Steve Madden VS Michael Kors: Which one to choose?

Steve Madden and Michael Kors are big-deal brands in Canada, being Canada’s largest and second-largest apparel and accessory labels. Michael Kors is the largest while Steve Madden is the second largest; together, they take 11% of the ten largest.

Michael Kors is bigger and more popular than Steve Madden, with a presence in seven states in Canada, while Steve Madden has five. Both brands are respected icons where luxury designer items are concerned; theirs constitute some of the best.

The Michael Kors brand is best known for its bag designs and use of Saffiano leather. Conversely, Steve Madden is renowned for its revolutionized shoe designs, combining years of experience with innovative and unique styles.

Steve Madden vs. Michael Kors: Which is More Popular?

Steve Madden and Michael Kors are fashion giants in Canada, but Michael Kors takes the point for most popular. Michael Kors is the biggest clothing label in the country and therefore more popular. Michael Kors has a presence in seven states with 35 locations in 27 cities, while Steve Madden has 5 with 37 locations in 16 cities. There are only 6 Canadian states without Michael Kors locations and eight without any Steve Madden location.

You can find Michael Kors locations in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec, each having thirteen, six, and eight locations, respectively. Meanwhile, Steve Madden has fourteen locations in Ontario, ten in Quebec, and six in Alberta. These are the top states where you’ll find Michael Kors and Steve Madden. In each state, each brand has top cities where they are prominent, with one to three locations in each.

Michael Kors is the more popular brand between the two, perhaps because it’s been around longer. Michael Kors presently has over one thousand stores worldwide with concessions in New York and shops across Europe and Asia. Steve Madden is also sold in different countries worldwide, but its popularity is still behind MK’s.

Is Steve Madden worth it?

Steve Madden is a good redefined shoe industry that specializes in creating distinctive, edgy, and fashion-forward designs. The brand is credited for revolutionizing the shoe industry, combining unique and creative designs with years of experience. The Steve Madden brand has changed how women dress from fashionable heels, boots, and sandals to dressy flats, pumps, and wedges. The Steve Madden brand’s collection has both classic and contemporary styles.

Steve Madden’s shoes are comfortable as far as heels go; they are pretty comfy on the legs. Also, the shoes are versatile, with different designs to select from, ranging from high-heeled boots to low-heeled boots and sandals. 

Steve Madden has something for every family member – plus, the shoe soles have a foot grip, so you stay steady in the rain. Steve Madden has collaborated with some of our favorite celebrities, including Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez.

One of the awesome things about the Steve Madden brand is that its shoes have a wide range of sizes. You can find sizes four to eight in their versatile heeled shoes, perfect for women struggling to find their perfect shoe size. 

Regardless of your outfit, jeans, dresses, or skirts, Steve Madden shoes will look good. The brand has a shoe for almost any occasion, including dinner dates, get-togethers, weddings, and even beach parties.

Is Michael Kors worth it?

Some people love Michael Kors and will happily sport the brand’s merchandise; some don’t and won’t – that’s a controversy that has gone on for quite some time. However, the most recent debate is whether or not the designer brand can qualify as luxury compared to similar brands. The Michael Kors label is better described as a sporty accessible luxury brand; it takes inspiration from sportswear and offers sophisticated menswear. Nevertheless, Michael Kors is worth a lot of money, even if it isn’t nearly as much as Gucci.

For example, Michael Kors bags typically range slightly below the $500 mark, but their quality is still authentic. Michael Kors has had major setbacks in business because of overexposure; it has been criticized for being too ubiquitous. Its bags, once seen as covetable status symbols, have lost their sense of luxury and exclusivity. Nevertheless, the affordable luxury watch brand has been trying to regain its lost glory.

Regardless, Michael Kors items are made from high-quality Prada-patent Saffiano leather and craftsmanship. This Saffiano leather provides a good way to know if a Michael Kors bag is authentic or counterfeit.

What Makes Michael Kors so Popular?

The Michael Kors label has reached a level of fame and ubiquity that rivals brands like Coach and even Louis Vuitton. Several factors may be considered responsible for this popularity, including Kors’ awareness and management of its position on the global fashion stage. 

The Kors brand can be credited for bringing luxury fashion to American homes and high streets, maintaining a unified focus on quality. The brand is all about authenticity, quality, uncomplicated and uncluttered styling, and exclusivity without the high price tag.

Kors’ Saffiano leather features such high quality that it gives the bags strong construction value, helping discerning customers detect unoriginality. While the Kors brand doesn’t necessarily look to make the hardcore runway statement that Louis Vuitton does, it does provide a high fashion sense. A Kors snatch or shoulder bag will be a perfect complementing and harmonizing accessory to any outfit. Michael Kors bags are properly constructed and spacious enough to hold daily necessities maintaining a subtle chic appeal.

Michael Kors is especially popular for its shoulder bags; they are premium fashion items that emphasize diversity and trendy fun with their design and color scheme.


Steve Madden and Michael Kors are accessible luxury brands that are popular in America and worldwide but with differing levels. Michael Kors has been around longer than Steve Madden, having been founded in the ’80s; SM was founded in 1990. Thus, the former has more experience as far as designer fashion goes – which is part of the reason it is also more popular.

Steve Madden is your go-to brand if you need comfortable heeled shoes that will match any outfit and event. Michael Kors takes the point for high-quality bags with premium Saffiano leather and talented craftsmanship.

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