LV Toiletry Pouch 26 With Chain

Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch 26 is the biggest size of the three toiletry pouches the brand makes. LV toiletry pouch 26 measures 26 centimetres in length and 20 centimetres in height. And, it is large enough to hold all travel necessities. LV’s toiletry pouch 26 with a chain can double as a cross-body bag.

Is LV Toiletry 26 Discontinued?

There was a rumor that LV’s toiletry pouch 26 was being discontinued. That is until the brand’s client’s services confirmed that LV toiletry pouch 26 was indeed being discontinued. Fans of the pouch are in shock and disbelief because this was one of their favorites. However, asides from the fact that it was cheap, unlike most of Louis Vuitton’s products, the pouch was multi-functional.

So far, no statement has been released as to why LV toiletry pouch 26 was being discontinued. However, the word on the street is that it’s been discontinued because it is seen as a competition with the new product, Coussin bag. Louis Vuitton Coussin bag is said to have been released to battle the trend of toiletry pouch 26.

However, considering how high the bag costs (a whopping sum of $3,550), that’s highly unlikely. That is a huge leap from LV’s toiletry pouch 26, which costs $580.

How Do You Turn a Toiletry 26 Into a Bag?

To turn LV toiletry pouch 26 into a bag, you need three things: the pouch, Luxe Garde toiletry pouch 26 bag organizer, and your best Luxe Garde strap. The first step, place the Luxe Garde toiletry pouch bag organizer into the toiletry pouch 26. The Luxe Garde toiletry pouch bag organizer has D-rings on both ends of the bag. This lets you clip the strap onto them, turning the pouch into a bag.

If the bag has a vachetta tab, take one end of the Luxe Garde strap buckle and clip to one of the D-rings. Then, thread the other end of the strap buckle under the unzipped tab. Next, clip it onto the other D-ring on the Luxe Garde toiletry pouch 26 bag organizer. Finally, zip up the bag, and your toiletry 26 is now a handbag!

How Do You Use Toiletry 26

An LV toiletry pouch 26 can be used to hold any of your belongings, from your sunglasses to a small wallet, makeup kit, anything. Four ways you can use the LV toiletry pouch 26 include:

  • You can use the T26 as a pouch on its own;
  • The T26 can double as a clutch purse under your arm;
  • With a chain added to it, you can use the T26 as a cross-body bag;
  • The T26 can also serve as a cosmetics bag.

How Can You Buy the LV Toiletry Pouch 26

The pouch was only just recently discontinued, meaning they are still available in some of LV’s sales outlets. So if you want to get the LV T26, you might want to hurry up before there isn’t any left. Be prepared, though; you most likely won’t get the T26 at the same price. Now that the toiletry pouch 26 has been discontinued, the prices are expected to shoot up.


LV’s toiletry pouch 26 is a size of the luxury brand’s toiletry pouches, the others being T15 and T19. The pouch is the biggest of the three, measuring 26cm in height and 20cm in length.

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