Louis Vuitton Alma MM VS PM – Which one to buy?

The Alma mm and pm are two of the sizes of Louis Vuitton’s Alma Collection, with the mm being bigger and pricier than the pm. Both the pm and mm bags are good quality and a perfect choice for a designer bag.

However, a pm may not fit in where an mm bag will. For instance, mm is naturally bigger and bulkier than pm and is best if you have many things to carry.

Also, while both bags are big enough to take a sizable amount of belongings, the mm is typically more spacious. Meanwhile, if you have a small body frame, the mm may seem too big for you.

LV Alma MM vs. PM: Which Size Should You Buy?

Deciding between what size to choose between the Alma mm and pm is not hard once you know what you need the bag for. Several things will factor in your decision, including your needs and budget.

For instance, both sizes don’t cost the same, so you will want to consider your price range before deciding. You’ll also need to consider where you’ll be taking the bag to the office, school, or just out?

MM will be a perfect fit for the workspace because it is spacious enough to carry large office files. But, you may find it too large, which is good if you need something to carry A4 documents or similar items.

Alma pm isn’t very spacious, is not big enough for office files, and is not suitable for office work. But, it is a good fit for a casual outing, party, or fancy dinner or get-together.

Also, you’ll want to consider your frame; if you have a petite frame, the mm may be too huge on you. On the other hand, Alma pm will be too small on you if you have a larger frame. However, Alma mm may not be a good choice if you’re looking for a handheld IMO.

In What Other Sizes Does LV Alma Come?

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The LV Alma was produced in mini, nano, bb, pm, mm, and gm sizes, although the gm has been discontinued. The LV Alma mini bag is 21 centimeters wide, 16cm tall, and 10 cm in diameter.

The Alma nano is the smallest in the collection, although it is only a few inches smaller than the mini, but smaller nonetheless. Alma nano bags feature 17cm in width, 12cm in height, and 8cm in diameter.

The next size in the alma collection is the bb; it is significantly bigger than the first two. Alma bb bags feature 23.5 centimeters in width, 17.5 centimeters in height, and 11.5 centimeters in diameter.

The Alma pm is 32 cm wide, 25 cm tall, and 16 cm in diameter. The Alma mm is 36 cm wide, 28 cm tall, and 17 cm in diameter.

Finally, the gm, the largest in the collection, is 39 cm wide, 29 cm tall, and 18.5 cm in diameter; this size is currently unavailable at Louis Vuitton.

The Alma is one of LV’s iconic bag collections originally commissioned by Gabrielle Chanel as a one-of-piece for herself. Louis Vuitton received permission to produce the collection in 1934, launching it under the name “Squire.”

Are Louis Vuitton Alma Bags Any Good?

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No doubt, the Louis Vuitton Alma bag will make an awesome addition to any handbag collection. The bag’s bowling-style one-off appearance depicts the iconic domed shape and 80-year-old history.

Celebrities and high-standing personalities have carried these bags. We’re talking about the likes of Rihanna, Blake Lively, Jaqueline Kennedy, and Naomi Watts. More so, Alma bags have a sleek, sophisticated design and touch, with an elegant silhouette that places them beside Speedy.

Alma is for you if you want a luxurious classic gorgeousness perfect for everyday, casual, professional, and city-style use. The beautiful high-end designs of these bags are such that we cannot ignore – or not want to have.

Alma bags feature leather top handles with polished hardware detailing, two large pockets on the exterior, and protective bottom studs. The bags are made with the best quality material, the same quality you know LV to stand for.

More so, the bags’ quality detailing and sturdy frame make them incredibly durable. This is the kind of bag you will use and pass on to your children and your children’s children.

How is the Interior of LV’s Alma Bags

The LV Alma bag features a totally pragmatic interior, giving Louis Vuitton additional credit to its already-high credit. LV Alma bags take five stars with their excellent interior, classic look, and high-quality frame.

When you open the top zipper of an Alma, you’ll see a soft microfiber lining, the main storage compartment, and an extra patch pocket. The bag has a double zip feature which helps it open wider, giving you more space to store your daily necessities.

There are two patch pockets on the bag’s exterior, meaning more space for you. Alma bags are perfect for the office, big enough to take everything you will need for the day – depending on the size, of course.

It was designed with considerations for functionality; an Alma is beautiful, but it’s not manufactured just for decoration.

Alma MM vs. PM: Which is More Expensive?

Since the Alma mm is bigger than the pm, that must mean something, right? The bigger size means LV used more high-quality materials in manufacturing. Consequently, that means a high cost of production, hence, a higher price point.

You guessed it: the Alma pm is more expensive than the mm. Alma’s price points depend on the material used; LV uses monogram canvas, epi leather, Damier canvas, epi denim, patent leather, among others.

LV Alma pm monogram and Damier canvases cost $1,530 each, epi leather costs $2,160, and the monogram Vernis costs $2,390.

Meanwhile, the patent leather and ostrich materials cost $2,470 and $9,400, respectively.

Alma mm monogram and Damier canvas bags each cost $1,850, the epi leather costs $2,500, and the monogram Vernis costs $2,810. The mm doesn’t come in ostrich and patent leather.


LV’s Alma bags are iconic classic fashion pieces featuring different sizes, including pm and mm. The mm is bigger than the pm, more spacious, and, naturally, pricier. The Alma mm is huge and wouldn’t look great on someone with a petite frame. Conversely, the pm will be too small if you’re tilted towards the larger frame. Alma mm can carry enough necessities, granted they don’t include A4 or larger office documents.

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