Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren: Which brand to choose?

Lacoste and Ralph Lauren are two iconic fashion brands with one significant similarity: they make polo. They are both popular brands known for high-quality polo shirts, but their similarities nonetheless, they are very different from each other.

Fashion consumers and critics have always compared these two brands; it’s an age-long debate that likely won’t end soon. When it comes to making a statement with men’s polo, these two brands offer different options and styles.

If you’re considering Lacoste or Ralph Lauren for luxury or designer polo shirts, choosing between them can be tricky. However, your final choice will ultimately depend on your preferences and other factors such as quality, price points, and style.

Thus, we’ve provided this objective comparison guide to help you decide which of these two brands is for you. At the end of this article, you will have decided which brand to go for – hopefully.

Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren: Battle of Fit

The industry of men’s fashion has evolved when it comes to sizes. Fashion brands have learned to understand that different personalities and body shapes exist, thus creating a fit for each.

When it comes to fit, Lacoste polo shirts tend to be truer in size than Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren polo shirts come in four fits: classic, custom slim, slim fit, and big and tall. The good news is that the brand’s website provides an accurate fit chart to help customers choose the right size for them.

Meanwhile, most fashion consumers say Lacoste polo shirts are true to size, wider in waste, and shorter in length than Ralph Lauren. Also, customers say Lacoste shirts don’t have the long back that Ralph Lauren shirts have, which can be a turnoff for men. Unlike Ralph Lauren, Lacoste polo collections come in three fits: classic, slim, and Paris.

Additionally, while both brands have sleeves above the elbow, Ralph Lauren’s cut has a fuller armhole, while Lacoste’s is closer to the body.

Another major difference between the cuts is the hem; where Ralph Lauren has a tennis tail, Lacoste has the same length. If you love tucking in your shirt, you might prefer Ralph Lauren’s added length as it helps the shirt stay put. On the other hand, Lacoste may be preferable if you prefer to keep things casual and your shirts un-tucked.

Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren: Material and Durability

Both brands’ materials are also different, and the material used and craftsmanship often determine the item’s durability. Lacoste uses 100% cotton petit pique for its polo shirts; Rene Lacoste herself invented this textile for the polo shirt. This material features the highest quality cotton, and the brand chooses the material for its softness, purity, and resistance.

The material’s threat is longer than in most fabrics, which makes it more durable and lightweight than other cotton materials.

The manufacturing process used in making Lacoste polo shirts ensures the shirt maintains form and silhouette for a long time. For instance, the artisans weave and knit the fabric tightly together, creating weaved small cell-like designs. This design ensures air can pass through the shirt easily, thus ensuring its breathability – which is what Lacoste polo is known for.

Although also made with 100% cotton like Lacoste, Lacoste polo shirts are thicker and, inevitably, more durable than Ralph Lauren. However, Ralph Lauren is also durable; the only difference is that you will notice the wear effects faster than in Lacoste. Moreover, the material choice is intentional as it aligns with Ralph Lauren’s design ethos; everything about the polo aligns with the brand’s aesthetic. Conversely, Ralph Lauren crafts its polo shirts with a cotton mesh, ensuring breathability.

Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren: Quality, Style, and Reputation

Ralph Lauren features classic, all-American styles that the aspirational generation would crave. It is known for its clean cuts that fashion consumers of different age groups, combining timeless designs with sophistication and simplicity.

Lacoste polo shirts feature higher quality than Ralph Lauren; they are also more expensive and exclusive. Although the brand hasn’t always been great, it has made a comeback by investing heavily in digital marketing.

Meanwhile, regarding reputation, Ralph Lauren is an open book; its website contains everything about its polo-manufacturing process. Additionally, it provides information on the features of the polo shirts, like how each button is cross-stitched and securely held.

On the other hand, Lacoste is all about sports polo, especially since the brand was majorly focused on tennis players. The brand uses six different fabrics, but ‘The Pique’ is its signature style; it features durable and textured cotton material.

There’s also ‘The Stretch,’ which features elastic and flexible pique fabric, ensuring breathability and making for more movement. Lacoste’s most outstanding feature is probably its environment-friendly approach to manufacturing and its dogged respect for the principles of sustainable development.

Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren: Which Brand Is Best for You?

When deciding between Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, you want to consider your needs and why you’re purchasing designer polo shirts. Then, you can look deeply into the different facets of Ralph Lauren and Lacoste to decide the brand that fits best. Careful consideration of your personality and lifestyle can help you make the hard choice between both brands. For instance, if you’re a sports person, you may prefer Lacoste; it’s also great if you belong to the younger generation.

On the other hand, if you prefer classic and timeless designs, Ralph Lauren is your ideal brand. Ralph Lauren is known to produce polished looks that represent the aspirational American dream and that you can wear in any situation. Ralph Lauren is also better if you consider the price point as it is more affordable than Lacoste. Meanwhile, if exclusivity is of grave importance to you, you might want to go with Lacoste; Ralph Lauren is less exclusive.


While your preference, personality, and style will ultimately steer your decision, knowing the facts make the process easier. You can make an informed decision by understanding each facet of the Lacoste and Ralph Lauren designer brands. There is no doubt that both brands would make a fine addition to your wardrobe, so any choice is great. Besides, if you still can’t choose between both, you can choose both, especially if you can afford them.

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