Louis Vuitton Artsy MM VS GM – Which one to choose?

Louis Vuitton artsy bags come in two sizes: the GM and MM, with the MM being the most common. Louis Vuitton Artsy GM is bigger than the artsy MM and typically more expensive. Nevertheless, both models are exemplary and beautiful and will look good on anyone; they feature an unmatched quality associated with the LV brand.

Is Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Better Than GM?

Both Louis Vuitton Artsy MM and GM feature the impeccable finesse the brand is known for; the difference is their sizes. Which LV artsy bag you find better is subject to certain things, including your preference and size. For example, if you’re small-sized, the GM may look awkward on you. Meanwhile, the artsy MM may appear too small for a plus-sized fashion enthusiast.

In addition, if you prefer small- to medium-sized bags, you may want to purchase the LV artsy MM. Louis Vuitton bags feature excellent quality and impressive detailing. There’s nowhere they enter that they don’t stand out; you can count on that. In addition, the bags have uncompromising integrity that prevents them from falling and spilling content. Therefore, MM or GM, you’re getting a top-quality LV artsy bag.

Louis Vuitton Artsy MM vs. GM: Which is More Expensive?

LV artsy GM typically costs more than the MM. The MM models are estimated to cost between $2,000 and $2,400, while the GM models’ prices range from $2250 to $2610. Owning an LV bag, whatever the model, is considered a luxury. The good news is the LV artsy bags give you a run for your money; they’re worth every penny.

How Can You Tell Real LV Artsy Apart from Fake?

It’s not hard to tell a real LV artsy apart from a counterfeit unless you’re new to LV bags. The most obvious pointer is the flat tag on the bag’s interior, reading “Louis Vuitton Paris” and a “made in the USA of imported materials” label printed.

In addition, you can tell a real LV artsy by its elegant calfskin leather, having a quality feel. Moreover, LV artsy bags feature a date code telling when and where the bag was produced. However, the date code does not always indicate authenticity in LV artsy bags.

What Makes Louis Vuitton Artsy Bags Unique?

LV artsy bags are unique in their design; they feature a slouchy silhouette with sturdy leather handles featuring braided detailing. However, the slouchy silhouette is a façade; the bag holds its shape even after years of use. In addition, LV artsy bags come with several leather options, from an iconic Monogram toile canvas to an embossed monogram Empreinte print. A metallic piece and an otherworldly handle further enhance the monogram design.

Additionally, LV artsy bags have an exquisite interior known for durability and reliability. LV artsy bags have an adorable bag charm doubling as a key hanger; they are a true masterpiece.


MM and GM refer to the two main sizes of Louis Vuitton artsy bags; the GM is bigger, while the MM is the most popular. In addition, LV artsy GM models are bigger than the MM; this may be why it is also more expensive. Nevertheless, LV artsy bags are gorgeous bags you’d be glad you got your hands on – if and when you get your hands on them.

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