Neverfull MM vs. GM

Louis Vuitton‘s Neverfull bag is an iconic bag and one of the brand’s most popular among fashion enthusiasts. The bag comes in three sizes: the PM, MM, and GM, where the PM is the smallest and the GM the largest. This article will compare the Neverfull MM and GM, including their sizes and price differences. GM is larger than MM, although they have the same strap drops, which are 20 cm each.

The Neverfull bag is relatively new to the designer market, but it has already taken the world by storm. What makes it so is not the tote itself but the classic design that makes the bag approachable and desirable. The bag also comes in different types of leather, like most of LV’s styles: Damier Azur, Damier Ebene, and monogram. If you’re weighing your option between these two sizes, your need will come into play – majorly, although other factors will also matter.

Neverfull MM vs. GM: Which Holds More Items?

The Neverfull MM and GM are a few inches different in size, whereas the GM has more depth and width. The GM is three inches longer, two inches taller, and one inch wider than the MM; thus, it can hold more items. The Neverfull MM is 12.6 inches long, 11.4 inches tall, and 6.7 inches wide. On the other hand, the Neverfull GM is 15.7 inches long, 13 inches tall, and 7.9 inches wide.

Although the difference between both bags’ sizes isn’t that much, it matters when you need the bag for something. Both bags will hold your daily essentials like your phone, wallet, water bottle, keys, and maybe a 13-inch laptop. However, the GM can take more items because it is larger; you could fit in our sweater and a lunchbox inside. The GM is the best if you are traveling or have a long day ahead; there is extra room to put your things.

The GM can hold many items without losing balance or feeling cramped, even if you put your sweater and laptop inside. The MM can also take your daily essentials, but the bag gets heavy when you put too much in it. Thus, you can get the MM if you don’t mind the heavier weight and prefer its more compact size.

Are Neverfull Bags Valuable?

Neverfull bags don’t lose their value; on the contrary, the bags’ value increases over time. LV’s Neverfull bags continue to hold their value on the resale market as they are continually sought after by fashion lovers worldwide. You may be unable to sell the bag at the same price you bought it, but the profit is still worthwhile. However, if you have rarer prints, there’s a good chance you can resell them for an even higher price. 

If you love the designer in-store experience and new handbag smell, the Neverfull bag will make a good purchase. It was designed to be a workhorse, so there’s a good chance the bag will face some dings and scratches. That is why we often recommend that fashion lovers buy the bag pre-loved from trustworthy sites. If you want it new, that’s okay too, but there’s no special experience in buying a brand new Neverfull bag.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Neverfull Color and Print?

The LV Neverfull comes in three prints: the classic LV monogram, Damier Ebene, and Damier Azur. It can be hard to decide which of these three you should go with, but here are some factors to consider:


Choose which print or color will be more durable; the Damier Ebene comes with treated leather straps and is, therefore, more durable. On the other hand, the monogram and Damier Azur styles have untreated vachetta, which is not so great, especially if you live in a rain-prone area.


All three prints and colors are fairly seasonless, although the Damier Azur is better suited for the warmer months. The Damier Ebene, on the other hand, is better suited for cooler months, while the monogram is truly seasonless. Where the Damier Azur has a spring-and-summer feel, the classic monogram has a timeless feel.


The Neverfull bag costs over 1,000 dollars; thus, it will not make sense to buy a bag that doesn’t fit. Consider the print and color of the bag that will better outfit most of your existing wardrobe. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM vs. GM: Which Is More Expensive?

The GM is more expensive because it is bigger and requires more materials and effort in production. The MM cost $1,500, while the LV Neverfull GM cost $1,580 as of 2019, but there have been increases since then. In 2022, the price of the LV Neverfull bag increased by 54% over the pandemic years. As of 2022, the Neverfull MM costs 2,030 dollars while the Neverfull GM costs $2,100.

Every LV item has its price increase; the most popular items saw a 20% increase as inflation affected their global prices. This price rise is because the LV brand is responding to the increase in global inflation and manufacturing costs. The cost of production materials has increased, but the fashion company must keep its previous margins, thus raising the prices. The other option would be to use less-quality materials, which Louis Vuitton would never do.

Despite the price, the Neverfull bag is worth buying if you want a high-quality designer bag with a high resale value. The GM is a better option because the price difference between the MM and GM is not that much. How you use the bag will play a major role in determining which sizes you buy. Nevertheless, GM or MM, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is an iconic bag that gives you value for your money.


The GM is larger and more comfortable than the MM; it can hold more things without feeling heavy. It is the perfect bag if you’re looking for a stylish carry-on or an easy overnight bag you can travel with. However, if you don’t carry many items, you may not need to spend extra money to buy the GM. Also, the MM is best if you intend to use the bag daily; it is great for every occasion.

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