Michael Kors vs. Marc Jacobs

When it comes to affordable luxury brands, Michael Kors and Mark Jacobs are among the best brands. They offer great-quality luxury fashion items at a much affordable price with the backing of a respectable brand identity. If you can afford it, you can buy from both brands because they are worth the investment. 

However, if your budget can only afford one, that’s tough because then you need to decide which one’s best for you.

The fact that they are both great brands makes the choice hard, but you have to make it nonetheless. This article will help you compare both brands, giving you information on which you can base your decision. 

When choosing between the brands, you want to consider factors such as quality, price points, style, and design. By considering these factors, the decision making process will be a lot easier as you choose the one that favors you best.

Michael Kors vs. Marc Jacobs: Which Is the Oldest?

Michael Kors is older than Marc Jacobs by about twelve years, meaning it has more experience in fashion matters. The Michael Kors brand started in 1981 when the founder, Michael Kors, an American fashion designer launched it.

Before launching the brand, Michael Kors had always been known to have a passion for cloth designing. Moreover, his mother’s modeling career gave him a glimpse into the fashion industry, which further fortified his passion.

He designed his mother’s wedding dress for her second marriage at age five after which he started designing and selling for people. The MK brand unofficially started at the basement of his parent’s home; he began work as a boutique salesperson when he grew older. 

When he launched the MK brand in 1981, it specialized in women’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. 

Meanwhile, the Marc Jacobs brand started in the fall of 1993, launched by Marc Jacobs himself. The American designer was renowned as a fashionista even before he launched the brand; the launch made him even more popular.

The brand specialized in a full collection of menswear initially and branched into ready-to-wear collections shortly after. The brand’s ready-to-wear collections soon became the crowd’s favorite and gained massive popularity among models and celebrities.

Michael Kors vs. Marc Jacobs: Which Brand Does Design Better?

Marc Jacobs is world-renowned for its incomparable collection of grunge-looking fashion items that were mainstream in the 1990s. Marc’s grunge styles are revolutionary and said to have sparked trends, having been inspired by the music scene.

The brand paired feminine floral dresses with unorthodox combinations such as combat boots, which are still trendy today. It is also known for its twists on retro-inspired and traditional designs, breathing life into older styles through colors and unique cuts.

Marc Jacob is one of the highly sought-after designer brands in the contemporary fashion market. Amidst hundreds of highly sought-after designer brands, Marc Jacob stands out with its grunge looks, chic accessories, and high-quality handbags.

On the other hand, Michael Kors is well-known for its cool, sophisticated, and sporty modern American vibe. Its collections are replete with sleekly-tailored fashion pieces that scream exclusivity and luxury.

Michael Kors has a slightly edgier style than Marc Jacobs; it is also more popular with middle-aged professionals. If you like to take fashion risks, you’ll probably prefer the offbeat and grunge designs Marc Jacobs offers.

What Are Notable Differences Between Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs?

Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors are affordable designer brands, and they are similar in price points and quality of materials used. The main difference between both brands is their style, where Marc Jacobs offers edgier styles and Michael Kors offers more sophisticated designs.

Another difference is in the popularity; Michael is more popular than Marc Jacobs. However, owing to the originality and unique designs of the Marc Jacobs brand, it has a better reputation than MK.

Due to its higher popularity status, the Michael Kors brand has become too exposed, which can be a turnoff for some fashion enthusiasts. Thus, if you’re looking for more exclusivity, you’d probably prefer the Marc Jacobs brand.

Furthermore, Michael Kors’ designs are also known to be too eerily similar in design with the best-selling bags of other luxury brands. Additionally, Marc Jacobs is more affordable than Michael Kors when it comes to leather goods, although only slightly.

Michael Kors vs. Marc Jacobs: Which Brand Should You Choose?

Comparing brands is a natural thing to do when you’ve got your eye on two great brands but can only afford one. However, many fashion consumers make their choice based on the popularity of a brand, which is not ideal.

Popularity alone cannot help you determine if that brand is worth investing your money in. You have to consider the uniqueness of the brand’s products, its marketing techniques, and the quality of its fashion pieces.

Additionally, when deciding between brands, you want to consider where you can purchase the products – and how accessible they are. The brand’s price point and target market are also important factors to consider before making your decision.

When you’ve researched thoroughly and thought deeply on these factors, your decision may change. Michael Kors is one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry, and Marc Jacobs is one of its major competitors.

We’ve compared the price points and design of these two brands; those alone can help you make your decision. When it comes to quality, both brands have a wide variety of fashion items that range in prices. 

Normally, the price determines the level of quality; the more expensive the item, the higher its quality. Michael Kors handbags tend to be more durable than Marc Jacobs’, but Marc Jacobs also features excellent quality.


At this point, you must have decided which brand you’ll go for between Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. We love both brands and we’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for affordable luxury brands to invest in. However, your personal preference is what will matter at the end of the day.

For example, if you prefer outfits, bags, and accessories that capture attention and turn heads, Marc Jacobs is your go-to brand. On the other hand, Michael Kors is the better option if you prefer conservative, edgy and more sophisticated styles. Michael Kors is also the better option if you need accessories for the workplace as the designs are better suited for such.

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