Louis Vuitton ST Cloud MM VS GM – Which one is better?

The Louis Vuitton St Cloud features three sizes, including the MM and the GM. The GM is the biggest size of the three, while the MM is the medium. However, there is no difference in the shape and quality of the Saint Cloud bags. This Louis Vuitton bag collection is a classic fashion piece for everyday use.

Louis Vuitton ST Cloud MM vs. GM: Which is Better?

The subject of which is better between St Cloud MM and GM is relative and has no definite answer. For example, we have different tastes; what A finds extraordinary may be ordinary to B. We’re saying that the best one of both bags depends on what you like.

Nevertheless, comparing the two, the GM is the biggest size of all the bags in this collection. There are no significant changes in St Cloud GM and MM; both bags are a popular favorite for the brand’s consumers. The St Cloud GM is naturally more expensive than the MM, but that’s more due to size than quality. Although the largest, St Cloud GM is not outrageously big; if you’re not a fan of big bags, you may like these.

How is the Design of the Louis Vuitton St Cloud?

The Louis Vuitton St Cloud collection features simple and classic designer bags, some of the luxury brand’s favorites. The bags are square-shaped, featuring a large flap with which you can open them. In addition, they come with a press stud for locking the large flap.

Meanwhile, the bag’s interior is designed with terracotta cross-grain leather, featuring one large compartment, and a pocket on the bag wall. Furthermore, the bag’s wall pocket features a zipper with which you can close it. On the bag’s exterior is a slip-in pocket located at the back; you can easily keep and take your mobile phone here. Also, the St Cloud bag features a long, adjustable strap with a shoulder pad for extra grip; you can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

Is the Louis Vuitton St Cloud Discontinued?

The Louis Vuitton St Cloud was initially discontinued, but the brand released a new version of the collection in 2017. This new version is more a modification than a replacement, featuring better designs and a classier silhouette. For instance, the new Louis Vuitton St Cloud is rounder and features several Epi leather colors and more options to choose from.

When Was Louis Vuitton St Cloud Released?

Louis Vuitton Mini St Cloud Monogram Canvas Cross Body Bag Louis Vuitton Mini St Cloud Monogram Canvas Cross Body Bag Image 1

Louis Vuitton first released their Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud around the time Chanel introduced its hands free handbags. The Louis Vuitton St Cloud collection was re-released around 2017 after being discontinued. The bag originally featured a classic and iconic monogram-coated canvas, the most common St Cloud design. The luxury brand released the St Cloud Epi leather in 2007. The Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud bag complements any attire perfectly, with class neutral tones.


Louis Vuitton’s St Cloud collection comes in three sizes, including the MM. The GM is bigger and more expensive than the MM. The shapes and quality of all sizes are the same; they match any outfit perfectly and are excellent for daily use.

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