothing for the workplace. They, like Reiss, also excel with their professional tops selection, including wrap tops, button-downs, and sharp blazers. That said, below are five brands similar to Reiss that make some of the best office wear:


AllSaints is a fashion retailer that you can use two words to describe: experimental and chic. The brand targets millennial women, with its designs focusing on youthful appeals tinted with trendy flairs. Incredibly stylish though it may be, AllSaints items fit perfectly in the workplace.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a British fashion brand that offers men’s and women’s office clothing, famous for many things. The brand’s high-quality designs and unique use of colors and patterns are part of the things that make it famous. It is a great office wear brand to invest in with its color combinations that fit the corporate space just right.

Club Monaco

This brand creates sleep designs for the workplace, with a classic line of high-end casual clothing for all genders. The brand is known for its versatile basic-looking pieces; you can style them to suit your preference.

Karen Millen

The Karen Millen brand is the go-to brand for occasion-wear pieces and works with well-crafted chic, feminine designs. The brand’s customers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide praise this brand for its well-structured and high-quality wear. Karen Millen’s clothing features flattering cuts and perfect details to give the wearer a polished pull-together look.


Sandro offers simple French fashion office wear, including staple workplace fashion pieces, ruffled button-downs, and heeled booties. It is a Parisian brand that offers effortlessly elegant pieces with a French twist.

Is Reiss a Good Brand to Invest In?

The Reiss brand operates as a modern fashion house with a long line of exquisite, affordable luxury items. Since the brand was founded in 1971, it has always been about designing trend-transcending, modern womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and accessories.

The brand has a London in-house atelier and design team committed to designing pieces that embody the brand’s legacy. Reiss is a great brand to invest in because of its dedication to delivering high quality despite its price tags.

Reiss has clothed public figures, including royalties and celebrities, and it has succeeded in gaining credibility through the public eye. While Reiss’s fashion items are a bit costlier than most affordable luxury brands, fashion enthusiasts recognize them for quality.

The brand’s dedication to making nothing less than quality has led to its longstanding hold over the market for office wear. For five decades, the brand has established a vocabulary of unique styling, conquering a loyal following of different categories of fashion enthusiasts.

What Are More Affordable Brands Than Reiss?

Fashion consumers are getting more inclined towards affordable luxury brands today since they offer luxury at less than half the price. If you’re part of this group, there are several affordable luxury brands you can invest in – besides Reiss.


Boden offers fashion pieces led by trends, with safer items targeted at the younger demographic. When you look beyond the style and delve deeper, you will discover the brand’s exquisite tailoring and expensive-looking but affordable accessories. While it also has items with high price points, you will find items much lower than Reiss’s that are also of great quality.


Gap offers a wide range of affordable items, including logo hoodies, with classic styles and great quality. It is the go-to brand for affordable wardrobe staples like white tees, shirts, and crew neck knits.


The Muji brand is better known for its homeware and stationery collections, but it also makes high-quality clothing. It offers a classically-made style with great structure, fit, quality, and a style for everyone. One thing that makes their clothing stand out has to be the sustainable fabrics the brand uses in making them.

What Is So Special about Reiss?

Reiss is a brand that understands the importance and power of diversity, and this knowledge has helped it greatly. For instance, it ensures its consumers enjoy fair and transparent processes, promoting equality of opportunity for its fanbase. It produces items that command respect for the wearer, ensuring every fashion consumer is treated with honor.

Reiss has pledged that its customers will not be discriminated against for issues such as pregnancy, gender identity, and similar issues.

The brand has had an interesting history, starting with its first-ever store opening in Bishopsgate, where it sold men’s tailoring. Reiss established its in-house design team in 1997 and expanded across the UK and Ireland in 1998.

Between 2000 and 2007, it launched its first womenswear collection, opened its first international store in New York, and launched its website. Its most recent offering, the childrenswear collection, was launched in 2021, eight years after it launched its fragrance line.


Reiss is an iconic affordable luxury brand that is worth investing in – one that is affordable and of high quality. Considering that Reiss can be pricier than other brands in its category, it helps to have other options you can compare. However, if you do choose Reiss, you will be investing in premium quality and timeless designs. If you are looking for other brands besides Reiss to give you more options to choose from, we’ve provided some in this article.

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