Louis Vuitton Rivoli MM VS PM – Which one to buy?

Louis Vuitton Rivoli is another one of the label’s many iconic bag collections, and it comes in different sizes. Rivoli bags come in two main sizes: the pm and mm. The Rivoli pm is smaller than its mm counterpart and essentially capable of holding lesser items.

If you’re not one to pack many things when going out, either to work or on an outing, you’d like the Rivoli pm. However, you may want the Rivoli mm if you want to pack more than a water bottle, wallet, pouch, and iPhone. On the other hand, the Rivoli pm is great if you prefer small-sized bags, especially if you’re petite in size.

Rivoli MM vs. PM: Which LV Bag Should You Buy?

Both Rivoli mm and pm are part of Louis Vuitton’s collection of gorgeous bags, so choosing between them can be tough. Your choice between the mm and pm depends on your preference and intended use for the bag at the end of the day.

For example, if you need a Louis Vuitton bag that can carry a lot more than your wallet and smartphone, think mm. The Rivoli mm is much bigger than the pm with more inner space and, of course, more expensive. It would make a good company for the workspace and places where you need to carry many items.

However, the Rivoli pm is also sizable; it is not that small. The inside of the bag is much bigger than it appears to be on the outside. You can easily fit an iPhone, key pouch, makeup pouch, large wallet, and a water bottle inside a Rivoli pm bag. Plus, mm of LV’s Rivoli bags is cute; it’s a perfect size if your belongings can fit in comfortably.

Also, your body shape will factor in your choice between the Rivoli pm and mm. If you’re petite in size, the Rivoli mm may appear too big on you, and the mm will be best. On the other hand, the Rivoli pm may be too small if you play for the larger team.

Are LV’s Rivoli Bags Any Good?

Louis Vuitton Rivoli Mm - Like New Lv Brown Coated Canvas Shoulder Bag Louis Vuitton Rivoli Mm - Like New Lv Brown Coated Canvas Shoulder Bag Image 1

The Rivoli bag offers you a taste of Parisian chic fashion coming from the manufacturer of some of the best designer bags. Rivoli bags are iconic and, if you ever purchase one, will give you a run for your money – no caps. The bags come in LV’s signature Monogram canvas and two sizes you can choose from.

Nothing speaks ‘elegance’ better than the Rivoli Bag, regardless of what size you choose. It has a canvas-coated exterior, gold-brass metal accents, and smooth cowhide trim accentuating its beauty. The Rivoli Bag also comes with a signature padlock closure, which is one of the reasons we love the bag.

Louis Vuitton’s Rivoli Bag makes a fine and worthy addition to any bag collection. Their quality is the same unparalleled quality we’ve come to associate the label with. Also, owning any LV bag is equal to owning trendy and timeless fashion; you own class, style, and exclusivity.

Thus, we judge that the Rivoli Bag is excellent, especially if you want a high-quality fashion piece you can carry with pride. You can use a Rivoli bag for years, and it wouldn’t lose its form or shape – that is, of course, if you use it well.

Rivoli MM vs. PM: Comparing the Design

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The Rivoli PM handbag comes in Monogram canvas, displaying a beautiful draped effect owing to its gusseted build. The Rivoli pm bag size is cute and charming, opening wide to provide easy access to your belongings. It features a removable and adjustable strap measuring 18.1 inches and can be adjusted to 21.3 inches.

It also has two flat top handles; the strap comes in VVN natural cowhide. You can carry the Rivoli PM in different ways, including a handheld, elbow, shoulder, or cross-body carriage. It is 12 inches long, 8.7 inches tall, and 6.7 wide with textile lining and gold-color hardware.

Meanwhile, the label introduced the Rivoli MM in the summer of 2019; it is crafted from Monogram canvas. Like the pm, the mm features a gusset construction that gives it a refined shape and elegant volume and folds. The Rivoli MM is an ideal companion for any event or occasion and, as the pm, allows different carriage styles.

The Rivoli PM is 14.2 inches long, 10.2 inches tall, and 7.5 inches wide; it also has gold-color hardware. The PM has double smartphone pockets with a removable strap measuring 17.3 inches but adjustable to 20.5 inches.

Has the Rivoli Bag Seen Any Changes?

Rivoli bag was updated in 2019 from the 2015 release, and some significant changes were incorporated. For example, while the old Rivoli Bag is made with smooth leather on the side and top, the new is completely made in Monogram Canvas.

In addition, the old Rivoli has a tag that is absent in the new. But, both old and new Rivoli bag models have the lock in the center and hidden behind a leather patch. The handle colors of the old and new bags are also different since the new Rivoli is made with Monogram Canvas.

Finally, the expanded sides of the old and new Rivoli bags are shaped differently. The sides of the new Rivoli bag have been reshaped in that it doesn’t feel like they are pushed out as the old does. However, both bags feature a long leather strap for shoulder carriage, and both bags are beautiful iconic fashion pieces.


Louis Vuitton’s Rivoli Bag Collection features two main sizes: the pm and mm. The Rivoli mm is significantly larger than the pm, although the pm isn’t that small either. The pm appears small on the outside but is much larger than it looks.

The Rivoli mm is perfect for every occasion: workspace, grocery store, or just a casual outing. It’s the ideal size if you have many belongings to carry, but it may look big on you if you’re petite in body shape.

Meanwhile, the Rivoli mm is smaller but conveniently carries a wallet, smartphone, key pouch, and a water bottle. Plus, this size is ideal for people who are petite in body shape and size.

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