Kate Spade vs. Michael Kors: Which brand to choose?

Michael Kors and Kate Spade are two iconic and famous fashion brands in the fashion industry. Both are popularly known to deal in affordable and accessible luxury handbags and jewelry.

However, both brands are unique in their own ways, and these peculiarities make them different. But, how exactly are Kate Spade and Michael Kors different, and which is the better option?

If you’re venturing into designer brands and want to choose between Michael Kors and Kate Spade, this article will help you decide. We will present you with all there is to know about both brands, helping you make an informed decision.

Kate Spade vs. Michael Kors: Comparing History

Kate Spade is a 29-year-old fashion brand founded in 1993 by Kate Brosnahan Spade and Andy Spade, her husband. Andy Spade saw an opportunity for affordable luxury items in the market and went on to create a brand for them. 

The KS brand is ultra-feminine, with a sibling brand, Jack Spade, the men’s line, closed down in 2015. The brand rose to fame not too long after its inception with its rainbow collection of quirky fashion handbags. 

On the other hand, Michael Kors is a 41-year-old brand founded by Michael Kors in 1981. Shortly after he left his position at the Lothar boutique across from Bergdorf Goodman, he founded the brand.

The brand didn’t do very well in the first few years; it re-emerged in 1997 at lower price points. The price points ultimately proved a great decision as they gave Michael Kors prestige and fame.

As far as experience goes, we’d say Michael Kors has more than Kate Spade – provided we’re counting the years. But age isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing your preferred designer brand.

Kate Spade vs. Michael Kors: Comparing Price Points and Quality

Michael Kors’ bags typically cost more than Kate Spade’s bags, but that depends on the bag’s style and size. Both KS and MK are high-end brands, but most Michael Kors bags retail for between $300 and $500 or more.

On the other hand, you can find Kate Spade bags for more or less than $150 to $300. The good news is that both brands go on sale several times annually, including Black Friday.

As far as quality goes, both brands have glowing reviews from their large fanbase. They are reported to use high-quality raw materials and outstanding craftsmanship in making their products.

Kate Spade bags, for example, are reliable and durable; they are everyday bags designed for the modern woman. The bags are manufactured using high-quality leather and other materials like pebbled leather and Italian-smooth leather.

Kate Spade bags are ideal for women looking for reliable bags for the workplace. The higher price points of Michael Kors’ products aren’t because they feature better quality, but because that’s how MK wants it.

Both KS and MK use Saffiano leather, the most durable type of leather used in fashion. The Saffiano calf leather is scratch- and water-resistant; it has a criss-cross pattern that repels water and stains, making cleaning easy.

Michael Kors vs. Kate Spade: Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the merits and demerits of both the MK and KS brands; this can help your decision. Starting with Kate Spade:


  • Kate Spade bags are versatile, come in various sizes for different purposes, and look amazing. 
  • The best part of Kate Spade bags is their roominess; they are large enough to hold all your work essentials without crumbling.
  • KS bags are durable and sturdy, meaning they don’t lose form or integrity over time – even with intense use.
  • Kate Spade has a bag style for every taste and personality; its accessories and bags feature a unique and fun design.
  • KS bags are functional and highly practical; they don’t give up style for function – they give both.


  • This probably isn’t the brand’s fault, but there are too many counterfeits claiming the brand’s logo and name. Plus, some of the brand’s “affordable” bags are still inaccessible to most customers, which, in their defense, is okay.

Now, Michael Kors:


  • Michael Kors’s items, including bags, accessories, and clothes, cost less than most brands in its category.
  • It has good-quality products with a wide range of options in its catalog for customers to choose from. Also, MK items are considered highly durable; they don’t lose form, peel, or degenerate for a while.


  • Again, it’s not their fault, but there are too many counterfeit Michael Kors products.

Michael Kors vs. Kate Spade: What Are They Known For?

Michael Kors is known chiefly for its wide variety of affordable, simple, but elegant handbags, outfits, and accessories. It is known as a designer fashion brand that has set the trend in fashion and lifestyle globally.

The MK brand is practically a powerhouse in the accessible fashion industry and is known for high-quality “affordable” luxury pieces. The Michael Kors brand prides itself on being a top brand in top-quality PR strategies and clever marketing ads.

Meanwhile, Kate Spade brand is well-known for its collection of expertly-designed bags, including the cool and quirky rainbow collection. Kate Spade bags feature different materials and designs, including linen, nylon, and straw, with irresistible and beautiful styling. As a result, KS’s bags became some of the most important entry points for the world of most luxury purchases of their time.

The bags and accessories feature unique styling and trendy colors with an impressive blend of traditional shapes and classic silhouettes.


Michael Kors and Kate Spade are iconic brands and worth the investment – and they don’t even cost much. While both brands deal in leather handbags, they are uniquely different, with the MK brand being more expensive. So if you need a versatile and spacious bag suitable for the workplace and casual outings, Kate Spade is your brand. 

On the other hand, if you need classily-styled affordable luxury handbags, you can try out Michael Kors.

Deciding which brand is better is up to you; it depends on which brand fulfills your fashion needs. If you need quality, they both serve quality, and they both offer incredible durability if that’s also what you’re in search of. The significant differences are their styles and price points; Michael Kors costs more.

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