Moynat vs. Hermes: Which brand to choose?

Moynat is that one brand that can stand on par with Hermes without cowering; the brand is that good. First, Moynat’s similarity to Hermes is interesting; some say it is a coincidence, while others say one copied the other.

Whatever the case, Moynat pieces are designed to reach higher levels than any other LVMH brand could. Meanwhile, Moynat is not a part of LVMH, which makes one more curious; how is it able to reach this level of superiority?

Meanwhile, Hermes has remained an iconic and top-rated player in the luxury fashion market. Hermes bags, for instance, are probably the most iconic on the market; we know they are collectors’ items for fashion enthusiasts.

Every true luxury fashion lover appreciates the sleek, new feel a Hermes piece offers and knows what they’re getting. Moynat and Hermes are great brands, which is what makes this comparison a little bit difficult – or is it?

Moynat vs. Hermes: What Are They Known For?

Hermes is known for its wide range of exotic leather, including alligators, calfskin, and ostrich leather. The brand’s products are famous for these exotic materials and their wide range of colors.

In addition, Hermes leathers are often dyed to produce different styles and grades of purses, giving the customers various options. Hermes’ product ranges include handbags, scarves and silk accessories, small leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelry, apple watch, fragrances, and belts.

Meanwhile, Moynat is a French luxury goods maker known for manufacturing and retailing luxury trunks, small leather goods, and bags. The Moynat brand is a Parisian Maison with a heritage of savoir-faire and unique imagination from the nineteenth century.

Moynat has a history of freedom and wonders in exceptional objects, d’art, bags, and accessories, celebrating personalization and artisanal craftsmanship. Moynat cherishes artisanal craftsmanship above everything else, using age-old and even some lost techniques for its products.

When it comes to product ranges, Moynat and Hermes have exotic collections, although we have to say Hermes is higher. The materials Hermes uses are unnatural – that is, they’re unlike what any other brand in the industry uses.

Moynat vs. Hermes: Which Brand Does Style Better?

One similarity between these two iconic brands is their style; they are known to have similar designs and styles. Hermes’s team of artisans works hard to craft products of the finest quality; designers get themes they base their work on every year.

The Hermes brand’s style of handbags and clothing is laconic but colorful and bright; the brand isn’t afraid of saturated colors. When it comes to style, you can describe Hermes as simple and maybe even official; no chains and no prints.

Meanwhile, Moynat has exceptionally classic and elegant styles that remain distinctive despite being similar to Hermes’. The brand employs full-time artisans who carefully and meticulously hand-paint customized motifs like initials and stripes on the pieces.

The Maison, for instance, features the monogram design, which Henri Rapin rendered initially, and is a modern signature of the brand. Moynat renewed it for modernity and embellished the pattern, reestablishing it through an eye-catching 3D effect.

Moynat products perfectly blend classic craftsmanship, everyday functionality, and outstanding elegance. Thus, Hermes may be your brand if you don’t mind bright and colorful silhouettes.

Hermes is perfect if you want simple but silently chic designs; Moynat is ideal if you want classic and elegant designs.

Is Moynat Durable?

Moynat items are iconic for their durability, thanks to the brand’s extra emphasis on artisanal craftsmanship. The Moynat brand maintains confidence in its age-old techniques, so much so that it often revives lost techniques.

However, it ensures to adapt the old methods such that they reflect the modern age to stay on trend. As a result, the brand experienced a decline for a few years, losing the luxury of relying on older artisans to nurture the age-old skills.

Instead, it scours the profession for talented persons with the potential for the level of workmanship it needs. Sometimes, it has to retrain artisans in the “Moynat way” to ensure that the Moynat pieces are perfectly crafted.

This care Moynat puts into making its products ensures their durability; it is also why they are so loved. However, Moynat isn’t widely as available as Hermes as it is a secretive brand; much of how it operates is still a mystery.

Moynat vs. Hermes: Which One Should You Buy?

Like most luxury brands, Hermes pays homage to its equestrian roots, except that it has maintained a top spot among equestrian-based identities. Although Hermes is now a lifestyle brand, every bit of its products and communication points back to its roots directly or indirectly.

Moynat offers subtle products like Hermes, with the idea of minimalism resonating from its luxury bags. Which brand to choose then depends on the personal preference of the fashion consumer.

If you’re comparing styles, you’ll probably get more confused – especially since they both offer similar styles. However, Moynat adds a little minimalism to its styles, so there’s a little distinction for you.

Moreover, Hermes is incredibly expensive, with its bags retailing between $18,000 and $400,000; your budget will decide for you here. Also, both brands offer exclusivity, but while Hermes is famous through marketing, Moynat operates under the radar.

While Hermes has a variety of styles to offer, your desired style may not be in the color you want. However, Moynat will only do what is available to them; it doesn’t accept the concept of seasons.

Instead, Moynat relies only on the evergreen shape of bags, selling the idea of travel and proximity to automobiles. Moynat is a strong Hermes competition, and only time will tell if it can truly become like it – or better.


Moynat is a distinctive brand that stands out from other luxury behemoths, including Hermes, with its low-key communications and modest retail footprints. Hermes and Moynat offer exclusivity, but if you want the secrecy factor, you’ll probably prefer Moynat. Moynat can make new engineering feel chic with its progressive modernity and practicality, offering Hermes’s leather quality and sophistication. Meanwhile, Hermes has been a long-term luxury fashion player and will remain top spot for a long time.

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