Michael Kors vs. Guess

Michael Kors and Guess are classified in the same luxury category as mid-range designer brands. They are both popular, which means if you’re deciding between both, you have to look beyond the popularity status.

Both brands offer a different range of products, but they have some items in common like bags. Thus, if you’re thinking of purchasing a handbag and aren’t sure which brand you should opt for, this comparison article will help you.

This Michael Kors and Guess comparison piece will give you helpful information about both brands. We will describe their differences and what elements make one brand better than the other to help you make informed choices.

Nevertheless, regardless of our analysis, your personal preference and style will ultimately decide which brand you opt for. Without further ado, let’s get on with comparing these two iconic mid-range luxury fashion brands.

Michael Kors vs. Guess: What Are They Known For?

Michael Kors is known for organizing the popular fashion house Project Runway and its large portfolio of luxury items. The MK brand has positioned itself as a high-end brand, although it is better considered an expensive designer brand.

The brand is especially known for its iconic Michael Kors logo and the fact that it has an affordable luxury line. Most of the brand’s handbags retail at around $150, but there’s a premium line that retails for above $500.

The Michael Kors brand is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality handbags, watches, and purses, which are easily recognized by the logo. The brand’s impressive line of handbags features fashion pieces with sturdy construction made from materials of the highest quality.

On the other hand, the Guess brand is a world-renowned American clothing brand and retailer known to produce men’s and women’s clothing. It is also a well-known producer and marketer of high-quality, high-end watches, shoes, bags, jewelry, and perfumes.

Guess is especially known for its widely-popular handbags that have been dominating the market for the last twenty years. The bags are famous for the signature ‘G’ or ‘Guess’ logo and their affordability, ranging between $60 and $300. 

Is Michael Kors More High-End than Guess?

Although Michael Kors are typically classified in the same category of the luxury spectrum, the former is more high-end than the latter. Both brands are high-end brands, but Michael Kors’ items are more high-priced than Guess’s fashion items.

One of the products they have in common is the handbag collection where Michael Kors’ handbags significantly cost more. Although most Michael Kors bags are priced below $150, it has a line with more expensive and premium handbags.

However, the least-priced Guess handbag on the market is $60 while the highest-priced is about $300. The Guess brand is a designer, but it belongs to the lower end of the spectrum, especially where price is concerned. Michael Kors is still an affordable luxury brand because it has made its products widely affordable for the public.

However, when it comes to the state of luxury, Michael Kors takes the cake – it is more often compared with Louis Vuitton.

The price point of these two brands is an important factor to consider when deciding which one to choose. Michael Kors products are more expensive, although you can also get affordable items from their collections. However, if you want varieties of options for affordable, high-quality fashion items, Guess is probably the better option.

Is Guess More Popular than Michael Kors?

Michael Kors is more popular than Guess, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Some fashion enthusiasts have been turned off from the Michael Kors brand because it has made itself too accessible to the masses.

However, the popularity is also an indication that the Michael Kors brand is a fashion brand worthy to be invested in. Moreover, the brand is popular for making high-quality products, even if it has made them too accessible, thus ruining their exclusivity.

Furthermore, Michael Kors is known for creating chic fashion designs that are supple, smooth, durable, and waterproof. Meanwhile, Guess is also a popular brand, especially in the more recent production of Hobo and Satchel bags.

These two collections of the brand stand out among the brand’s other fashion items; they are also flirtier and more affordable.

Guess vs. Michael Kors: Battle of Handbag Quality

The fact that Michael Kors products are more expensive than Guess’s says something; it has better quality. It is true that the high price of an item doesn’t necessarily signify that it has premium quality. 

However, one of the reasons behind Michael Kors’ popularity is that it puts its production prowess where its money is. What that means is, although some of Michael Kors’ bags cost as high as $2,500, what you get is worth it.

Michael Kors uses more premium materials in manufacturing its handbags than Guess does, which explains why they are more durable. The bags, however, feature different levels of quality; generally, the higher the price of the bag, the better quality its material is. Michael Kors bags feature the finest quality material and more durable lining that gives them the sturdy construction.

Nevertheless, Guess handbags are also of great quality, especially considering how much they cost. Guess’s quality may not match Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton; it is way higher than your regular bag from Target. Guess’s handbags also have great-quality lining material, but the quality is still below that of Michael Kors’.

Michael Kors prides itself on producing high-quality bags made of genuine leather that ensures they last a long time.


We hope this comparison between Michael Kors and Guess has reduced the difficulty of choosing between the two brands. If you want a taste of luxury fashion but have a tight budget, the Guess brand is a great option. 

However, if you’re more interested in quality than quantity, Michael Kors would be the better option as you’ll get what you pay for. While the brand’s bags are more expensive, they are the better option if you want to use the bag for a long time.

On the other hand, the Guess brand is a better option if you only want a cute little purse for once-in-a-while outings. The Guess brand has a variety of chic bags to grant your fashion needs. Your budget, style, and what you’re looking for in a brand will determine which of these two brands you choose.

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