Prada vs. Louis Vuitton

Everyone deserves special treatment now and then; if no one gives you, give it yourself. Thus, have you decided to treat yourself to a nice, big handbag and are considering which of these two is best? First, if you’re treating yourself to a designer handbag, you need to do thorough research because they’re not cheap. You don’t want to eagerly purchase a designer bag with so many expectations and discover it was a wasted investment.

Prada and Louis Vuitton are two investment-worthy brands, depending on your style and what you are looking for. There is undoubtedly a thrill that comes with shopping for bags from either of these two high-end fashion brands. Prada and Louis Vuitton are widely popular in the luxury market; thus, they are often compared. Therefore, it is comparison time, and we need to throw the dice and find out which of them is best for you.

Prada vs. Louis Vuitton: Comparing History

 Like every designer brand, Louis Vuitton and Prada are proud of their long history and rich heritage. Louis Vuitton was founded almost sixty years before Prada; it was founded in 1854, while Prada came into existence in 1913. Louis Vuitton, named Louis Vuitton Malletier, was founded in Paris, France, by Louis Vuitton and was closely affiliated with the royal family. The French fashion designer and highly skilled craftsman established this eponymous brand, establishing the first workshop in the heart of Paris.

Before this time, he had worked as a personal trunk-maker for Empress Eugenie de Montijo, Napoleon III’s wife. As the brand became famous, it expanded into a wider range of goods and invented iconic patterns for its products. Over time, more boutiques were created, from Asia to Alaska, and the LV brand grew rapidly.

On the other hand, Prada was founded in Milan, Italy, by Mario Prada, who started by selling trunks, handbags, and travel accessories. The brand’s leather goods were associated with the upper middle class and aristocracy; gradually, it introduced new goods and items. Like Louis Vuitton, Prada also became a royal house’s official supplier: the Italian Royal House. Its affiliation with the royal house launched it into the public space, and it became widely recognized.

Prada vs. Louis Vuitton: Items and Style

Louis Vuitton offers a wider range of items than Prada, although they have some items in common – like bags. Louis Vuitton majorly produces handbags, but it also produces wallets, key pouches, ready-to-wear, shoes, cardholders, sunglasses, belts, and scarves. It also has lines for fragrances and high-end home décor and furniture. Conversely, Prada majorly produces shoes, bags, and clothes alongside wallets, hats, sunglasses, lifestyle accessories, fragrances, belts, and cardholders.

Prada and Louis Vuitton are similar in that they offer a large variety of handbags, but LV has better styles. Where Louis Vuitton is known for the legendary silhouettes of its handbags, Prada’s handbags are not that iconic. Thus, if you want a timeless purse that pairs well with casual and dinner, choose LV. On the other hand, if you prefer trendier models, Prada definitely has something in store for you.

As far as style goes, Louis Vuitton’s items are better described as Parisian elegance and chic. The items are designed to preserve the French brand’s long standing traditions and respect its historical achievements. Meanwhile, Prada is known for its fearless and evolving designs that combine classical with modern; it has a cutting-edge style.

Prada vs. Louis Vuitton: Which Is More Expensive?

Louis Vuitton’s items are generally more expensive than Prada’s, except for the T-shirts; Prada’s tees are a few dollars more expensive. Let’s compare some of the fashion items they have in common:

  • Leather totes: Louis Vuitton’s leather tote bags cost $2,260 and upwards, while Prada’s cost $1,990 or higher.
  • Non-leather totes: Louis Vuitton’s non-leather totes (canvas) cost from 1,460 up, while Prada’s (nylon) cost from $1,590 up.
  • Pochette: Louis Vuitton’s wallet on chain costs from $1,250 up, while Prada’s costs from $950.
  • Printed tees: Prada’s printed t-shirts cost 835 dollars, while LV’s cost about 810 dollars or higher.
  • Leather cardholder: LV’s cost about $370 while Prada’s cost about $320.
  • Ostrich handbag: LV’s cost about 9,400, while Prada’s cost about $9,000.
  • Leather loafers: LV’s cost $1240 while Prada’s cost $975.
  • Men’s long wallet: LV’s are made in canvas and cost from $1360 up, while Prada’s are made in saffiano leather and cost from $825 up.
  • Sunglasses: LV’s cost from $475 up, while Prada’s cost from $385 up.
  • Men’s leather backpack: LV’s cost from $3,350 up, while Prada’s cost from $2,450 up.

Although much of the price difference is only tens to a few hundred dollars, LVs are still more expensive. Thus, if budget is a factor in the decision-making process, you should choose Prada if you have a tight budget. If it isn’t, LV is a much better choice, especially for non-leather items. On the other hand, Prada’s shoes are of higher quality and are about 20% cheaper than Louis Vuitton’s.

Louis Vuitton vs. Prada: Which Is More Popular?

Going by the number of followers on social media, we dare say Louis Vuitton is more popular than Prada. As of 2021, Louis Vuitton had over forty-five million followers on Instagram and eight million on Twitter. On the contrary, Prada has only twenty-seven million followers (more than some other brands) and 1.4 million on Twitter. Thus, the French brand wins in the numbers as its followers are almost twice more than the Italian brand on Twitter.

Regarding engagement on social media, both brands post regularly, updating fashion enthusiasts with future releases. More so, although Prada has fewer followers, it is not unaware of the recent trends in social media promotion. It linked its Instagram account to an online shop so that you can complete a purchase online. Both companies have tons of likes and comments, showing good activity on social media, but they hardly respond to mentions.


We believe the choice has gotten easier now; with this information, you can choose the best brand for you. Prada and Louis Vuitton are iconic brands and worth investing in; what will matter is your personal preference and style. LV is better for you if you prefer Parisian and chic styles, while Prada is better for modern, cutting-edge styles. 

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