Steve Madden vs. Madden Girl: Which brand is better?

Steve Madden is a New York-based luxury fashion company specializing in footwear and accessories. The American fashion brand and shoemaker is known for its trendy heels, boots, and clogs for men and women.

It started on a $1,100 budget in 1990, went through evolution through the years, and blossomed into the successful venture it is today. The luxury brand has several divisions, one of which is Madden Girl, which caters to the needs of millennials.

Madden Girl is a subdivision of the Steve Madden brand and is sometimes referred to as the company’s “little sister.” However, although part of the brand, Madden Girl operates under a different goal and objective from the main Madden brand. For instance, the Madden Girl brand is aimed at younger women, although women of all ages can wear the designs.

There are a few but significant differences between Steve Madden and Madden Girl that you should know before shopping.

Steve Madden vs. Madden Girl: Are They the Same?

Steve Madden and Madden Girl are different, although they have the same founder and owner. Madden Girl is a division of Steve Madden; it operates under the same umbrella but is geared towards a different audience. 

The Madden Girl Brand aims to provide high-fashion footwear for teens, with a wide range of shoes at affordable prices. Apart from the difference in audience, the price ranges of these two brands are also different, whereas Madden Girl is cheaper.

Meanwhile, Steve Madden is a high-end shoe brand well known for its high-quality, top-rated designer men’s and women’s shoes. Its prices are higher than Madden Girl’s, and its items are more suitable for older, more traditional, and more conventional individuals. 

Steve Madden shoes are considered luxury items because of their high price, exclusivity, and quality level. The Steve Madden brand has maintained a spotless shoemaking track record in the fashion industry since its inception.

One thing Steve Madden and Madden Girl have in common is that their shoes are constructed from high-grade materials. All the shoes in their collections are designed using the highest-grade materials available on the fashion market. The brand is known for going all out with quality; it will take nothing less than 100% quality.

Are Madden Girl Shoes Worth It?

Madden Girl shoes are designed for the teenage fashion enthusiast, although the designs are classy enough for anyone. The shoes are designed to match any outfit, meaning you can wear them on almost anything. They are world-renowned for their comfort, with each pair of the shoe designed to be cute and comfortable at the same time. Madden Girl shoes are worth it if you need a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear all day.

Furthermore, the shoes are known and loved for their warmth; although not warm like Uggs, they are warmer than rain boots. They are unlike your typical winter boots in that they are stylish and practical at the same time.

Plus, the reviews on the shoes say they fit true to size and are especially beautiful when worn with socks. Moreover, wearing them with socks, at least for the first few nights, will prevent blisters that come with new shoes.

Despite not being as expensive as other footwear in the Steve Madden brand collections, Madden Girl shoes are still high-quality. The high-grade materials used in manufacturing the shoes ensure they are durable.

Are Steve Madden Shoes Durable and Worth It?

The excellent and high-grade materials used in making Steve Madden shoes make them incredibly durable. The shoes are constructed from materials of the highest quality, giving them a sturdy build and timeless silhouette.

Also, the quality of the shoes explains why they are so expensive, although they are still more affordable than many others. The brand produces its shoes using high-quality leather to offer style, durability, functionality, and affordability without giving one up for the other.

Steve Madden shoes’ high quality and durability are also why they are so popular. Three key ideas guide the manufacturing processes through which the shoes go: use less, reuse more, and be environmentally friendly. Furthermore, Steve Madden rarely gets one of the most common complaints that most fashion companies get: size restriction. Fashion consumers have often accused fashion brands of designing shoes too narrow and small, particularly for ladies.

The brand provides many options for ladies who always have trouble finding the right size of shoes. However, Steve Madden’s shoes come in sizes four to eight, which is great news for ladies with larger feet. Also, when it comes to designs, Steve Madden has them in abundance; the brand offers a pair of shoes to match any outfit.

Whether you are putting on a dress, skirt, or jeans, and for whatever occasion, special or casual, you will find something for you.

Are Steve Madden Shoes Expensive?

Steve Madden shoes are more expensive than Madden Girl shoes, but in reality, they are not that expensive. Although the shoes tend to appear like they would be very pricey, they don’t come with a premium price tag. 

Most of Steve Madden’s shoes are priced below $100 but typically range from around $35 to $200. Compared with higher-end brands or even some brands in the same category as Steve Madden, it is not expensive.

Steve Madden is a brand focused on providing high-fashion designer footwear to the masses in the fashion industry. That means Steve Madden shoes are perfect for you if you are working with a tight budget. 

Regardless of your budget, you can find a pair of Steve Madden shoes that work for you. Additionally, the brand offers seasonal deals, where there are discounts on the items, making them even more affordable.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?

Whether you buy a Madden Girl shoe or a Steve Madden shoe will ultimately depend on your style preference and budget. First, Madden Girl shoes are cheaper than those in the main brand’s collections, offering more affordability.

Additionally, Madden Girl footwear collections are particularly designed for the younger fashion enthusiasts, although they fit nicely on any feet. In all, Steve Madden’s shoes are high-quality, making them unbelievably durable and helping them maintain form, regardless of how often you wear them.

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