Michael Kors vs. Calvin Klein

There are many brands in the fashion industry, but you don’t know about all of them. For some like Faure Le Page and Moynat, the secrecy is by choice while others aren’t there yet. Meanwhile, for some, the low popularity status is because they haven’t recorded the success that’ll put them on the map.

However, there are some brands that are consistently making waves in the industry – Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are great examples.

Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are two comparable but significantly distinct fashion brands. They offer different product lines, but are both of high quality. Additionally, they have some products in common like the bags.

Both brands have different histories and distinct approaches to design and branding. We’ve established that they are different: the question is how? And which brand is better?

Michael Kors vs. Calvin Klein: What Are They Known For?

The Calvin Klein (CK) brand is known for its unique jeans and underwear lines and different clothing styles. The brand’s underwear lines are some of its most expensive products – that includes sports bras, men’s boxer shorts, and thongs.

The underwear features a minimalistic style that fits perfectly on anyone and everyone. However, generally, Calvin Klein is a producer of leather, jewelry, ready-to-wear, perfume and fragrance, home furnishings, and lifestyle accessories.

The CK brand is also well-known for its substantial market share in commercial and retail lines, and haute couture garments. Its jeans collections are responsible for charging the brand into the limelight, particularly with the celebrity endorsements and provocative adverts.

On the other hand, the Michael Kors brand is known for its high-quality products sold at affordable prices. Most of the brand’s bags retail below $150, although there are limited editions that retail for over $500. The brand is also known for its practical designs and its offering of a good variety of purses, wallets, and bags. 

Michael Kors is the go-to brand if you’re looking for the best of luxury fashion at affordable prices.

Is Calvin Klein More Expensive Than Michael Kors?

Calvin Klein is not more expensive than Michael Kors – they are around the same price, but CK is slightly lower than MK. Calvin Klein and Michael Kors are both bag manufacturers, so we’re going to compare the price range of their bags.

Calvin Klein bags cost around $100, while Michael Kors bags range in price below $150 and over $500. However, only very premium Michael Kors bags cost as high as (or higher than) $500 – most retail below $150.

When it comes to the price point, both brands are a great alternative from the more expensive Louis Vuitton and co. Although they cost more than the ordinary bag you get from stores like Target, they are still affordable compared to higher-end brands.

The price points of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are reasonable: Calvin Klein even offers additional discounts sometimes. Meanwhile, a Calvin Klein perfume is way cheaper than that of a high-end brand, retailing between $60 and $100.

What Makes the Calvin Klein Brand So Popular?

Calvin Klein is popular because of its high-quality clothing and accessories for one. However, more than that, it has a casual and flirty branding that its large fan base seems to like. Additionally, the brand is known for its aggressive marketing tactics and cool adverts, campaigns, and catwalk shows.

While the brand’s listless accessories and collections are noteworthy, CK’s interesting marketing style plays a significant part in its popularity as well.

The Calvin Klein brand has a laid back style that focuses its marketing on the teen demographic and younger adults. It sometimes manufactures products that are particularly targeted at hormonal teenagers – a good example is the CK One perfume.

The brand’s target market explains its sexual marketing style, which makes it an aspirational fashion brand for the younger generation. Furthermore, it offers sophisticated styles on its runway shows, which are targeted at young professionals.

Can Michael Kors Be Considered a Luxury Brand?

Michael Kors possesses some characteristics that could award it the luxury status. However, it is considered as a mid-end luxury brand because it is still cheap enough for anyone to buy.

Still, Michael Kors is more expensive than the typical fashion item as some of its items feature high price tags. You could consider it a luxury brand, but not on the same level as the likes of Gucci, Hermes, or LV.

Below are some of the things Michael Kors possesses that could characterize it as a luxury brand:

  • It is a designer fashion brand that invests millions into marketing, which explains why some of its products are expensive.
  • Michael Kors products are genuinely high-quality, although it is lower in quality than some other brands in its class – like Coach. Still, Michael Kors products feature enough quality for their price ranges – maybe even more than.
  • Michael Kors can also be considered a luxury brand because of the high-standing individuals and celebrities that wear its products. For example, the MK brand dressed Michelle Obama for her first official sitting as USA’s First Lady. Apart from Michelle Obama, many other A-list celebrities like Kate Hudson and Halle Berry have worn Michael Kors products.
  • The big MK logo and name is associated with luxury, elegance, beauty, style, quality, and simplicity. Michael Kors is a luxury brand for the way it embodies the expression of inner desires and genuine femininity. You can see these features in the brand’s stunning handbags and accessories, which is why they cost more than Calvin Klein.

Is Calvin Klein a Designer Brand?

Calvin Klein can be considered a designer brand because it offers a wide range of luxury accessories and high-quality products. However, the CK brand sits at the lower end of the luxury spectrum in the fashion industry.

When compared to high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Channel, Calvin Klein is still far off. The Calvin Klein brand is better referred to as an aspirational brand rather than a high-street label.


Calvin Klein and Michael Kors are two mid-end fashion brands, but the latter is more luxurious than the former.

The price points of both brands are factors to consider if you’re trying to decide between both brands. The CK brand is your go-to brand if you’re looking for more minimalistic styles, while MK is great for bold designs targeted at young people.

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