The Best Affordable Luxury Brands

The best affordable luxury brands are a highly subjective matter and we all have our favorites. There are a few brands that are leading the industry with exemplary sustainable policies for us shoppers to enjoy to the fullest. Those include Stella McCartney, EILEEN FISHER, Mara Hoffman and Fe Noel for women and Buck Mason, Pact, Outerknown and Octobre for men. They are all ethical and sustainable producers of clothing that should be part of all conscious ladies and gents.

Best Affordable Luxury Brands for Women

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney offers cruelty-free, no fur or leather, ethically sourced wool organic cotton, and much more in the women and unisex category.

The brand has been developing ethical solutions since the early 90s and is best for their ready-to-wear fashion, swimwear, sunglasses, and bags.


EILEEN FISHER is another top candidate in the vertical of producing organic, recycled, inclusive sizes for all women in a minimalistic style. The team is also collaborating with environmental conservation organizations and is most famous for its recycled fabrics.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is a more colorful option for women that are interested in designer swimwear and fashion. The brand encourages shoppers to be mindful and “encourages consumers to reevaluate the relationship” with their clothes.

Hemp is an important ingredient in Mara Hoffman’s collection to improve their production footprint.

Fe Noel

Lastly, Fe Noel, from Brooklyn, is a choice that focuses on tropical, bold and natural approach. Yet, they are able to combine it all with a feeling of luxury and quality that few brands do.

All pieces are handcrafted in their New York studio. You can thereby request to get pieces “made-to-measure” for a perfect fit.

Best Affordable Luxury Brands for Men

Buck Mason

Buck Mason is a Los Angeles brand that not only looks good, but will also give you awesome quality and is fair-trade. Their style is modern, classic and rugged. Their t-shirts are made of slab cotton that is pre-shrunken.

The goal is not to get you to buy more of the same, but rather to make clothes that can be worn for many years. That says a lot about the brand!


Pact cannot be missed on this list! They are offering tops, shirts, pants, sweaters, hoodies, socks, underwear and sleepwear for me. All items are sustainable, ethically produced and affordable.

Most items are made out of cotton that is under Global Organic Textile Standard. Many of their customers say that the clothes are softer and more durable than normal brands.


Outerknown from California was started by the surfer superstar Kelly Slater and designer John Moore. Together, they have created a slow fashion brand that is sourcing pieces from all over the world with its main focus to reduce their environmental footprint.

Recently, they released their 100% vegan pairs, an awesome and relaxed flipflop for all comfortable luxury seekers.


The Parisian brand Octobre is taking a new turn with the French wardrobe production. 95% of all production is located in Europe and is done in small batches. Mulesing Free Mérino wool is used.

Because their clothing is produced in small batches, it’s the perfect brand for everyone that wants to have a French style that is unique.


With changing demands from customers all over the world, many boutique brands are upcoming in the affordable luxury vertical. Stella McCartney, EILEEN FISHER, Mara Hoffman and Fe Noel for women and Buck Mason, Pact, Outerknown and Octobre for men are all brands that will ensure that you’re wearing fashionable pieces of the highest quality, but also guarantee that you minimized your global footprint.

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