Louis Vuitton Galliera PM VS GM – Which one is better?

The Louis Vuitton Galliera collection features two bag sizes: PM, being the smaller size, and the GM, being the bigger. The Louis Vuitton Galliera GM is also more expensive than the PM, but the price difference is more about their sizes than their quality. Both Galliera models feature the high quality of Louis Vuitton products.

Is the Galliera PM More Expensive Than the GM?

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No, the Galliera PM is not more expensive than GM; the reverse is the case. The Galliera GM being more expensive may be because it is bigger; bigger size means more material used for designing. A Louis Vuitton Galliera PM is typically priced at $1,580, while the GM is priced at $1800, only a couple hundred dollars more.

The Louis Vuitton brand has some of the most expensive fashion items in the industry. Therefore, it is no wonder that these Galliera pieces cost as much as they do. The brand’s customer base is not bothered about the price tags, though, since they are sure they’ll get premium quality.

Does the Louis Vuitton Galliera Bag Have Editions?

Yes, the Louis Vuitton Galliera collection features three limited edition styles, including the Riviera, Amalfitana, and Smeralda. All three styles feature beautiful silhouettes and iconic fashion pieces. For instance, fifteen different colors are applied to the Riviera Galliera canvas. This style is reportedly named after the French Riviera scene showing major cruising and yachting areas and marinas along its coast.

Meanwhile, the Smeralda Galliera features a lambskin exterior and python leather exterior; this style is breathtaking. This edition style was named after Costa Smeralda, a coastal area and tourist destination in Northern Sardinia. Finally, the Amalfitana Galliera style features a microfiber lining and vachetta trimming; it was named after the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.

Is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Galliera PM Discontinued?

Unfortunately, yes, the much sought-after Louis Vuitton Galliera Monogram Canvas PM has been discontinued; terrible news for its fans. However, a few pieces are still available in the brand’s sales outlets. If you want them, you might have to be fast about it. Also, you may want to hold extra above its original price. Since they are discontinued, they are less available; as such, prices on the remaining ones in stock are hiked.

The LV monogram canvas Galliera PM is most LV collectors’ favorite; it is the smallest size in the Galliera collection. Due to its size, it is best suited for office or shopping.

Are the Louis Vuitton Galliera Bags Worth It?

Yes, the Louis Vuitton Galliera bags are worth it, and you’ll see this is true when you buy one. For instance, their exteriors are beautifully coated with an adjustable, dark-patina leather strap and trim. The LV Galliera collection features a classic shape, having a Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate fixed on the front interior. The bags have a magnetic tab for easy and secure closing and natural cowhide trimmings.


Louis Vuitton Galliera bags are yet another one of the brand’s iconic fashion pieces. They come in two main sizes, the PM and GM. The LV Galliera GM is bigger and more expensive than the PM. Both bags are high quality, beautiful, and speak the unique Louis Vuitton style we know and love.

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