Lacoste vs. Fred Perry: Which brand to choose?

The fashion industry has always had and will always have brands competing against one another in design, style, and quality. While the competition is low-key in some brands, the fashion world will compare nonetheless. For exclusive brands like Lacoste and Faure le Page that don’t care about public opinion, for instance, it’s all about quality.

This time, the debate is about which brand is better between Lacoste and Fred Perry – and which one you should buy.

Designer brands generally cost more than your typical fashion item from a local boutique or store. Thus, they often cost more but don’t feature the same quality and material and lack the brand image backing. Therefore, considering that you will be spending a lot on these items, it is not too much to seek a little reassurance.

This article will objectively compare Lacoste and Fred Perry; you can choose with this information.

Is Lacoste Polo More Expensive than Fred Perry Polo?

Lacoste is expensive because of the quality of the materials it uses in making its products, but that’s not all. Lacoste is more expensive than Fred Perry; Fred Perry polo shirts range between $75 and $91, while Lacoste ranges between $45 and $175. The most obvious reason for the high price of Lacoste polo has to be the brand’s iconic crocodile logo. The crocodile logo is synonymous with wealth, class, and high standing, something every fashion consumer wants.

If Lacoste chooses to increase its prices today, it will not lose customers because they know they are worth it. While the Lacoste brand is not as expensive or exclusive as Gucci or Louis Vuitton, it offers more status than Fred Perry. The polos’ popularity is another reason they are more expensive; the Lacoste polo is more expensive than Fred Perry’s. Also, the Lacoste brand has the backing of an elitist sport, tennis, since you have to spend a lot to travel and play. 

Nevertheless, Fred Perry is an iconic British brand, one of the best affordable designer brands in the country. Although more affordable than Lacoste’s, Fred Perry polo shirts are also quite expensive. For instance, men’s polo shirts cost $75 while women’s shirts range between $75 and $91. Nevertheless, the high price of an item doesn’t necessarily determine its quality, so are these expensive items really worth it?

Lacoste Quality vs. Fred Perry Quality

Fred Perry polo shirts are popular for their high quality, perfect fitting, and fashionably interesting colors. The polo shirts feature premium quality despite their affordability, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The Fred Perry brand manufactures all its polo shirts in the UK, curating the brand’s most intrinsic designs. Great care goes into each manufacturing step of Fred Perry clothing, from the material choice to the factories and manufacturers.

Fred Perry doesn’t try to be a luxury brand; its goal has always been to serve the masses. Thus, if exclusivity is something you’re looking for, you are probably better off with the Lacoste brand. Nevertheless, Fred Perry polo shirts are stylish and highly durable with a slim cut, although they tend to shrink.

Lacoste, the trendsetter for sportswear fashion clothing, has managed to stay ahead with its quality, durability, and comfort. If you visit the brand’s official website, you will find information on the fabrics used. ‘The Pique,’ a textured and durable cotton material, is Lacoste’s signature material, and there’s ‘The Stretch’ material, featuring a more flexible pique fabric. Lacoste has better quality than Fred Perry, and the former’s polo shirts don’t shrink – even when you use a washing machine.

Does Lacoste Have Better Style than Fred Perry?

Lacoste is world-renowned for exquisite, strong, and smart casual style with a firm footing in tennis sports. The polo shirts feature a blend of beautiful styling with incredible comfort, setting a sport-chic silhouette tone. The brand was particularly popular in the 80s for its preppy wardrobe sportswear before it began producing other items. Lacoste remains a fashionable brand today with items that make bold statements and give you a special glow.

On the other hand, Fred Perry is known for innovative designs, exceptional identity, and strong heritage. The brand produces items that act as badges of honor for whoever wears them; they played a huge part in the 50s Mod movement. The traditional Fred Perry polos feature stylish, top-button designs that the Mod subculture loved and valued.

Today, with its heat in tennis and connections to music, Fred Perry has evolved in style, constantly churning out innovative designs.

As preferences and trends change in the fashion world, the Fred Perry brand remains an essential staple. Somehow, the brand manages to arouse the interest of fashion consumers of all backgrounds and ages. Fred Perry polo shirts go beyond being a sporting staple to a counter-culture symbol. The brand’s clothing line is steeped in history, designed to make a fine addition to any wardrobe – gender regardless.

Is Lacoste High-End?

Lacoste would have fallen into the high-end category if not for its price range; it is not expensive enough. It fits better in the affordable luxury category and is more expensive than other brands in this category. Despite not being a full-fledged luxury brand, Lacoste offers the sense of status higher-end brands offer. This status explains why its accessories, footwear, and clothing are more expensive than other brands in the mass market.

Furthermore, the Lacoste brand has a long history of collaborating with reputable fashion designers like Yves Saint-Laurent, Karl Lagerfield, and Giorgio Armani. Through these collaborations, it has produced some exotic, distinctive, and more expensive ensembles. If we look at Lacoste’s reputation and position in the fashion industry, it will pass as a luxury brand. 

Moreover, the brand has a respectable image, particularly its crocodile logo, which is powerful enough for the ordinary man to recognize.


Lacoste and Fred Perry are both iconic, affordable luxury brands known for their polo shirts, with Lacoste being sportier. Fred Perry is the best option for sporting and counter-culture polo shirts with a deep, rich heritage. On the other hand, Lacoste is the go-to brand for original, chic-sport polo shirts with high durability and quality. You will want to consider your preference, personality, needs, and lifestyle to choose between both brands.

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