Moynat vs. Goyard

Moynat is an old but new high-end fashion brand that is not very well known in the fashion world by choice. Moynat is an “old” brand because it has been around for over a century and “new” because it was reborn. 

The Moynat brand is an iconic brand known for traditional handcrafting techniques and products like those of Hermes’. And, when it comes to durability, quality, and exclusivity, Moynat has it in the bag; it is a full-fledged luxury brand.

Meanwhile, Goyard is another interesting brand; it is world-renowned as the oldest luxury leather goods company still functioning. Goyard, like Moynat, isn’t as popular as other big-name fashion companies, but it can compete with high-standing luxury brands. 

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t market its goods, which explains why very few people have heard of or known anything about it. If you’re at sea concerning which of these two under-the-radar and iconic brands to go for, keep reading as we compare them.

Moynat vs. Goyard: Comparing History

Moynat has been around since 1849; Pauline Moynat established it as a trunk-making brand in Paris. It is a French luxury leather goods company that operates under the radar but managed to stay relevant.

Octavie and Francois Coulembier, both trunk makers, joining forces with Pauline, opened the brand’s first atelier in Paris. Moynat was among the first set of leather goods houses in its day and one of the first founded by a woman.

Meanwhile, Goyard is a French trunk-making fashion company with its roots starting in the House of Martin in 1792. The House of Martin was known for making and packing trunks and boxes, which were highly sought-after by French aristocrats.

Francois Goyard was an apprentice at the House of Martin until the owner died, and he took over. After taking over the business, he completely revolutionized it with new designs, kept operating underground, and preserved its iconic branding.

Regarding age, Goyard is older than Moynat by at least half a century. That means the Goyard brand had a five-decade experience before the Moynat brand was even a conceived idea. Nevertheless, both brands stand on their own two feet and the heritage they’ve built today.

Considering that they are both highly exclusive brands with unique products and styles, it is hard to compare them.

Moynat vs. Goyard: Which Brand Does Design Better?

It is hard to compare the design and style of Moynat and Goyard brands since they have different goals. Nevertheless, we will discuss their styles individually; then, you can choose which one resonates with your style best.

Moynat offers classic and elegant styles like your classic high-end fashion brand, but that is still impressively distinctive. The brand’s products are meticulously handcrafted by the full-time, highly-skilled artisans employed by Moynat; one artisan is responsible for one product.

As a result, the brand’s products offer a perfect blend of functionality and everyday elegance with styles that recall the brand’s historic trunks’ personalization.

One thing that makes the Moynat brand stand out is its progressive modernity, talent, and practicality for making chic, new engineering.

Meanwhile, Goyard is known for the personalization of its designs; you can have your bag personalized with whatever you want. One of Goyard’s most iconic brands is the Saint Louis Tote, which was initially created as a beach bag.

The bag features no lining, revealing all the Goyard savoir-faire on the outside and inside. Goyard bags are exotic and chic; they are very spacious, making them suitable for work and pleasure.

Is the Goyard St Louis Tote Any Good?

The Saint Louis Tote from Goyard is one of its most popular bags; it is entirely made in unlined supple canvas. The tote bag’s material looks like leather but is the iconic Goyardine canvas that makes the bag highly durable.

The featured canvas in the Saint Louis Tote is a dyed textile, which is a combination of cotton, hemp, and linen. All three materials, after the combination, are then subsequently coated, making the bag resistant to scratches.

The coated canvas with which the St Louis Tote is made is handcrafted in France. On the bag is also a hand-painted signature chevron print, which is a three-dimensional pattern. St Louis was initially designed to be a beach bag and not to carry heavy items, which explains its soft texture.

Unfortunately, this design also means carrying heavy objects may cause it to wear quicker than other Goyard totes. 

Are Moynat Bags Durable?

Moynat is all about artisanal craftsmanship; as far as this French luxury fashion house is concerned, quality trumps quantity. Moynat bags are incredibly durable, thanks to the age-old techniques used in handcrafting them, sometimes even requiring the revival of lost techniques.

However, the historical techniques are modified and adapted to reflect the modern age and fit in with contemporary fashion trends. Unfortunately, Moynat had a rupture in history, meaning no employees or owners were left to teach and nurture these skills.

Thus, the brand scours the industry for individuals who exhibit the potential for this craftsmanship level and re-training them. As a result, Moynat is referred to as a stealth player, although that has not affected its ability to accrue a loyal following.

Despite its zero marketing strategies, fashion enthusiasts have caught a whiff of Moynat’s artisanal approach and Haute savoie-faire. Each Moynat bag takes three to seven days to be completed; one artisan starts and finishes it, not an industrial line. 

A famous example of the Moynat Tote is the Moynat Oh Tote, a meticulously-made bag featuring a double-lined toile canvas interior. It also features good-stitched leather straps, making them sturdy and highly durable.

In addition, the double lining of the interior, as opposed to the single lining others use, ensures the bag holds form for the longest time.


Many consider Goyard the better brand, especially its unique colors and designs. Moreover, the fact that Moynat looks too much like Hermes makes it seem like one copied the other.

No Regardless, Goyard and Moynat are great brands with products designed to offer their users that feeling of owning luxury. Both brands feature different styles; Moynat appears to have better quality than Goyard, although that depends on what item you’re buying.

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