Kate Spade vs. Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith and Kate Spade are two different yet similar fashion houses from two highly distinct regions of the world. While Charles and Keith were formed in the nineties in Singapore on the Asian continent, Kate Spade was created by Kate and Andy Spade in 1993.

Many of the gentry associated with these products would assert that Kate Spade is the better product, but some would say otherwise. This article hopes to help you decide to opt for what tickles your fancy. 

Concerning quality, both brands offer exceptional quality, but one is said to have better quality than the other. And this is true as a general fact. No matter how similar the brand products might seem, there is bound to be a difference that helps one trump over the other. Read on to find out more.

Kate Spade vs. Charles and Keith: Comparing History

The interesting thing about these brands is that Kate Spade was founded just three years before Charles and Keith, at a continental distance from each. However, both brands have enjoyed success for the better part of nearly three decades. Let us begin with the history of Kate Spade since it is older.

Kate Spade and her husband-to-be, Andy, founded the Kate Spade brand in 1993. Kate’s idea to start a fashion accessories brand came after discovering that the women lacked affordable, nice, and stylish handbags. This discovery spurred her enthusiasm and encouraged her to bring her ideas to the market.

Fortunately, her ideas paid off – big time! The bags interested ladies of the time: young and old and became a hit overnight. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of Kate Spade all at once. But, according to buyers, they were affordable, and they looked classy enough.

The company focused on handbags only for a while but soon added jewelry, stationery, fragrances, clothing, baby items, and eyewear to their products. BY 1996, they had moved into their large-space headquarters in New York.

Meanwhile, in 1996, on the Asian fashion front, two brothers – Charles and Keith Wong, started Charles & Keith as a shoe store in Singapore. This was after they had spent some years at their parents’ store.

They concluded that the traditional model of merely selling shoes purchased from wholesale suppliers was unsustainable. Moreover, they thought this method wasn’t providing customers with multiple designs and options. 

By 2013, Charles and Keith had grown into a multinational chain with over 350 outlets. The company has received several awards, including the Enterprise Award in 2008 and the Singapore Retailers Association’s Excellent Service Award in 2002.

Kate Spade vs. Charles and Keith Bags: What Are the Differences?

Charles & Keith sets itself apart from other shoe and bag brands in its overall affordability, high-quality finishes, and attention to detail. In addition, Charles and Keith’s bags appear original and a tad better, and the workmanship does not betray the quality.

When choosing this label, you know you’re investing in a product that will prove durable and ensure you look stylish every time. Plus, its steady releases will always help you stay ahead of your peers and contemporaries.

On the other hand, Kate Spade bags are trendy and absolutely gorgeous and somehow continue to remain in style over time. The affordability and timeless designs of Kate Spade bags are the reasons they are so popular.

When compared to Charles and Keith’s, Kate Spade bags are very colorful, and this gives the idea that it’s mainly for young people. However, this is untrue. Over time, women across all age groups have boldly rocked the brand’s beautiful and colorful bags.

If you like to have a bit of fun and are not afraid to wear bold colors and prints, then you will probably love Kate Spade.

What Makes Kate Spade Stand Out?

Kate Spade distinguishes itself from the competition by putting up the effort to create an authentic brand persona. Kate Spade’s girls are recognized for their love of the arts, reading, and travel. They are independent, lively, innovative, and powerful, and everything the brand has produced reflects their personality.

While many businesses represent intriguing women, Kate Spade has the potential to build its distinct voice and engage with women in unprecedented ways. Essentially, the company caters to adventurous ladies. As a result, whenever a new product or advertising campaign is launched, it always maintains the image of a Kate Spade lady.

This is also reflected on the infamous board shown at Kate Spade stores throughout the world, which reads: “she leaves a glitter wherever she goes.”

What Are the Products in the Charles and Keith Line?

Charles & Keith primarily caters to two client segments: women and children. Below are the Charles and Keith products offerings in groups: 


The company’s shoe line offers a wide range of heels, boots, flats, loafers, mules, sandals, and wedges. The short turnover during the season guarantees that it catches as much of the market (women aged 16-55).


The brand produces cardholders, fashionable backpacks, crossbody bags, clutches, handbags, shoulder, and tote bags. It also offers iconic satchel bags, wristlets, and wallets. Charles and Keith’s bag designs are edgy and minimalist, and they come in vivid colors such as white, black, brilliant orange, and cobalt blue.


This section of the collection was added later, and it includes distinctive designs of earrings, bag straps, necklaces, belts, sunglasses, rings, and key chains.

Kids wears 

The kid’s wear division of the brand targets newborns, toddlers, and young girls. This was introduced three years ago and has shoes and purses influenced by runway trends while being age-appropriate. One of the collections – the Disney Tsum Tsum collection, a recent collection, was very popular with the target audience.


There are significant differences between Charles and Keith and Kate Spade, including their marketing strategies. While Charles and Keith go all out when it comes to marketing, Kate Spade is mainly conversational.

Also, Kate Spade offers colors that every lady would love to appear in. If you’re all about colors and patterns, go for Kate Spade. If you prefer a more reserved yet classy outlook, “Little CK” is your thing.

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