LV Graceful VS Artsy – Which One Is Better?

Louis Vuitton Graceful and Louis Vuitton Artsy are iconic bags made by the luxury brand; both are great bags. However, if you’re looking for comfort in bags, Louis Vuitton Graceful is your ‘IT’ bag. Conversely, if you’re looking for style and look, then you should go for Louis Vuitton Artsy.

Graceful or Artsy, Which LV Bag Should You Buy?

Many Louis Vuitton consumers are torn between choosing Artsy or Graceful collections. Well, you should know that all Louis Vuitton products are of good quality, durable, stylish, and classy.

However, as far as application goes, Artsy and Graceful are different to some extent. For instance, Louis Vuitton Graceful bags are known for their comfort, Louis Vuitton Artsy bags are known for their style. As far as beauty goes, it would seem LV Artsy has won the heart of most LV consumers. So you basically have to choose which is more important to you, is it comfort (Graceful) or beauty (Artsy)?

Is LV Artsy Discontinued?

Only the GM (Grande Model) size of the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag has been discontinued. Louis Vuitton produced the Artsy bag in two sizes initially: MM (Medium Model) and GM (Grande Model). Since the GM size has been discontinued, only the MM size is in production.

However, it is still possible to get the GM size of Louis Vuitton Artsy in a sales outlet. But, you should go prepared; if you do see the GM size of Louis Vuitton Artsy, you’d be spending more than you normally would.

The Louis Vuitton Artsy bag is a big bag that manages to embrace a slouchy silhouette while maintaining its shape. At first glance, the LV Artsy bag looks like a hobo; but you see its true beauty when you come close.

Where is Louis Vuitton Artsy Date Located?

The date code on the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag is located on the interior lining of one of the wall pockets’ fabric. Otherwise, the date code is on a vachetta tab which is typically located on an interior pocket of the bag.

Date codes on Louis Vuitton bags aren’t easy to locate; they are strategically placed. The date codes are tucked away along the seams and inside pockets in Louis Vuitton bags. The date codes are stamped on the inner edge of the wallet’s bill compartment in LV wallets.

Another place one can find the date code is on a leather tab that is attached to the interior seam of any of the bag’s pockets. The date codes could also be stamped directly onto the fabric along a seam or pocket edge. They can also be located on the exterior leather strap close to the brass hinge.

What Year Did Louis Vuitton Graceful Come Out?

The Louis Vuitton Graceful bag was released in the fall of 2017, and it became an instant favorite of fashion moguls. Louis Vuitton Graceful came with an impeccable, extravagant design big enough to fit in all your daily necessities.

LV Graceful has a lightweight, body-friendly style with a retail price of $1390.


Louis Vuitton Graceful and Louis Vuitton Artsy are great and iconic bags created by the luxury brand. According to preference, both bags are best suited for different purposes: Artsy says ‘beauty,’ and Graceful says ‘comfort.’ 

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