Louis Vuitton Dauphine Mini VS MM – Which ones to buy?

The LV Dauphine mini is smaller than the mm; although not so tiny, it can only function as an accessory. Still, if you need a dauphine bag that can carry more things, you may want to go for the mm.

The dauphine bag collection is one of LV’s classics, a truly exquisite set that anyone would be proud to own. Although not that medium-sized, the Dauphine mm is considered more practical than its mini counterpart.

Most LV customers consider mm too big, especially if you are petite in stature. On the other hand, the Dauphine mini is too small and appears like it can’t hold its shape for long.

Is LV Dauphine Mini Smaller than MM?

Yes, the Dauphine mini is the smaller one between both sizes, although it holds many items despite its size. Dauphine mini has a deep and sturdy bottom, making it able to hold a lot more accessories than you’d expect from just looking at it.

You can carry it as a handheld bag, crossbody, or simply string it over your shoulder. On the other hand, the mm is bigger and sometimes feels too bulky, particularly if you are small in stature.

Many Dauphine lovers prefer the mini for its portable size. Although the Dauphine mini is small, it can comfortably hold a mini PA, keys, wallet, and phone. If that’s all the personal belongings you are carrying; then a Dauphine mini is the perfect size for you.

However, if you intend to carry office files and larger items, you may need to get the bigger mm. MM is bigger, more spacious, and better suited for an office or workspace.

Still, your preference is what matters at the end of the day; these are just parameters you can consider to help you decide. Also, the mm naturally costs more than the mini – you know, since it is bigger and all.

Whichever of the two Dauphine sizes you choose, know that you are getting premium fashion items.

LV Dauphine Mini vs. MM: Which Has the Better Quality?

How To Spot Fake Vs Real Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag

The Dauphine collection is one of LV’s many premium-quality bag qualities. What we are trying to say is: the quality is pretty much the same. Louis Vuitton is pretty choosy about where it outsources its raw materials for its fashion items.

That’s why LV products are as expensive as they are. Louis Vuitton originally introduced the Dauphine collection in the 70s; Nicolas Ghesquiere updated it for the Cruise 2019 Collection. The Dauphine collection returned in new sizes and materials in 2019.

Dauphine bags feature the same construction style; the difference is in the style, price, and application. They feature a flap front carrying the iconic Louis Vuitton metal logo, a removable leather chain strap, and a magnetized lock.

Dauphine bags are also available in belt bags; you can remove the strap and wear the bag as a pouch. The bags’ high-shine lock and smart leather strap accentuates its appearance, giving a modern twist to the signature piece.

Dauphine mm and mini bags are elegant, hand-stitched classics from Louis Vuitton. If you’ve ever purchased an LV item, you have an idea of the brand’s quality.

How to Authenticate an LV Dauphine Bag

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There are several ways to authenticate a Louis Vuitton Dauphine bag, including investigating the authenticity of the logo. The label’s logo is hard to replicate perfectly; counterfeits usually appear skewed and messed up. You will start by looking at the stitching, monogram, shape, flap, and overall outlook.

Also, inspect all the bag’s sides with the labels and dust-bag. The easiest way to authenticate an LV Dauphine bag is by comparing the one you’re holding with the one on the LV’s official website.

Check the print on the bag’s beige surface and flap; it usually appears darker on counterfeits. Also, the flaps’ shape and size are typically bigger and curvier in fakes. Meanwhile, the real LV monogram is more orange-brownish, while the counterfeits are pale beige.

Furthermore, the monogram’s detailing differs; it is thinner and more exquisite on an authentic LG Dauphine.

Last but not least, LV’s logo is unmistakable, and counterfeits cannot replicate it no matter how hard they try. The iconic logo on authentic LV Dauphine is very thin and distorted over-stretched shape.

The metal on real LV Dauphine is matte and glow golden; anything else is fake. The flap attachment on an original Dauphine is usually wider, has neater stitching, and is lighter in color than on a fake.

What are the Differences Between the Old Dauphine Collection and the New?

LV released the new Dauphine Bag Collection from the 2019 Cruise Collection; it is considered one of its best designs. The DB is one of the label’s classics, a vintage updated by Nicolas Ghesquiere.

The old-style is similar to the new in that they both have a gold magnetized front lock with the iconic LV logo. The shape is the same, although there’s a slight change in the compartments.

The new Dauphine bag features a combination of Monogram and Monogram Reversed Coated Canvas. The new DB comes with a chain strap in leather handles and gold hardware, offering more carrying options.

The leather strap on the new Dauphine bag is bigger than that on the new, with the center closure crafted on it.

Are LV Dauphine Bags Any Good?

LV bags are expensive, but they are worth every penny you spend on them. You will fall in love with an LV Dauphine bag as soon as you lay your eyes on it. For example, the Dauphine mini, though tiny, has enough space to carry your daily belongings like your phone and house/car keys.

The new and updated Dauphine Bag is modified to fit into the modern trends, with its shimmering gold hardware.

Dauphine bags are popular because of their exquisite silhouette, one every bag or fashion lover cannot deny. A Dauphine bag on your arm, mini or mm, will cause heads to turn.


LV Dauphine mini is compact and significantly smaller than its mm counterpart, although spacious enough to carry a significant amount of items. LV Dauphine mini is best suited for people with a petite body frame and casual day-to-evening usage. The mini is great if you don’t have large office files to carry.

Dauphine MM is bigger and can carry larger items, and is better suited for larger-sized people. Nevertheless, your preference is what matters at the end of the day; mini or mm, both are great-quality LV bags.

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