Kate Spade vs. Coach

Every woman understands the importance of handbags in the wardrobe, and not just handbags, but quality ones. Where better to get highly durable, incredibly stylish, and outstandingly unparalleled handbags than from fashion handbag brands.

However, we all know that getting items that are high up in fashion will cost you some – maybe more than some. Thankfully, high-end fashion brands aren’t the only ones making high-quality bags; there are affordable fashion brands with good-quality bags.

Kate Spade and Coach, often paired side by side and compared, are two of the best affordable luxury brands today. However, while they both cater to the lower end of the luxury fashion spectrum, one has the edge over the other.

So the question is: which of them has the better quality, style, is more expensive, and, overall, is the better brand? For instance, Coach is more durable while Kate Spade is more waterproof; keep reading for more differences between both brands.

Kate Spade vs. Coach: Which Brand Does Style Better?

One of the significant differences between Coach and Kate Spade is their styles, which are significant and vast. On the one hand, Kate Spade is known for its young, hipper style with unusual features and colors.

These features make the bags stand out from the traditional collection of brown and black bags we’re used to. Furthermore, Kate Spade is designed to be worn as a color accessory – that is, it doesn’t fit every outfit.

In simple terms: you may need a different Kate Spade bag for another occasion or event as they require seasonal changeouts. On the other hand, Coach is better known for its quintessential, classic handbags, but without Kate Spade’s unique colors.

Instead, the brand’s bags feature the popular variations the fashion world is used to – brown and black. In addition, they come with small details and pops of gold and silver in their many functional features, including the clasps and buckles.

Unlike Kate Spade, Coach’s bags are versatile; you can buy one design and wear it with any outfit the whole year. 

Nevertheless, the younger generation prefers Kate Spade because its style, color, and price range appeal to them more. On the other hand, Coach is more popular among older women who prefer its basic, classic styles.

Is Coach more Expensive than Kate Spade?

Both brands don’t use the same materials for their products, meaning they feature different price ranges. In general, Coach is more expensive than Kate Spade because its leather is more luxurious than the latter.

Coach’s bags range from 100 USD to 1,000 USD, while Kate Spade purses run between $100 and $500. Thankfully, Kate Spade is less expensive, meaning when you need to buy another bag to match your outfit, you won’t spend too much.

As you likely know already, the prices affect their bag’s quality in a way. While it’s not always a cheaper product with less quality, it does affect it in a way; the higher the price, the higher the quality.

Since Coach uses more luxurious leather for its products and is more expensive, it typically features better quality. However, that is not to say that Kate Spade bags are low quality because they’re not; you get value for your money.

Is Kate Spade More Reputable than Coach?

Coach tends to be more respected than Kate Spade in the fashion industry; it is also the older brand. Coach items are world-renowned for their soft and durable leather materials with good-quality and consistent hardware.

Coach has been around longer than Kate Spade and has more experience in the leather-making industry and market. The quality and durability of its products are part of the reasons they are so popular in the fashion world.

However, Kate Spade is also a well-respected brand appreciated for its ability to combine functionality with high-quality fashion and affordability. Both Kate Spade and Coach are famous among influencers, celebrities, and the general masses, with items present in boutiques worldwide.

While Coach is the more durable of the two, Kate Spade is also quite durable. Where Coach’s products feature pebbled or soft leather, Kate Spade’s bags feature Saffiano leather, very high-quality leather.

The Saffiano leather featured in Kate Spade bags is double-treated, making it more water and dirt-resistant. However, when it comes to reputation, you don’t ask about these two brands in the same place.

Ask the older fashion enthusiasts if you’re curious about Coach’s reputation. However, if you’re interested in the reputation and worth of Kate Spade bags, the younger fashion enthusiasts have more information.

Kate Spade or Coach: Which One is Good for You?

When deciding between Coach and Kate Spade, you first want to consider your style before anything else. Regardless of whatever brand passes our test, the one you’ll for at the end of the day depends on which one suits you best.

Kate Spade might be your brand if you’re tired of designer handbags’ stereotypical brown and black colors. However, that means you’re ready to spend extra to buy another bag when that one doesn’t match your next outfit.

Meanwhile, if black and brown have always worked for you, Coach might be your brand. We’d recommend Coach if you need the designer bag for the workplace because it is versatile and can match any outfit.

Coach designs are simple, clean, and classic – perfect for both the workplace and any casual occasion. The little itch there is that Coach is more expensive than KS, but you can still find one below $500.

Meanwhile, Kate Spade is also great for work and school, but it is more suited for casual occasions. Style and price are the two main determining factors for your choice between Coach and Kate Spade.

They both offer functional and beautiful designs – plus, we can’t exactly tell you which is best for you. Besides, both brands are unique in their ways, so comparing them is pretty tricky – maybe even a bit unfair.


Kate Spade and Coach are iconic affordable, luxury fashion brands that give you a run for your money. However, Coach and KS give you high-end fashion exclusivity and an exotic silhouette despite being affordable luxury brands.

In addition, they are different in their styles, which Coach being more for the older generation and KS for the younger. Another major difference is their color choices: Coach has cooler black and brown hues, while KS experiments with different colors.

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