Montaigne BB VS MM

Montaigne BB is typically smaller than its mm counterpart, but those aren’t the only differences. Montaigne bb and mm are gorgeous Louis Vuitton bags anyone would be glad they got their hands on. However, if you’re purchasing a Montaigne for the first time, it helps to understand that Montaigne bb and mm are suited for different purposes.

For example, Montaigne bb is the smallest of all the bag sizes in the collection, the others being mm and gm. Montaigne bb is great if you have a petite frame, aren’t a fan of big bags, and want an everyday casual bag.

Are Montaigne BB and MM the Same Size?

Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bb 1644

No, Montaigne bb and mm aren’t the same size; mm is significantly bigger than bb. Louis Vuitton Montaigne bag collections are available in three sizes: bb, mm, and gm. The bb is the smallest of the three, although it is not as small as you think.

Montaigne bb has an extra-long strap that makes the bag application versatile. You can carry LV Montaigne as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag, whichever suits the present situation.

For those just buying an LV Montaigne bag for the first time, this information might be useful. Although bb is the smallest of all three bags, it is not that small; it is big enough to be used as a daily bag.

Moreover, the bb is better if you are petite, as the mm or gm may look too enormous for your frame.

The color of both bags is also something you may want to consider. Montaigne bb comes in Iris color while the mm version comes in Terre color. Montaigne mm is big enough to contain all your daily necessities; it is excellent for the workspace, grocery store, and others.

Montaigne bb is great if you don’t have much to carry.

Is Montaigne MM better Quality than Montaigne BB?

Louis Vuitton Montaigne mm Monogram Red Empriente

You can compare several things between both Montaigne bag sizes, but their quality is the same. The quality of both bags is the same quality we know Louis Vuitton for. Louis Vuitton has maintained an impressive record of creating the most popular bags in the world.

One reason for that popularity is their quality; the brand is synonymous with quality. Thus, buying a Montaigne bag, bb or mm, is buying LV’s well-known high quality.

Louis Vuitton’s quality grows stronger as years roll by, decade after decade. As with other collections in the brand, the Montaigne bags are constructed using only the highest quality materials. However, while quality made the bags popular, it also made them pretty expensive. Most luxury brands, including the great LV, build their products in France and refuse to outsource them anywhere else.

Moreover, LV Montaigne bags also owe their reputation to their manufacturing process, which is meticulous and high quality.

Owning an LV Montaigne bag, bb or mm, is equal to owning a pretty high-quality level. So, whatever size of the Montaigne bags you decide to go for, rest assured you’re getting high-standard quality.

Are Montaigne Bags Any Good?

Montaigne bags are a gorgeous set; everyone who has ever bought them loves them. They come in cool, mature colors – although bb’s color is different from mm’s. It is often hard to compare mm and bb bags because there isn’t much difference other than size and price point.

The Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag was named after Parisian avenue. Bags in this collection are smart and spacious tote bags; they were released in early 2014.

Montaigne bags feature two wide interior compartments and a central zipped compartment with a padlock. All bags in the LV Montaigne collection feature a detachable shoulder strap. You can carry a Montaigne in three ways: on the arm, in the hand, or over the shoulders.

The Montaigne bags come in Monogram Empreinte and Monogram Canvas.

Is Montaigne MM More Expensive Than BB?

Yes, Montaigne mm has a higher price point than bb, although not that much higher. LV bags come in Empreinte and Canvas, and each features a different price point; the Empreinte costs more.

For example, LV Montaigne bb in Monogram Canvas costs around $2,260, and its mm counterpart costs about $240,000.

On the other hand, the Empreinte Montaigne bb bag costs around $2,880 while its mm counterpart costs about $3,250.

LV bags are typically expensive for various reasons, including their exclusivity, status, logo, manufacturing process, and demand, to mention a few. Take their demand of LV Montaigne, for example; the brand has been a legend for almost two centuries, growing stronger in public appeal and opinion.

LV sits on the throne of fashion, showing no intention of passing the baton any time soon. Since LV bags are always in limited editions, there’s always a high demand for them.

Customers are notified as soon as there’s a new item released, and they rush the item, knowing that it’ll soon be “out of stock.” Louis Vuitton customers are quicker to purchase the bags, including Montaigne, and they don’t need much incentive to pay top dollar.

Can You Differentiate an Original Montaigne from the Fake?

The original Montaigne bag is easily identifiable for LV’s regular customers. However, we’ve got to give it to them; counterfeit Montaigne makers make it similar enough to fool a new customer. An original Montaigne has the typical LV bag shape, proportions, posture, and top-notch quality.

You can tell that a Montaigne bag is original from inspecting its looks; there should be no slouching, creasing, or imperfection.

Also, the Montaigne bag handles should be sturdy and symmetrical. The bag’s stitching should be flawless, even, and symmetrical with no fraying or unsightliness. All LV bags are hand-stitched, meaning there will be a slight angle in each stitch.

Thus, if the Montaigne bag’s stitching is perfect, it is likely machine-made and may be a counterfeit.


Both Montaigne bb and mm are gorgeous bags, but you may need to try them out to decide which is perfect for you. But, Montaigne bb is good if you’re petite and only need a small everyday bag, although the bag isn’t that tiny. The Montaigne mm is bigger and better suited for the workspace or grocery shopping since it can carry more belongings.

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