Lacoste vs. IZOD: Which brand to choose?

Many brands focus on men’s fashion in the industry, but very few stand out, including Lacoste and IZOD. Since they started, Lacoste and IZOD have revolutionized the fashion industry – in their time and even now. They’ve moved from being a single-man aspirational brand to becoming icons in the sphere of menswear. While they are known for their wide range of fashion items, their polo shirts are arguably their most popular.

If you’re considering choosing between IZOD and Lacoste, you are likely in a fix, especially considering they are both great. Thus, in this article, we will compare the different features of the brands to help you make an informed decision. We will compare important details such as the quality level, price points, and the history of both brands. Then, with the information we’ve provided, you can choose the best fashion label that suits your personality and style.

Is Lacoste Older than IZOD?

IZOD is eleven years older than Lacoste; the former was founded in 1922, while the latter was established in 1933. Rene Lacoste, an award-winning tennis player, started the Lacoste brand, along with the entrepreneur Andre Gillier. Rene’s tenacity on the tennis court earned him the title “le Crocodile (The Crocodile),” the inspiration behind the brand.

The brand is well-known for its footwear, clothing, perfume collections, watches, towels, eyewear, and leather goods.

Maus Freres, the family-held Swiss group, purchased the Lacoste in 2012, reviving it with contemporary innovations. The brand officially started with the production of its first item, the revolutionary tennis shirt with a bold crocodile logo on the chest. Today, Lacoste partners with designers and tennis stars to increase their popularity and create fresh modern sports and fashion looks.

Meanwhile, IZOD is an American affordable clothing label known for men’s casual and sports clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand’s history started in London’s West End in 1922 when James Jack IZOD opened its first-ever store. The brand sold fine shirts, hosiery, ties, and sportswear, so fine that they impressed the Prince of Wales. The Prince of Wales commissioned IZOD to produce shirts for the royal household.

In 1937, IZOD came under the executive ownership of a U.S. executive from David Crystal Inc. IZOD polo shirts were synonymous with a preppy lifestyle and look throughout the second half of the twentieth century. It was popular among students as many made them their everyday uniforms. Today, the IZOD line has expanded beyond the polo into a wide range of sportswear and accessories.

Is IZOD More Expensive than Lacoste?

First, while IZOD and Lacoste have similar items in common, they offer different products. Lacoste items include polo shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, jackets and coats, pants and shorts, shirts and tops, and leather goods. They also include dresses, skirts, sneakers, kids’ clothing, and accessories, with prices ranging between $17.99 and $424.99.

Lacoste is more expensive than IZOD, although they are still within the same price range.

On the other hand, IZOD is known for its shirts, tops, pants, coats, jackets, sweaters, golfwear, and shorts. Its prices range from $4.79 to $144, depending on the item, design, style, and materials used.

Lacoste vs. IZOD: Style and Design

Lacoste is popular for its casual and sports style with a firm footing in the industry of tennis sports. The brand’s most popular products, the polo shirts, combine style with comfort, exhibiting a chic silhouette. The brand was popular in the late 70s for its preppy wardrobe lines, after which it entered into other items.

The brand branched into other products, including sunglasses, trainers, watches, assorted leather goods, tennis shoes, walking shoes, and shorts.

Furthermore, the Lacoste brand items feature the croc that is as fashionable as ever and available in different colors. When it comes to staying true to size, making a statement, and creating vintage designs, Lacoste takes the lead. Each Lacoste item has its crocodile logo, with its polo shirts offered in three fits: classic, slim, and Paris fit.

Meanwhile, the IZOD brand is known for producing affordable, comfortable, and incredibly stylish clothing. The simplicity of the IZOD brand logo enhances the brand’s physiology while representing its confidence and quality. Each IZOD item represents the brand’s timelessness, elegance, and commitment to choosing quality over quantity. IZOD lines include shoes, watches, underwear, leather goods, tailored clothing, fragrances, and polo shirts.

The brand’s polo shirts are especially known for their relaxed fits, including the chambray button-down and chino shirts. The IZOD golf line includes shirts, pants, and shorts for men and women, and its holiday collection includes tartan, long-sleeve, and button-down shirts.

Lacoste vs. IZOD: Which Has Better Quality?

IZOD and Lacoste items feature great quality, but Lacoste has the better quality. Nevertheless, IZOD items feature high-quality craftsmanship and design, particularly the Swingflex fabric design in the golf shirts. This fabric makes the shirts comfortable at the waist, helping you easily practice your golf swings. Plus, IZOD shirts don’t wrinkle easily regardless, they absorb sweat better than Lacoste shirts, and they don’t leave sweat patches. 

IZOD is choosy in the materials it uses for its shirts; they feature breathable fabric soft to the touch. The softness and breathability of the shirts ensure you remain cool when playing under hot conditions. Additionally, IZOD shirts are easy to wash and can withstand vigorous washing, meaning they don’t fade easily.

Conversely, Lacoste uses six different fabrics for its items; all of them are durable, flexible, and breathable. For instance, the polo shirts are made with the petit pique fabric, which is used with cotton yarn. The material is highly flexible and can stretch in different directions without becoming slack over time. The shirts can endure long wear and wash, and the materials are resistant to wrinkles; they don’t wrinkle easily.


If you’re all for environmental friendliness, you might want to look no further than the Lacoste brand. Lacoste is popular for many things, and its environmentally-friendly approach to fashion manufacturing is one of them. Although more expensive than IZOD, it features better quality and offers more products.

However, IZOD is the better brand if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly designer brand option. Lacoste is the go-to brand for high-quality crocodile-embroidered polo shirts, while IZOD is best for preppy and classic styles.

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