Montsouris PM VS BB: Which one is better?

Montsouris PM and BB are beautiful Louis Vuitton bags with a few differences. Montsouris PM is bigger than BB, although not that much bigger. PM is great for everyday use; it fits things without being too large. BB is tiny, barely able to hold a phone or a wallet, and considered too pricey for its size.

Which is Better, Montsouris PM or BB?

The better bag between Montsouris PM and BB is relative and subject to preference and usage. Going by the size, Montsouris PM is bigger than Montsouris BB, though only by a few inches. Montsouris BB is the smallest size in the Montsouris collection. It is a beautiful, classy bag though considered too tiny. BB is a gorgeous trendy bag that can be worn on a dress or casual wear. Montsouris BB comes with adjustable leather straps with which it can be worn as a backpack or a cross-body bag.

Meanwhile, Montsouris PM is also a beautiful Louis Vitton Montsouris collection perfect for traveling and everyday use. Montsouris PM can contain all your daily necessities without being too big. However, the downside to PM is that it can only be worn as a backpack; if it is for official purposes like work, Montsouris PM will take the cap there.

Where is Montsouris BB Made?

Montsouris BB Louis Vuitton bag is made in different locations, including France, the US, Italy, and Spain.

Montsouris BB is the smallest in Montsouris bag collections created by Louis Vuitton. It features 6.7 inches in length, 7.9 inches in height, and 4.1 inches in width. It is black in color with a monogram coated in canvas and cowhide leather. The bag features a cow-leather trim, textile lining, and hardware of gold color. Montsouris’s adjustable and removable leather straps are at least 32.7 inches in length and 42.1 inches at most.

How Do You Wear Montsouris BB and PM?

Montsouris BB, unlike PM, can be worn in different ways. Where PM can only be worn as a backpack, BB can be worn:

  • As a top-handle carriage considering that the bag’s handle is typically too small to enter the shoulder;
  • As a small backpack with both of the leather straps in place;
  • As a cross-body bag using only one of the leather straps; and
  • As a shoulder bag also using just one of the detachable leather straps.

Is Louis Vuitton Montsouris Discontinued?

The first edition of Louis Montsouris, which was released in 1994, was discontinued. The brand later re-released the collection in 2017 with a few adjustments; for example, the Vachetta leather bottom in the first collection was removed in the second. After the discontinuation of Montsouris, Louis Vuitton now reinterprets the style giving it a gorgeously sleek and incredible style.

The Montsouris collection was named after the Montsouris Park on the southern edge of Paris. This iconic silhouette has been redefined and freshened up with a vintage-esque buckle in gold-tone and detachable straps. The Montsouris bag combines style with purpose; it is a delightful piece of fashion that functions as several things. Louis Vuitton Montsouris bags are presently available in black, crème, and turtledove colors.


Both Montsouris BB and Montsouris PM Louis Vuitton bags are beautiful bags with just a few differences in size and features. Montsouris PM is slightly bigger and fit for everyday use; compact and accommodating. Montsouris BB is beautiful, very small, and too expensive for its size.

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